DMC5 Hellbat

Basic Information

  • Max HP: 1080
  • Weight Class: Medium, Flying
  • Damage Affinity: 0.5x Damage from Piecing type attacks
    • 0.5x from Fire Element Attacks; 1.5x Damage from Ice Element Attacks
  • Armor Hits: 2
  • Devil Trigger Armor Hits: 7


The flying flamethrower. This enemy flies around and breathes flame at you. It has average damage and HP and isn’t that much of a threat if you know how to handle them. They usually appear with a bunch of Pyrobats.

Attacks & Quirks

Hellbat’s attacks are quite similar to Pyrobat. It primarily uses projectile attacks and favors attacking from long range. The most common attacks you’ll see are the flamethrower and the shotgun blast. But the Hellbat can also swoop around in a large circle and ram into you as well. This is the attack that will catch you off guard the most, since you just expect them stay far and breathe fire. Hellbat also has a short range flame blast it will only use if you are close.

Hellbat’s attacks have very specific sound cues so you should be able to react to any incoming danger as long as you are paying attention.

When Hellbat’s HP reaches 1, it will balloon and start a self destruct countdown. It will only start this sequence once it lands on the ground after reaching 1 HP. When it blows up, the explosion deals a lot of damage to the player or any demons caught in the blast.

Since Hellbat has a high resistance to piercing attacks, it won’t respond to most gunfire in combos.

Strategy for Fighting Hellbat

Hellbat only attacks when it is on screen so you can manipulate the camera to keep it off-screen to stop it from attacking. Do this as a form of crowd control so you can deal with them when you’re ready.

The flamethrower is its signature attack but it doesn’t track you. It will fire in a straight line for quite a long time leaving it open to all kinds of attacks. Take advantage of this and kill it for trying to play with fire.

The shotgun attack is quite fast and the spread makes it harder to dodge at far ranges. You can parry the attack to send the shotgun blast back at the Hellbat and score a knockdown. But since there are so many shotgun pellets and they move quite quickly, you have to be choose the move you use to parry with very carefully.

The flying ram attack has a tell where it looks like it powers up for a short while before flying in a circle swiftly. Try to look for this tell and get ready to evade when you see it.

When it starts self destructing, you can detonate it early with gunfire. Physical attacks won’t detonate it early so you can knock it back to move it towards other demons in the battle before blowing it up with a shot.

If you hammer this demon hard enough you can break it’s flame sack. This seems to be easier to do when it is grounded. If you break its flame sack, it can no longer use the flame thrower and its flying ram attack. It essentially just becomes a big Pyrobat.