DMC5 Demon Database

talk about post entry syntax: damage affinity, elemental affinity, how damage is calculated (difficulty), strategy. mention what comes from bible. talk about damage types again, talk about stun types. tell player to experiment. talk about devil trigger activation conditions, DT super armor hit gain, DT buffs and estimated dmg reduction

This is the DMC5 Demon DB.


The basic enemy types of DMC5 are categorized into Weight Classes/Types below. The Weight Class of an enemy in this guide is dictated not by its threat level, but by how it responds to different kinds of attacks in combos. Light Enemies have an attack reaction to practically everything, but Heavier Enemies won’t easily flinch in reaction to weak attacks like basic gunfire from Ebony & Ivory shots. Whether Nero’s Snatch ability will pull an enemy towards him or whether he will grapple towards the enemy was also used as a point of reference in deciding Weight Classes.

But like the rest of DMC5, the Weight Class system has a lot of nuance to it so there is a fair bit of exceptions within given Weight Classes. These categories are not really as cut and dry as this list might make them seem, so please keep that in mind.

Light Weight Class

These are smaller demons that usually appear in droves. They generally respond to almost all kinds of damage and have a relatively low HP pool and threat level.

Medium Weight Class

This is the most broad weight class. These are enemies that have an above average size HP pool and generally respond to most types of attacks with some exceptions. This is where the enemies start being more complex and want you to think about how you approach them.

*Fury is in this weight class because of its low HP, combo weight and hitstun response to attacks. Fury threat level is on par with Heavy and Super Heavy Weight Classes as opposed to Mediums, making it a bit of an outlier here.

Heavy Weight Class

These are large demons that demand your attention. They have high HP and can deal a lot of damage. They also have gimmicks to get around and want you to fight them with a strategy. They also tend to not have reactions to weak attacks which causes you to be more practical with your combos.

Super Heavy Weight Class

These are very large demons that cannot be launched. They have very high HP, can deal high damage, have high armor and can be tough to kill on higher difficulties if you don’t have a reliable strategy or gameplan.

Dead Weight Class


DMC5 Nero Overview