DMC5 Riot

Basic Information

  • Max HP: 1200
  • Weight Class: Medium
  • Damage Affinity: Normal
  • Armor Hits: 2
  • Devil Trigger Armor Hits: 7


The swift and aggressive lizard. This enemy is characterized by its fast attacks, fast movement and how it hunts in packs. It has slightly above average HP and attack damage, but its armor hits, speed and high frequency of attacks makes it dangerous in groups.

Attacks & Quirks

Riot is one of the fastest attacking enemies in the game. It has two stances: 2 legs mode and 4 legs mode.

While in 2 legs mode, it favors using fast claw attacks at close range. Many of its claw attacks don’t have big tells and it can feel like just does them instantly, making Riot’s attacks hard to react to if you let your guard down. It has heavier claw attacks too where it draws them and does a little taunt before attacking.

The 2 Legs mode also has a big jumping attack. If it starts growling at you, it will try to do this next.

After you have dealt enough damage to the Riot, it will attempt to transition to 4 Legs mode. It seems to have 2 main ways of doing this: It can just crouch down from 2 legs into 4 legs, but the more common way is the rolling jump attack that looks a bit like what those Chaos enemies do.

While in 4 Legs mode, it becomes more aggressive and likes to quickly pounce on you. It can slither back and fourth quickly, trying to bait you into over extending yourself. If it growls at you, it will try to use a tackle with a fucked up hitbox on you next. It can also use the heavy claw attack with the taunt although uncommon.

The Riot can choose to stand up into 2 Legs mode after some time has passed.

Both 2 Legs and 4 Legs modes have access to the tail backswing attack it performs when you are behind it. As well as an attack where it clings to a wall before pouncing on you.

Riots also like entering Devil Trigger earlier than other enemies on Dante Must Die difficulty. This typically seems to be around the time they are ready to transition into 4 Legs mode.

Strategy for Fighting Riot

Riot’s attacks are fast and hard to react to. While it is in 4 Legs mode, the tackle attack it gets blows up any attempt to Side Roll so the safest place to be is in the air. The fact it has a high frequency of fast attacks and armor hits, on top of appearing in groups makes these enemies quite threatening.

The main challenges with this enemy are handling crowd control and reacting to its attacks. All of its claw attacks can be parried to some extent, but the advantage you get for parrying the faster attacks isn’t worth the risk.

While in 2 Legs mode, its big jumping attack with the growl startup, and the heavy claw attack with the short taunt before, are the attacks that yield huge openings for parrying. These are the Riot’s slower attacks in 2 Legs mode. So generally, the slower the attack, the better the reward for parrying it. Just keep in mind that only claw based attacks can be parried.

If you spot the rolling jump attack, take note that the Riot has now transitioned to 4 Legs mode and its attack patterns will change.

In 4 Legs mode, the heavy claw attack is the one you want to look for with a parry. But this is an uncommon attack so you’ll end up enduring more danger if you try to wait for it.

Overall, the Riot is an enemy that doesn’t have a fancy bag of tricks or gimmicks. It just battles you with a solid set of fundamentals that demand you to read and react. The most reliable way to deal with this enemy is to burn through its armor hits, launch it and then kill it in a full combo. The Riot is a Medium weight with no damage resistance, so they will respond to all kinds of attacks while juggled. Plus they have big hurtboxes and above average HP making them quite fun to combo.

If you drop the combo, it will likely transition to 4 Legs and might also be in Devil Trigger state so be careful though.