DMC5 Baphomet

Basic Information

  • Max HP: 1500
  • Weight Class: Medium, Levitating
  • Damage Affinity: 1.25x from Fire Element Attacks
    • 0.5x Damage from Ice Element Attacks
  • Armor Hits: 0
  • Devil Trigger Armor Hits: 2


The ice summoner goat. This enemy is characterized by its long range ice magic attacks. It has above average HP and often appears alongside other enemy types. Not particularly threatening on its own, but it can pressure you at long range from behind other enemies.

Attacks & Quirks

Baphomet has an energy barrier that blocks your projectile based attacks. It only uses ice magic and primarily attacks from long range. It has back dashes and side dashes that it will use if you try to chase it down.

It has 3 main variations of ice shots. One where it shoots one big ice bullet at you. One where it shoots a pair of slow flying icicles straight at you. One where it shoots 5 fast icicles that have a weak homing effect (2 fast icicles instead on Devil Hunter difficulty and lower).

Another attack you will see frequently is the ice pillars. It summons up to 3 pillars from below you that each track you (1 pillar instead on instead on Devil Hunter difficulty and lower).

The other attack is its area of effect ice explosion. The tell is that is gathers a lot of magical energy and then releases it around the Baphomet which can freeze you instantly. However, it only seems to do this attack when getting up from being grounded.

Strategy for Fighting Baphomet

A big flaw in the Baphomet’s gameplan is that it lets down its energy shield whenever it attacks. This means it cannot attack and defend at the same time. The main challenges when engaging a Baphomet are chasing it down and being aware of its projectile attacks.

All of the ice shot type projectile attacks can be parried and sent back at the Baphomet. If they hit the enemy, this nets you an instant heavy stun which is a huge reward for the risk.

Watch its movements closely and try to count the magic circles it spawns when it starts an attack.

  • If there’s 5 magic circles starting from above its head, get ready to dodge or move.
  • If there’s 2 magic circles on either side of it, take your time and parry the icicles carefully.
  • If there’s 1 magic circle in front of it, make some space and try to parry or shoot the big ice bullet.
  • If there’s no magic circles but it still looks like it did something, get ready to evade ice pillars.

If you see it start the ice explosion attack after being knocked down, give it some space and let it happen. It gains lots of armor hits during this attack which make it very hard to interrupt.

You can also try to manipulate the camera to keep the Baphomet off-screen so that it does less actions.

Overall, since the Baphomet primarily attacks in straight lines or with the ice pillars, it’s not a difficult enemy to deal with if you keep your eyes peeled and stay moving.