DMC5 Lusachia

Basic Information

  • Max HP: 2250
  • Weight Class: Heavy, Levitating
  • Damage Affinity: 1.5x Damage from All Attacks
  • Armor Hits: 2
  • Devil Trigger Armor Hits: 7


The multi magic summoner. A dangerous enemy that uses long range magic attacks. It has a lot of HP and often appears alongside other enemy types. It can be a pain to deal with if you don’t have a plan. Also, its name is pronounced “Lusakia” and is a pretty decent setup for a ‘deez nuts’ joke.

Attacks & Quirks

Lucachia has an energy barrier that blocks your projectile based attacks. It uses elemental magic attacks and only attacks from long range. It can teleport away if you approach it or if you start dealing damage to it.

Lusachia only has 3 attacks plus a sort of passive magic assist skill. It has a dark magic bomb attack where it chants for a long time and then unleashes a large scale explosion with you as the epicenter. A highly damaging attack. It typically uses this to start the battle.

The passive magic assist skill has the Lusachia quickly setup 2 blue magic circles on either side of it. These are magic circles that will automatically fire Baphomet’s pair of slow flying icicles whenever Lusachia uses a magic attack. The timing that the helper icicles will fire is always at the same timing for a specific attack. These passive magic assist circles wear off after a really long time has passed. Lusachia also likes to set them up before it starts its offense. Look out for this after the dark magic bomb or at the start of the battle.

Its most common attack is the lightning balls. It send sends out 5 (3 on Devil Hunter or lower) spheres of lightning that slowly home in on you. Each lighting ball has its own lock-on target body and this attack can really clutter the screen in larger battles.

It has a fire beam attack where it sends out a thin laser of flame at you. It tracks you right up until it’s about to fire. There’s a very bright light on the base of the beam right before it fires.

Lastly, it has an ice magic attack where it fires one big ice bullet at you. This is very similar to Baphomet’s attack, except the ice bullet is even bigger, faster and deals more damage.

Strategy for Fighting Lusachia

One of the game’s more challenging enemies. Lusachia excels at applying pressure from long range in tandem with other enemies. It is able to attack while defending which makes it even more dangerous. The main challenges with this enemy are dealing with its projectile attacks, chasing it down and negating it from teleporting away.

The energy barrier it has blocks against any and all of your projectile attacks. When you get in close and knock it off balance, it lets the barrier down and you can deal some damage. However, after a certain amount of hits it will teleport out of damage, put the barrier back up and go right back to attacking you. In this case, if it enters Devil Trigger the added armor hits kind of helps you, because you can deal a bit more damage before it wants to teleport away.

The most reliable way to stop it from teleporting is to inflict heavy stun, and then kill it before it recovers. You can also stop it from teleporting with certain special attacks, but this is character specific.

Both of its ice magic attacks can be parried and sent back at the Lusachia. This refers to the one big ice bullet attack, and the passive magic assist granted pair of slow flying icicles that fire automatically after other magic attacks. Parried ice attacks that hit the Lusachia guarantee a heavy stun. This is a risky thing to try but it has a high payoff. It’s worth learning and is stylish so try it out in the Void.

During the dark magic bomb, it hovers higher while chanting. This is the only attack where it lets down its energy barrier which allows you stop it with strong gunfire or projectiles. The explosion is quite large so you tend to only be able to evade this attack with invul actions if you let it go off. If you interrupt it during this attack, you have a large window to start dealing damage.

You can interrupt it while it is trying to set up the passive magic assist circles. If you do this, it will fail to set up the circles and there will be no icicles accompanying future magic attacks. But since you can use the icicles to parry and net a heavy stun, you’ll have to think carefully about whether you want to do this or not.

The lightning balls is something you’ll be seeing a lot. It covers a lot of the screen and looks quite intimidating. One of the hidden dangers of this attack is that because each lighnting ball has its own lock-on body, this move can mess up your orientation if you take your finger off lock-on. But on the other hand, you can do this deliberately to try to lock-on to each one and shoot them out of the sky.

The fire beam is the most straightforward attack and shouldn’t hit you if you keep moving. You’ll also have a window to approach while it is charging it up.

You can also try to manipulate the camera to keep the Lusachia off-screen so that it does less actions. This will only work while it is in between attacks though.

Below are some character specific highlights for engaging this enemy.

Nero Strategy

Nero can Snatch this enemy as long as the energy barrier isn’t up. This means you can pull it out of the dark magic bomb attack during its chanting time. Otherwise you’ll have to chase it down with Payline, Hard Way, Calibur, Air Taunt or Streak.

Nero has a hard time inflicting heavy stun on this enemy since his closest bet is Rawhide attacks, but those have too many hits on them so the Lusachia teleports out constantly. Try to aim for parrying the ice projectiles back at it if you want to inflict heavy stun.

Punchline is a kind of projectile that penetrates the energy barrier. You can send out the rocket arm while moving, then react to the Lucachia flinching and call the arm back before Snatching it in to deal damage. You don’t wanna let the arm hit it while it’s taking damage because you only get a limited number of hits before it teleports away.

Maximum Bet is one of Nero’s special attacks that doesn’t trigger the teleport. If you can ground the Lusachia, get close and charge up a Maximum Bet while hitting it with Bringer Knuckles, you can kill it easily or take out a lot of it’s HP.

Dante Strategy

You can chase this enemy down with Trickster teleports or Dante’s many other rushing moves.

DSD Drive, helper swords with Round Trips in particular, as well as Dr. Faust Set Hat are projectiles that can penetrate the energy barrier. Set Hat can also bring Lusachia towards you making this move a highlight here.

If you knock it off balance, use Cerberus’ Percussion while in DT. This will inflict heavy stun on it in 1 action. Disengage DT before Dante says “Lightning!” to limit the hits from DSD helper swords to make it land more consistently. (You can also change styles immediately)

Once it is reeling from the heavy stun, you can kill it quickly with a full Cavaliere Air Combo B.

Double Kalina Ann Mega Cascade is a special attack that the Lusachia can’t teleport out of. It penetrates the barrier too and can kill it in 1 action. It’s just a bit risky to use since it has a long startup and long recovery.

If you are about to get caught in the explosion from the dark magic bomb attack, use Cerberus’ Ice Age to stay invul at the epicenter.

DSD Swords Formation/ Devil Trigger’s Gunslinger Interceptor helper swords make quick work of the lightning balls or the ice magic attacks by shooting them out of the sky, without you having to worry about them.

Vergil Strategy

All of Vergil’s Mirage Blade DT costing skills penetrate the energy barrier. Also, if you embed a Summoned Sword in this enemy you can chase its teleports easily making Lusachia not much of a problem for Vergil. Just make it a point to embed a summon sword whenever you can deal damage.

If you want to chase it down but can’t embed a Summoned Sword in it to teleport to it, use SDT Yamato Rapid Slashes. This will do both. You can also use Yamato Judgement Cut or Mirage Edge Drive to penetrate the barrier and deal damage.

Even though Mirage Edge is excellent at inflicting heavy stun, the added hits from Concentration Lv2 will make this enemy teleport out of damage more often if you use it. Unfortunately, this makes Mirage Edge not that effective for inflicting heavy stun here. However, Lusachia cannot teleport out of Deep Stinger so you can use that to kill it in 1 action, although expensive. If you want to do this, be mindful not to miss too many attacks or take damage because you will become unable to use Deep Stinger due to the Concentration Lv2 requirement.

The Spiral Blades can form a bit of a shield against the lightning balls attack, but be careful if you want to use this. You can still get hit by the balls if they approach from above. But more importantly, the Spiral Blades will swindle you out of some damage due to its high rate of hits, which makes Lusachia teleport away quicker when you can deal damage.

V Strategy

One of the enemies V can potentially struggle with.

Try to engage it when you have many DT Blocks since keeping your familiars safe can be a bit challenging. This is because dodging with them calls them to you and can put you in harms way of the lighting balls or dark magic bomb. If any of your familiars die, pop DT right away to bring them back to life. But don’t hesitate to exit the DT state soon after so you can manage the resource accordingly.

Try to use Griffon’s Flank Attack or Shadow’s Arbiter to knock the Lusachia off balance. Then try to deal damage to it.

If you have Nightmare active, try to mount it and use Domination. This beam is an attack that the Lusachia cannot teleport out of and can be held down to kill it. But this move will need a setup and even so, can be very easy to miss. So you need to use this carefully.