DMC5 Hell Antenora

Basic Information

  • Max HP: 1500
  • Weight Class: Heavy
  • Damage Affinity: Normal
  • Armor Hits: 0
  • Devil Trigger Armor Hits: 2


The cleaver berserkers. This enemy has above average HP & damage and is characterized by its counter-attack. They are quite aggressive, attack while moving and often appear in groups. On higher difficulties, these enemies can be a pain to deal with if you don’t have a strategy for them.

Attacks & Quirks

Hell Antenora only has close range attacks that involve swinging its cleavers. It likes attacking while moving towards you, and it can hit quite hard on higher difficulties. This makes this enemy a lot more dangerous that it may initially seem.

If you knock it back or let it fall out of a combo, it will momentarily glow red, chase you and try to counter-attack you. During the glowing red part of the counter, Hell Antenora will not respond to most kinds of damage.

On Son of Sparda and higher, it also has a jumping variation of the counter attack that can reach you at jump height.

Hell Antenora‘s counter attack will target whoever knocked it down, even if it was an Empusa Queen, a Behemoth, Hell Judecca or a Doppelganger.

Antenoras also get more tougher and more dangerous with the Dante Must Die Devil Trigger buffs making them rather hard to kill on DMD. They also get very heavy in DT and will fall out of air combos very easily. This is very similar to Proto Angelo.

Strategy for Fighting Hell Antenora

The main challenges with this enemy are crowd control and playing around its counter-attack.

You can parry its counter attack, but it may try to follow up with another attack even after you parry it.

Try to refrain from causing knockbacks or dropping your combos because this will activate the Antenora’s counter-attack.

The other methods of negating the counter attack are to inflict ground bounce, inflict heavy stun on it, to inflict crumple stun or to not let it touch the ground and kill it with a full combo. There are also some cases where you can restand it after a knockdown but this is character specific.

Check your character’s overview page Standout Moves section for which actions have these properties and experiment to see what works for yourself. Below are some character specific highlights for engaging this enemy.

Nero Strategy

Nero can pull these enemies up into the air with a Snatch. It’s safer to handle them in the sky. Just be careful to not drop the air combo since Nero’s Snatch will stop working while they’re doing their counter-attack.

Nero has the privilege of being able to consistently interrupt the counter attack’s charge with a raw Buster. Grab these assholes while they’re running at you and powerbomb them. Feels great. Just be on the lookout for nearby enemies that might try to hit you out of it. The knockdown from the buster also doesn’t trigger another counter attack.

This enemy also works quite well as a meat shield with Hold since they have high HP and their friends are aggressive.

If you knock these enemies down in the air with Aerial Combo, you can follow them with Payline to restand them on the ground and negate any potential counterattack attempts.

Nero can crumple stun the Antenora with the hollow tip bullets from High Shot. 1 shot should do it unless it’s in Devil Trigger. Use this to handle a group of them so you can take care of other enemies, or start a combo.

If you are playing DMD and are performing an air combo on an Antenora, an Air Buster can send it to the ground as it enters DT so that you can continue dealing damage without worrying about a counter attack.

Dante Strategy

Be careful when using any of Dante’s crowd control abilities on Gunslinger in DT. This is dangerous because DSD Sword’s Formation or Devil Trigger’s Interceptor skill will cause knockback on all enemies in the vicinity. In a room full of Antenora’s, this will make them all trigger counter attacks at slightly different intervals. Actually nah do it, and show them you can Royal Guard their shit.

Cerberus’ Percussion is recommended for dealing with groups of these enemies. Especially the DT version. It inflicts heavy stun and crumple stun and will let you structure your offense safely.

E&I Rainstorm outside of DT, or Sin Devil Trigger’s The Luce if you’re at full style rank can crumple stun a pack of Antenoras.

Balrog’s Feather Combo or Cavaliere’s Braking can send an airborne Antenora to the ground without triggering the counter attack.

If you are performing an air combo on an Antenora and it’s about to enter DT, try to transition into using Cavaliere’s Air Combo A or Air Combo B. Once its DT kicks in, this enemy gets so heavy that this is one of the only ways to keep it juggled without it falling out of the combo.

Vergil Strategy

Be careful not to teleport into them when they are attacking while moving.

Any Mirage Edge attacks that don’t cause knockback can be used to build up a heavy stun on Antenoras.

Yamato Void Slash can lock down each Antenora in a group with slowed crumple stun. You can also pin them down with Heavy Rain Blades or Blistering Blades so that you can isolate them and pick them off one by one.

Yamato Aerial Rave B’s finisher or Beowulf’s Lunar Phase can send airborne Antenora’s to the ground without triggering a counter attack.

With Aerial Rave A’s finisher, you can use Judgement Cut to restand the knocked down Antenora if you are fast enough. This can negate them from triggering the counter attack.

If you are performing an air combo on an Antenora and it’s about to enter DT, try to transition into chaining Judgement Cuts only. Once its DT kicks in, this enemy gets so heavy that this is one of the only ways to keep it juggled without it falling out of the combo.

V Strategy

V can keep groups in check with Blockade Lv3 and Double Check Lv3.

The key thing you’ll need to watch for is Antenora targeting Shadow or Griffon with a counter attack. When you see this, move them back to you with Side Roll or Switchback as soon as they are about to get hit.

Try to keep above 3 blocks of DT. If one of your familiars gets killed by an Antenora, Use Devil Trigger immediately instead of moving closer to resurrect them. Antenora’s running while attacking is hard to deal with if one of your dodge options just died.