DMC5 Empusa

Basic Information

  • Max HP: 350
  • Weight Class: Light
  • Damage Affinity: Normal
  • Armor Hits: 0
  • Devil Trigger Armor Hits: 2


The ant mobs. DMC5’s most basic enemy type. Low HP, low threat level, light weight. These things are slow moving and have easy to see & dodge attacks. They usually die as fast as they spawn so not really much to say about them.

Attacks & Quirks

Empusa generally uses it’s small claws to attack you. It’s attacks are easy to see, slow, and have small hitboxes. This enemy can sometimes favor harvesting blood instead of fighting you which is why you sometimes see them with big red sacks on their backs. Once they harvest blood, they can burrow into the ground and escape the battle in the same way the Red Empusa can. You also get a small Red Orbs bonus for killing them while they have harvested blood.

Strategy for Fighting Empusa

No real strategy required as it’s an easy enemy. Kill it in whichever way you want.