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  1. Do not post slander targeted at me, another commenter or anyone else. These kinds of comments will be removed instantly. Repeated posting of slander will get you banned without notice.
  2. Do not post spam. If you have a question that you feel needs to be answered or you’re going to die, check the respective game’s FAQ post. If there’s no such thing, wait patiently. I may not live in the same timezone as you and may be asleep. Spam comments will be deleted.
  3. Do not post spoilers. In the event you post spoilers, you will be asked to edit your comment. If you do not edit it within seven days it will be removed to protect others from the spoiler.
  4. Do not self-advertise yourself. Posting a link to a video/post you wrote is encouraged if it is helpful and on-topic. Off-topic self advertising gets removed and you’ll probably get banned if I happen to be in a bad mood. I really hate that.
  5. Regulate your bad language. I’m not so hard on this and swear words and stuff is okay. But don’t use racial slurs or any other words that anyone may find deeply offensive. Play nice.
  6. Do not post unsavory things on the comments section. I wouldn’t mind seeing some nice big ‘ol tiddies, but other’s don’t. Plus wordpress may age-restrict my site so just don’t do this. Comments with distasteful images will be removed.

Also, please take note that there is some yellow tape if you are to post comments with links in them. These comments will need to be moderated and approved first before they appear on the site.

That’s all.

Abide by these rules or else your comments will be deleted.