DMC5 Nobody

Basic Information

  • Max HP: 3000
  • Weight Class: Heavy
  • Damage Affinity: Mask Dependent
  • Armor Hits: 5
  • Devil Trigger Armor Hits: 19


The deformed jesters. An unorthodox enemy that changes masks in combat. It has high HP, is quite dangerous and often appears in groups. This enemy can also summon more Nobodies, and drain your Devil Trigger gauge making it a nuisance.

Attacks & Quirks

Nobody is the most tricky enemy in DMC5. It has 3 masks that form the basis of its gameplan: Normal (Gold Mask), Laughing (Green Mask) and Rage (Red Mask). These masks change its attack patterns, its tendencies and even its affinity to damage. You could even think of it as being 2.5 different enemies in one.

Nobodies tend to change masks after they have taken a set amount of damage. When they start back dashing away a lot, it means that are trying to change masks. You can parry the mask change if you were not nearby when it started the action. Parrying the mask change causes it to drop the mask it was going to change to, leaving it momentarily maskless.

But since Nobodies cannot fight if they don’t have a mask, it will immediately try to use the mask change again to change to the next mask if it still has one. Also, if you hammer a Nobody hard enough, its current mask can come off.

Nobodies in groups can also opt to change masks too if one of their brethren starts changing masks. If you ever wondered why you started catching eyeball grenades from off screen, this might have happened.

Gold Mask

  • Damage Affinity: Normal

The Gold Mask is its initial state of a Nobody when it begins combat. It only uses close range attacks and is the least dangerous of the 3 masks. All of the Gold Mask’s attacks can be used on other masks.

It has a 1-2 swipe with its front legs that has a surprising range, a jumping attack that has a short hop as a tell, and a back punch attack for when you are behind it.

Red Mask

  • Damage Affinity: Normal
  • Buff: Nobody ATK DMG Up 1.3x

The Red Mask state boasts high attack damage and increased aggression. The arm sticking out of the Nobody’s back gets buff too. Red Mask is dangerous and if you let your guard down and take damage, it will hurt.

It gains a lunging punch attack, a spinning attack with its back arm that hits all around it, and a long range grab attack that deals a lot of damage. The Nobody will also backdash more frequently to try to create space to use the grab attack.

The grab attack has a growl as a tell, after which it will rush forward quickly to try and grab hold of you. If you get grabbed, you can break the hold with Devil Trigger activation or Nero’s Break Away. The rushing portion of the grab attack can be parried. Parrying this attack will cause it to drop its Red Mask.

Green Mask

  • Damage Affinity: 0.9x from All Attacks

The Green Mask state has higher defense and makes the Nobody favor long range attacks. Even though this mask is effectively supposed to be Nobody’s defensive stance, its the most dangerous mask.

It gains an eyeball grenade attack where it throws multiple eyeball shaped projectiles at you that blow up on contact. The eyeballs are a lot more dangerous than they initially seem, but they each have their own lock-on targets so they can be detonated with gunfire. Shooting the eyeballs also guarantees that you earn 1 block of Devil Trigger.

If it stands up on 2 legs and starts doing a creepy dance, it is trying to summon another Nobody. If that sounds like something you don’t wanna deal with, do whatever you can to interrupt it. Alternatively, you can allow it to summon another Nobody so you can have more enemies to style on. Your call.

If it stands up on 2 legs and starts dancing, but then starts hopping up and down during the dance, it is trying to siphon your Devil Trigger. There aren’t any merits to letting this happen, so interrupt it.

No Mask

  • Damage Affinity: 3.0x from All Attacks
  • Debuff: Nobody loses all will to fight

After you have knocked off all of its masks, the Nobody will cower away and no longer fight you. It loses all attacks and takes triple damage in this state. It also loses all of its armor hits and its Weight Class becomes that of a Medium type.

A Nobody with no more masks means the fight is over.

Strategy for Fighting Nobody

Since Nobody is an enemy full of tricks and gimmicks, it can take a while before you fully grasp its movelist. The main challenges with this enemy are crowd control, reading its attacks and parrying its mask change attempt.

Nobodies often appear in groups and because they have a lot of armor hits, managing crowd control on a few of them at the same time can be quite challenging. This is even worse when they equip their Red Masks or Green Masks. Try to isolate one of them and kill it if you can.

You can deal with a Nobody fairly easily by watching for its mask change action. You can confirm this when you see it trying to back dash out of combat a lot. First give it some space, then after it pulls out the mask and tries to put it on, rush in and hit it from the front. Doing this correctly will net you a parry and the Nobody will drop the mask. Do this for both masks and the Nobody will be unable to fight anymore.

However, if you don’t give the Nobody space and continuously rush it down while it’s changing its mask, you can get locked out of the parry window. Be patient and wait for the right time to strike.

If you don’t want to fight the Nobody like this, you will have to learn it’s attack patterns and tendencies by practicing on it in the Void. If you really want to style, you can burn through its armor hits, then launch it and kill it in a full combo. But you will need good execution and careful combo routing to not knock it back while its being juggled as it is a heavy weight.