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All donations go towards running this website and covering it’s domain costs & hosting costs. I am running this website out of my own pocket and sometimes I have to hold back on buying a game or buying recording equipment in order to keep this site alive. I am fully prepared to manage the expenses myself, but even so, a donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Any small donation amount will result in an increase of the quality of content I will able to produce on this site.

Even if you don’t donate, Thank You for using this website.

I will continue working my hardest to bring you high quality and in-depth guides/videos on the games I cover.



A compilation of my uncategorized blog posts. The articles under here can be random guides or blog posts where I just talk about things.


I run two YouTube Channels where I make videos about the games I play. One focuses on Fighting Games exclusively and the other covers all the other kinds of games I play. These Channels often features games that don’t appear on this website. If you’re interested, check them out:





This site is to be used as a platform for in-depth video game guides, videos and the discussion of other aspects of gaming.

All content on here is created and managed by myself, BK Brent. The information on this site is compiled, tested and translated by myself unless otherwise stated.

I don’t typically make guides on many games and sometimes work at a slow pace so bear with me.

If you want to get in touch with me or send feedback, there is a Contact Me form in the link above. I am also active on twitter @bkbrent.