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This may be a game, but its not just something you play.

Video games are created with the intention to be played but if you let them, they can offer you a bottomless experience that can rival the threads of reality itself. Its up to you whether you let the events happening on a video game screen have a real impact on your life, but I think that freedom in itself is what makes them downright beautiful.

Video games have allowed me to experience an incredible spectrum of emotions and have allowed me to make longer than life-long bonds with individuals in both faraway countries and my very own city.

Its no secret that I take video games more seriously than life itself but at the same time, I think that in turn has allowed me to get more out of video games than life itself.

Its for these reasons that I can’t help but play video games because for me, playing is the same as breathing in the real world – its an activity that keeps me alive and enables me to interact with that respective world and truly enjoy it for what it is.

With that being said, I try to bring that same passion I have for gaming into the guide and videos I write on this site. Take note that I am an idiot who only knows how to work hard, so I often work myself to the point of exhaustion playing and writing up stuff here. If I disappear for a few months to recover or anything, don’t be too alarmed.

. . .

Anyway, I am BK Brent. I play almost all kinds of games but end up mostly focusing on Action RPGs, JRPGs, Fighting Games and Action Games. I can speak and understand both English & Japanese and often translate information into English. I create videos and write guides and stuff. I’m bad at talking about myself so I don’t know what else to say.


All of the information on this site is compiled, tested and (occasionally) translated by myself unless otherwise stated. As such I, BK Brent, claim ownership to all written content posted and videos posted on this website.

Direct redistribution of this content outside of private use is strictly prohibited without my consent.

I’m actually a super laid-back dude in real life. If you are interested in some of the content here and would like to post a link to it or do a video rendition of something I haven’t made a video of yet, I would be happy to oblige and support your cause provided I am credited.


I generally work alone, but I could always use the help of anyone willing to lend a hand. Here’s a list of things I generally need help with when I am making a guide:

  • Tipping me off on efficient methods of doing things
  • Telling me if I post incorrect information
  • Testing the Efficiency of Leveling methods etc.
  • Capturing data for databases (images, text)
  • Spotting mistakes
  • Proofreading (Usually write guides at 3am and English doesn’t happen at those hours)
  • Help in the comments section
  • Help with English localized names if I am playing the JP version
  • Telling me about other helpful resources of information on the internet
  • Notifying me about unauthorized use of my guides on other sites

The areas of help are rather broad and I work under the guise of not expecting any help at all, but I am open to people willing to lend assistance. I always credit anyone for any bit of help I get.

Some people have approached me saying that they would like to support me financially as well. I have put up Donation buttons on the sidebar and on the front page for anyone willing to lend a hand in that way. The hosting and domain costs and stuff for this site isn’t cheap, but when I set the site up I made a decision to cover the costs myself. However, any donation here will be put towards those hosting costs which might free up my wallet for a Strategy Guide here or a Capture Card there.

Asking for donations is tricky because I’m not about the money whatsoever, but I can’t deny that it would help me tremendously in terms of running this site smoothly and ensuring its survival over the coming years. If you want to help me financially, you could also turn your adblock off as you use the site. I know I have tons of ads all over the place and its annoying, but ad revenue is mainly how I cover the hosting costs for this site so please bare with it.


If you would like to ask a question about this site, offer to help this site or inquire about the use of some of the content here, you may contact my business email at bk7brent@gmail.com. Just remember to add a Subject and be clear in your request; I am very skeptical and don’t respond to anything that doesn’t seem legitimate.

I play mainly on PlayStation 4 with my main account being BK_Brent. My PSN messages settings are set to Friends Only so you will need to send me a Friend Request in order to send me a message. It would help if you could add a comment to your Friend Request since I’ve been harassed countless times in the past and I am hesitant in accepting Friend Requests from complete strangers.

If you want to ask a quick game-related question, you can hit me on Twitter @bkbrent. If the question hasn’t already been covered in an FAQ I will answer as soon as I see it. You can also ask me to PM you on Twitter and I will do so.

I appreciate politeness and respect.

Please do not ask for personalized in-game help. I am generally happy to help but I seriously hate being used as an information slave or a tool for leveling.