A BK Dictionary of words I may use and never define.

Sometimes when I write, I use words or phrases that are hard to understand. Whether its slang, game jargon or even Japanese, I oftentimes find myself saying things that only me or a friend of mine would understand.

This page will serve as a glossary of words that I may use in my guides and forget to define. Think of it as a BK Dictionary. If I ever use a word that isn’t exactly easy to understand, I will reference its definition on this page.

This page may also contain definitions for common words or phrases used on the internet in gaming circles.



Fighting Game slang. This means you got fucked up. Plain and simple.

Other synonyms include: Folded, Pwned, Laid up, Clapped, Wet, Schooled, Freed Up


Broken is a word that’s usually used to refer to something that is not properly balanced or unfair. Its breaks the balance of the game and is thus broken.

Not a word I use very frequently and its used very loosely online.


A buff is a skill that increases your stats. This can refer to spells or passive skills.

When talking about a balance update, Buffs refers to a character/weapon getting changes that make it considerably better.

Cancel / Canceling

This refers to the act of ending the recovery of an attack early by canceling the attack into another attack, guard or a jump.

If I’m using a huge sword and I drop it to the ground with an overhead attack. I would be able to cancel into a jump, guard or another attack without having to pick the sword up first and swing it again.


This refers to the act of helping players who do not pull their own weight. Either they are Free, under-leveled or are against putting in effort to level themselves. Carried players don’t properly learn how to play the game and think they are good at the game simply because their character is strong. Carried players also almost never thank the players who carried them or won’t acknowledged that they were carried.

I also call this solo-but-in-a-team play.

I must have carried enough players in Lost Song to fill a small island (Not exaggerating). After I dropped that game, I vowed to never carry anyone ever again no matter what. Its something I loathe and I find extremely disrespectful to players who are putting in a conscious effort to better themselves.

“Can you help me level?”

“Don’t worry, I used to work as garbage collector.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I’m used to carrying trash like you.”

Christmas Time

This is what I call it when a boss topples over or does an attack with a really large opening and gives everyone a huge opening to deal damage.

Christmas Time is when everyone should drop what they’re doing and punish the monster. Other holidays may be used to describe Christmas Time.


A debuff is the opposite of a buff. Its a skill that lowers your stats or an opponents stats. Status Ailments like poison, confuse and silence may also be considered debuffs.


Another word for perversion or lewdness. But more in a playful kind of way as opposed to oppressive and over the top.


I use this to define a cut-scene or movie that occurs when you advance the story in a game.


This word is used to refer to a specific sequence or attack that is not easy to perform. For example, Final Vengeance in God Eater has High Execution because its not an easy skill to use. Izanami in BlazBlue has high execution combos.

This word may also loosely refer to the individual player’s skill level which allows them to pull of things that are not easy to do.


Easy-Peasy. A breeze. A Piece of cake. Rakusyo. Generally means its too easy for words.

I often use this term sarcastically.

Firm Stand

A term coined from God Eater. This is a Special Skill where, if you take a hit from an attack that would normally kill you, you will survive the attack with 1 HP.

A Firm Stand may have some additional parameters needed for it to work.


A Frame is a unit of time measurement in gaming. In a game that runs at 60 Frames per Second (FPS), 1 Frame is 1/60 of a second. In other words, its a fraction of a second.

Usually when talking about Frames it refers to an incredibly small window in which to do something. A 1 Frame Link is the act of inputting a sequence within 1/60th of a second which is incredibly difficult to do. 1 Frame links are also refereed to as ‘Just Frames’.

Frames is sometimes written with ‘F’ as a unit of measurement.


Fighting Game slang. A word used to describe a player that is so bad at the game, it would take almost no effort for a seasoned player to beat, or better than them. They are a free win.

This may also be applied to characters or bosses.


When you perform tedious tasks repeatedly to earn levels or equipment or to even learn how something works.

This is a part of getting and while some people hate it, you need to be willing to do it to get better.

Guard Point

This refers to an attack that allow you to automatically block incoming attacks during a portion of the attack. Not to be confused with Super Armor.

Guard Point is like if I was charging in with my shield. The shield will hit you and block your attacks simultaneously.


Going HAM (Hard as A Motherfucker). This basically means that a boss or player is going really crazy and hitting really hard. Its essentially means that things are going especially well for the one who is going HAM. It also means that the ones who are on the receiving end of the one going HAM are getting fucked up fiercely.

Happy Birthday

Fighting Game slang. In tag games, this refers to a situation where you messed up and both/all your characters got caught on screen in a combo and may die. Its truly a heart rending situation for one player, but a wonderfully great present to the other.

I may use this term in an instance where you can potentially mess up badly and lose everything at the drop of a hat.


I use this word very often and almost never mean it in the conventional sense. In Fighting Games, ‘hype’ refers to any single moment that encapsulates a high degree of excitement. The reason why its hype and not just ‘exciting’ is because there are usually many different things going on in the background that are necessary for that moment to be possible, but the players adapt to this seamlessly and still pull off great feats.

A perfect example is Kazunoko at GGXrd EVO 2017 Top 8. His opponent threw out a bomb that hits both players. The bomb was unsafe so he punished his opponent for doing it. But his punish was not going to go far since the bomb blast was imminent. But Kazunoko has the presence of mind and insane skills to adjust his punishing combo so that he could jump cancel and block the bomb and subsequently pick up the punish without missing a beat.

That’s hype. A moment of excellence that is so esoteric that players of that game won’t even begin to understand what’s so amazing about it.

I sometimes use ‘hype’ loosely to refer to anything that’s exciting or looks unconventionally interesting.

Invincibility/Invulnerability Frames or DP/Dragon Punch attacks

This refers to an attack or a dodging move that momentarily renders your character invulnerable to attacks. It basically means that you can’t get hit during a portion of the move.

Sometimes taking damage has invul recovery so you don’t continuously take damage.

A DP refers to such an attack, but the attack has a long recovery time that makes the prospect of doing it risky and unsafe.

Low Key God

This refers to a character or a weapon type that is incredibly good but its greatness isn’t publicly known. Usually means something that needs a bit of skill or a trick to use but when used effectively is surprisingly great even when compared to existing great standards.

Low Tier

A character/weapon type/magic spell or anything that is seemingly useless or requires a sizable amount of effort to be worth using. Being Low Tier generally means that there is a hell of a lot of things better than it, so much so that trying to learn to use it means you will struggle more than succeed.

See: Top Tier.

Magic Pixel

Fighting Game slang. This refers to when you make an amazing comeback with 1HP.

You have nothing but a pixel in your lifebar, but you’re putting in the worlds work into defeating something and you just will not die no matter what.

Main / Maining

This refers to the idea of dedicating yourself to a certain character/weapon type/playstyle as the Main thing that you play that game with. Generally refers to focusing on learning the thing very closely while ignoring the options for the time being.

Main Trap

A word I made up. Refers to a character/weapon type/playstyle or even a certain skill that is so effective and easy to use, there is a real danger of instantly Maining it and picking up bad gameplay habits as a result.

Most Main Traps are things that are super effective during story or on easy things, but start to not be useful in endgame or in high difficulty situations.

Mixup / Crossup

Fighting Game terminology. This refers to the act of using varied attacks in other to break through your opponents guard. Attacking high when they are blocking low and attacking low when they are blocking high is the idea.

A 50-50 mixup refers to any situation where one of two things can happen. This doesn’t only apply to fighting games, but can apply to a boss’ attack patterns as well.

A Crossup is when you break an opponents guard by going being them. Bosses may also do this in certain games.


This refers to a Newbie. A new player who doesn’t know left from right and is still learning how to play.

Generally refers to new players of a series and is generally used with a certain level of distaste because no one likes a noob.

Not a word I use very often.

Noob Trap

Something that heavily appeals to new players and may even be the entire reason they purchased the game. But in reality its something that is kind of crappy or unnecessarily hard to use. Both cases lead to the beginner being unsatisfied.

Noob Traps are scary because you may never know you are caught in the noob trap.


In a balance update this refers to an existing character/weapon/skill having its abilities reduced and lowers by the developers. Sometimes a nerf is a response to things that were overpowered, but these days its generally a response to the playerbase complaining that something is overpowered.

Oki / Okizeme (起き攻め)

Wakeup game or setups. This refers to an opponent or boss attacking you as you recover to keep you under pressure. It means that you have to be on the defensive or take risks to get out of pressure.

One-Shot (ワンパン)

This refers to killing something/being killed in one hit. Whether you are under-leveled or whether the enemy is just that strong, getting One-Shot is sometimes shocking, hilarious or unexpected.

You can also get Two-Shot and Three-Shot. We stop counting after three.

OP (Overpowered)

Generally refers to something that tips the balance of the game in its favor. Something that’s overpowered is something that’s just so undeniably good it overshadows other things in the game. Sometimes OP is used as a synonym for Broken.

OP can also be used as a compliment to refer to a player who is good at the game.

Option Select

Fighting Game terminology. This refers to the action of doing multiple inputs together and having different desirable results come out that depend on the situation.

For example, Guarding is R1+O in AccelSword. If I map a Counter Skill to R1+Triangle and then press R1+O+Triangle every time I guard, I will get a counter if the counter is not on cooldown and a block otherwise. This is an Option Select.

Its a very advanced technique that takes advantage of imputing multiple commands at the same time to cover multiple answers to a situation.

orz or OTZ

This is an emoticon of a man on his hands and knees in despair.

O is the head, R/T is the body and Z is the legs.


When you over-celebrate after performing something in order to spite the others who lost to you/couldn’t do what you did.

Not all pop-offs are to spite people. Sometimes you’re just generally happy to succeed and want to jump around screaming “I DID IT!!!!!”


Power-leveling is the act of getting high level players to help you level up. Most of the time it ends up with you getting carried by strong players. This may result in you not learning core fundamentals needed to be good at the game because you’re letting the strong players kill everything.

Not exactly a respectable way of getting to level up, but many people who play online gaming are very anti-grind so to each their own.


Attacking after your adversary has just done an unsafe attack. A Punish usually comes after a good read.

Rage Mode

This is what I call it when a boss gets angry and increases its abilities. Sometimes bosses have exclusive attacks in rage mode. Rage Mode generally needs a trigger (Like the boss losing HP) and generally has a set duration.


A Read is what I call a very accurate short term prediction in a fight. If you can predict the boss’ next attack before it does it and punish accordingly, you will be at a huge advantage.

Reads are usually backed by tons of experience and knowledge of the game.


This refers to an attack with relatively short recovery time which allows you to dodge or attack after performing the attack. Its a low risk attack and the opposite of an unsafe attack.


Fighting Game terminology. This refers to the concept of performing a continuous sequence of pre-determined attacks and setups to keep your opponent either in pressure or in a combo. Setplay can be a sequence of Reads, Punishes, Predictions and Okizeme that keeps the opponent on the ropes. Setplay generally exploits an opponent’s lack of knowledge to keep them in a consecutive series of disadvantageous situations until they die.

Setplay usually means that you are in a position of control, gaining momentum with each action and your opponent has to find a way to break the momentum or else they will die.

Shibari Play (縛りプレイ)

Literally “Tied-Up Play”. This refers to the prospect of placing limits on yourself to make the game more difficult and enjoyable. A good example of Shibari Play is to only use Rank 1 weapons, take no damage or to use no healing whatsoever.

Shibari comes in many forms but any time you refuse to do/use something in order to make the game more difficult for your personal enjoyment, its Shibari Play.

Has some sexual connotations but it mostly refers to gaming.


A character with alarmingly low HP. Often dies in one-shot.

Super Armor

This refers to an attack that allows you to power through incoming attacks. Not to be confused with Guard Point as you still take full damage. Your attacks just don’t get interrupted.

Sometimes called Hyper Armor.


Short for technique. This describes a particular strat or method in which a player would do something unconventional. High Level Tech or Advanced Tech is as it sounds: abstract methods used by high level players.

Top Tier

A character/weapon type/magic spell or anything that is especially great and requires a less-than-average amount of effort to be used effectively. Something being Top Tier generally means that there is a not a lot of things better than it, so much so that using it will see you succeed way more than struggle.

Top Tier things don’t always have to require low effort and top tier things are often balanced out by making them hard to use.

See: Low Tier.

The Shield of Dreams (夢重の盾)


This refers to Izanami’s special move of the same name. Izanami is a character in BlazBlue Central Fiction and has the ability to generate a ribcage of souls around herself that protects her from incoming attacks. But the interesting thing is that she is able to move and attack as normal with the ribcage active. This effectively means she can ignore the opponents attacks while attacking on her own.

I generally use this phrase when I mean that I’m refusing to acknowledge any bullshit before it even happens.

“The Time Has Come and So Have I”

The time has come and so have I
I’ll laugh last cause you came to die
The damage done – the pain subsides
And I can see the fear clear when I look in your eye.

I never kneel and I’ll never rest
You can tear the heart from my chest
I’ll make you see what I do best,
I’ll succeed as you breathe your very last breath.

Now I know how the angel fell (just kneel)
I know the tale and I know it too well (just bow)
I’ll make you wish you had a soul to sell (soul to sell)
When I strike you down and send you straight to hell

Lyrics to Nero’s DMC4 battle theme. My mind always trails off whenever I say “The Time Has Come” and I always have to say the next four bars.


Usually refereed to as an Unblockable Setup. This is a situation where the opponent puts you in a situation where you straight up can’t block or your guard will break if you try to guard.

There are often other ways out of Unblockable Setups (usually by using moves Invulnerable Frames) but in some cases, an Unblockable Setup can be fatal.


Negative Fun. When something starts to be the opposite of fun. This means that its something that has the opposite effect of enjoyment on your life. Grinding or something that ruins the fun of the game can fall into this category.


A risky attack with a very long recovery time. Using these kinds of unsafe attacks recklessly will get you punished and killed. Unsafe attacks generally need to be used on a good read or in conjunction with a cancel of some kind.

w or www

w is short for 笑う (warau). Its more or less the Japanese equivalent of ‘lol’.

I generally use this when I’m making a joke or not being serious.

yarikomi (やり込み)

The literal term doesn’t make a lot of sense when translated to English, but yarikomi refers to Endgame. Its the action of finding things to do in the game even after the main story is over. This could be grinding for better gear, learning how to get better, playing online, doing side-missions or finishing up the trophies/achievements.

The beauty of yarikomi is that you give yourself personal tasks to perform in the game and clearing them gives you enjoyment.

A game with no yarikomi is a game with no endgame. Its a game where they’re practically nothing to do after you clear the main story and you’re likely to shelf it after a few weeks.

zettai ryouiki (絶対領域)

Literally “The Absolute Territory”. Without talking about the origin of this word, zettai ryouiki refers to the section of skin visible between thigh-high socks/knee-socks and a skirt. Its an alluring region of flesh that is more visually stimulating than hot pants and ankle socks.

The allure of zettai ryouiki stems from the human eye’s natural ability to follow straight lines. This makes the region of skin visible between the straight horizontal lines of the kneesocks and the skirt appear more vivid. But the skirt is not an actual straight line, its an umbrella shaped curve that holds a treasure land all straight men would like to visit. This makes the appeal of zettai ryouiki incredibly strong and worth noting.

For more information on the grades of zettai ryouiki, follow this link.