DMC5 Chaos

Basic Information

  • Max HP: 1500
    • HP of Spikes: 200
  • Weight Class: Medium
  • Damage Affinity (Main Body): Normal
  • Spikes Damage Affinity:
    • 0.25x Damage from Piercing Attacks
    • All other DMG 0.1x
  • Armor Hits: 2
  • Devil Trigger Armor Hits: 9


The spikey spiny hedgehog. This enemy has above average HP and is characterized by its spinning attacks. It turns itself into a spinning ball of blades and then tries to ram into you. It often appears in groups and is an enemy with an average threat level. While it seems like a simple enemy at a glance, this guy has some knowledge checks.

Attacks & Quirks

Chaos has quite a varied moveset, but it primarily favors turning itself into a spinning ball and ramming into you. It has quite a few of these spinning attacks, with each variation changing the attack’s speed or distance, or even adding a long range bouncing attack.

It can start a spinning attack from a wall to try to catch you off guard. It can also tech/ukemi straight into a spinning attack while it’s taking damage on the ground. But even though the Chaos really likes using its spinning attacks, it also has fast tail swipes too.

It has a 3 hit swiping combo it can chain into a spinning attack, an overhead attack, a large backswing with its tail if you are behind it, and a very fast backflip attack.

Chaos is quite agile and will hop around to try to keep you at a distance, while it looks for an opening to start a spinning attack. But if you are chasing it down or are closer than it feels comfortable with, it might try to catch you off guard with a quick tail attack.

The spikes on its back can be broken. This will negate it from using any and all spinning attacks which make it much less of a threat. It will be forced to use its tail swipe attacks and a rare mid range spitting attack instead.

Strategy for Fighting Chaos

If you try use a physical attack on a Chaos during a spinning attack, you will bounce off it and be parried. This makes it a more tricky enemy to kill than it may initially seem. The main challenges with this enemy are dealing with its spikes (spinning attacks) and handling crowd control.

You can use gunfire or other kinds of projectiles on a Chaos during its spinning attack. Doing so will start to slow the spinning down. If you slow the spin enough so that the spikes loose their yellow-ish aura, you can then use physical attacks without bouncing off the Chaos.

If you can pull this off, this is a better way of breaking its spikes than trying to attack the spikes while it is in between attacks. This is because it can start a spinning attack while it is taking damage on the ground. Likewise, if you have powerful projectile attacks, you can use that while it is spinning to break the spikes fairly easily.

Once the spikes are broken, this enemy becomes a lot easier to deal with. They lose most of their moveset and become a lot less threatening.

Alternatively, you can launch this enemy and kill it in a full combo without having to worry about the spikes or spinning attacks. They are Medium weights with no damage resistance on their main bodies so they respond to all kinds of attacks while being juggled. They also have lots of HP and very big hurtboxes so they are fun enemies to combo. Just be careful to not drop the combo or they’ll start spinning again.

Below are some character specific methods for breaking the Chaos‘ spikes consistently.

Nero Strategy

If this enemy isn’t spinning, you can pull it up into the air with Snatch and start an air combo on it no sweat.

When they start spinning, use Blue Rose Shots while walking towards it. Don’t stop firing until you are in range for Red Queen attacks to hit. Then start hitting it and the Chaos should either fall out of the spin or the spikes should break. Just be careful that some of Red Queen’s grounds combos are kind of slow. Red Queen Aerial Combo recommended instead.

Punchline can also help here. Send the rocket arm out when the enemy starts spinning and then close in to break the spikes. Take extra care to not get hit and have the arm break.

Dante Strategy

If you Royal Guard Perfect Block a spinning attack, they will fall out of the spin instantly. Dr. Faust’s Man In Red can also work as a defensive barrier against the spin to some extent.

When they start spinning, use can use E&I Shots, Twosome Time or Honeycomb Fire to slow the spin down so that you can attack the Chaos. If you use Twosome Time or Honeycomb enough, the Chaos will eventually fall out of the spin. DSD Round Trips can help set up breaks on spinning Chaos‘ consistently too.

Dante has a lot of projectile attacks you could also try to experiment with like DSD helper swords or Cerberus’ Thunder Clap.

SDT Sin Stinger will make quick work of spikes too if you’re at SSS Rank.

Vergil Strategy

When they start spinning, use Yamato Perfect Judgment Cuts while in the air to break the spikes at relatively low risk. Use could also use Mirage Edge Drive while on the ground to break the spikes as long as the Chaos is in range.

Another very effective way of breaking the spikes is to ready the Storm Blades and have the summon swords stab the Chaos as soon as it starts spinning.

V Strategy

Focus more on trying to not to let your familiars take damage, as opposed to trying to break the spikes.

You can try to set up a break with Griffon Shots to slow a spinning Chaos followed by Shadow attacks, but this doesn’t seem to be as consistent as it is on other characters.