DMC5 Red Empusa

Basic Information

  • Max HP: 1300
  • Weight Class: Heavy
  • Damage Affinity: 0.2x Damage from Piercing type attacks
  • Armor Hits: 7
  • Devil Trigger Armor Hits: 24


The fleeing money bags. This enemy bleeds Red Orbs when you attack it and will favor trying to burrow into the ground and escape the battle. It wants you to chase it down to kill it but it has quite a lot of armor and doesn’t really respond to gunfire.

If you can successfully kill this demon you are awarded with a generous amount of Red Orbs.

Red Empusa’s Weight Class

Red Empusa is classified as a Heavy Weight enemy, but it’s more of a Unique Weight class. It can be launched, but this seems to be only every few times it will stagger in response to damage. This means that if your intent is to launch it, you have to burn through a few sets of Armor Hits and visually confirm prior flinches.

Launching this demon usually will happen after you’ve hammered it quite a bit, so you could assume it becomes a launchable weight by making it bleed orbs first. Once launched, it seems to have roughly the same weight type as the Lizard type demons (Riot, Chaos), but because of its high resistance to Piercing Attacks it won’t respond to weak gunfire in combos.

Recommendation: give up trying to launch it if it enters Devil Trigger.

Attacks & Quirks

Red Empusa seems to only really attack to defend itself. If it’s not close to you, it will scurry away and try to burrow into the ground and escape. Given it’s high amount of armor and flinch resistance to attacks, this can be hard to stop.

Strategy for Fighting Red Empusa

You could try to stick close to bait it into attacking but with how the orbs pops out of this thing, its retaliation attacks can be really hard to see sometimes. So if you want to be aggressive, you’ll also have to remember to keep your eyes peeled.

To stop it from escaping more consistently, trip it up with any kind of heavy stun if you can. If you burn through enough of its armor, you can also launch this enemy and kill it without it touching the ground to mitigate the amount of chasing you’d need to do.

If you let this thing enter Devil Trigger, it becomes really hard to stop from escaping.

*While launched, Nero’s Snatch can also bring the Red Empusa to him despite it functioning as if the Red Empusa was a Heavy type prior to the launch.