DMC5 Fury

Basic Information

  • Max HP: 2500
  • Weight Class: Medium
  • Damage Affinity: 2.0x Damage from All Attacks
  • Armor Hits: 0
  • Devil Trigger Armor Hits: 2


The high speed assassin. This is a very dangerous enemy that is characterized by its teleporting attacks and how it forces you to play defensively. It has low HP, but it’s probably the enemy you will have the most trouble with if you don’t have a plan. Becomes a high level threat when they appear in multiples.

Attacks & Quirks

Fury uses high speed movement as a means of defense. If you try and strike at it wildly, you won’t hit it since it’ll just teleport away or it’ll look like you’re swinging at its after images. In this case, it’s better if you think of it as being immune to damage until you create an opening. You do this by parrying its attacks.

Fury has 4 actions: 3 teleporting attacks and one movement action (Only 2 attacks on Devil Hunter difficulty and below). Pay very close attention to how it poses before its next attack strong starts.

When the Fury crouches down and cocks its arm outwards with no blade draw, it will use its rushing slash attack string. There are 3 variations of this string so you need to watch the direction it moves in right after it disappears. It changes the number of attacks depending on whether they land, and it can add more attacks to the string when low on HP. All variations of this attack string end in a finisher where it crosses its blades and appears right in front of you.

  • If it looks like it moves in the opposite direction first, this is the lunging rush version. It will dive in parallel to the ground with long range stabs. It can repeat this a few times. It might then do a single falling attack from high up and a twisting leap in place before the finisher.
  • If it looks like it jumps over you first, this is the jumping rush version. It will perform a falling attacks on you before a twisting leap attack followed by the finisher.
  • If it looks like it jumps straight upwards first, this is the jumping lunge rush version. It performs the lunging rush mentioned above, but diagonally from above you. It can repeat this a few times with a falling attack or a twisting leap spiced in, before the finisher.

When the Fury crouches and draws its blade while in a backhand pose, its preparing its backhand & slam attack string. It slides forward while invisible and opens with a backhand strike. If it connects, it will teleport on top of you and slam you down with hard impact that grounds you. If it misses, it’ll try another teleport backhand strike. If you are in the air while it is sliding forward during its initial attack, it can circle in place looking for you for a bit.

When the Fury walks forward while drawing its blade, it will use its stab & uppercut string. It will disappear and teleport right in front of you, stabbing you in the gut. If the stab connects, it will uppercut and launch you.

If the Fury starts teleporting around but you saw none of these tells above even though you had him on screen, it’s doing the movement action. It just teleports around trying to get to a better position to start its offense. There are no attacks in this sequence.

When you start dealing damage to a Fury after you have created an opening, it only allows you to land a set amount of hits before its defenses kick in and it teleports away. This ability is what draws the fight out since it has very low HP. Therefore it is very important to be conscious of this hit counter, and try to strike with attacks that are strong, but also have a low number of hits.

In this case, if it enters Devil Trigger the added armor hits kind of helps you, because you can deal a bit more damage before it wants to teleport away.

Strategy for Fighting Fury

Fury is an enemy built around knowledge checks. It exists to punish you for playing aggressively or blindly and demands that you calm down and engage with its attacks. The main challenges with this enemy are reading its attacks, timing a parry to create an opening for damage, and then killing it without it teleporting away.

All of its attacks can be parried, so it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with exactly what comes after each of its tells. The chance for dealing damage after a successful parry will be greatly extended, so even if it’s risky, this is how you should try to engage this enemy.

If you are able to inflict heavy stun on the Fury, you can lock it out of its ‘teleporting out of damage’ defense mechanism and kill it pretty quickly. Unfortunately, not all characters can do this consistently.

You can also manipulate the camera to keep the Fury off-screen while it is in between attacks so that it only does it’s movement option. This is useful for when you fight multiple Furies at once.

Since parrying the Furies attacks is skill based tech, there is only so much this guide can do to help you and ultimately you will need to practice this yourself in the Void. But never give up, always try to discern what pose it does before it starts attacks and what’s the timing for each follow-up. Then refer to each character’s Standout Moves section in their Overview Page for which moves are recommended to use for parrying.

Below are some more detailed character specific strategies on how to deal with Fury.

Nero Strategy

If you try to Snatch the Fury while it is in between attacks, it can brush off your attempt and counter immediately so be careful. Also take heed that using Exceed will add additional hits to Nero’s attacks which works against him in terms of Fury’s hit counter when it lets you deal damage.

Use Shuffle, Payline and Split to parry. You can also use DT Activation with parry timing to pop it out of its attack sequence. Recommended that you don’t use Devil Breakers for parrying unless you know what you’re doing.

When you create a chance to deal damage, use your Breakers and attacks like Hard Way and Buster to secure damage. Given Nero’s moveset, it’s quite hard to kill a Fury in 1 turn with Nero unless you use a Break Age attack like Super Buster.

But Fury has a special weakness to Ragtime. While it is inside Ragtime spheres, its teleporting defenses don’t work so you can use this to keep launching it and keep the heat on, effectively ignoring its gameplan to some extent. Just don’t use the ragtime while it is in attack strings unless you know what you’re doing.

If you want to use Ragtime’s Break Age Slow World, make sure you finish the Fury off.

Dante Strategy

Use Cerberus Ice Age, Revolver, Long Barrel, Revolution, Pole Play, DSD Helm Breaker and Balrog Flint Wheel to parry. You can use Balrog’s Blow Mode to mash Light Blows while locked on to cause a parry. Effect increased while in Ignition state.

You can also farm DT blocks with well timed Royal Guards on this enemy.

When you create a chance to deal damage, use Balrog Real Impact or Cerberus’ Hot Stuff at a range where the spinning staff doesn’t hit.

You can use Cerberus Percussion while in DT to inflict heavy stun on the Fury. This will free it up to be killed immediately by using multi hitting power moves like Cavaliere Air Combo B.

Vergil Strategy

Use Beowulf Lunar Phase, Rising Dragon, Flush jumps and Mirage Edge Stinger, High Time and Helm Breaker to parry. You can also use SDT Activation or Doppelganger Activation with parry timing to pop it out of it’s attack sequence.

When you create a chance to deal damage, use Vergil’s more powerful attacks like Yamato Combo A while in SDT, Beowulf Combo A & B while in SDT or Vergil’s Super Moves. For the ground combos, missing a few of the starting hits will make the damaging parts land more consistently, but you’ll give up some Concentration for missing attacks.

In particular, Mirage Edge’s Deep Stinger is a special move that Fury cannot teleport out of once it starts. You can effectively kill them in 1 action with this.

A charged Mirage Edge Over Drive also doesn’t let the Fury teleport out of the attack. Try to use it with SDT and parry timing to inflict heavy stun and then subsequently kill the Fury.

V Strategy

Another tricky enemy for V to deal with. Recommended you engage Fury with many DT stocks. Pop Devil Trigger if either of the familiars die and hope Nightmare can land some hits. Try to not let your DT stocks fall below 3 so you can always have DT activation on hand.

Overall, prioritize safety, patience and farming DT blocks in this fight. Unfortunately V doesn’t really have the tools to engage with Furies the way other characters do, so he feels really gimped here. Doesn’t help that his familiars feel like they have some delay before attacking so parrying becomes challenging.

When you get a chance to deal damage use Skewer and Blockade Lv3.

That’s probably why no Furies appear in V missions and he can only fight them in the Bloody Palace.

Either way, good luck.