DMC5 Pyrobat

Basic Information

  • Max HP: 800
  • Weight Class: Light, Flying
  • Damage Affinity: 1.5x Damage from Slash & Blunt type attacks
    • 0.75x from Fire Element Attacks; 1.25x Damage from Ice Element Attacks
  • Armor Hits: 0
  • Devil Trigger Armor Hits: 2


The flying bats. This enemy flies around and spits fireballs at you. It has low HP, low attack power and can be killed pretty quickly. Not much of a threat even in large numbers.

Attacks & Quirks

Pyrobat only has projectile based attacks and it favors attacking from long ranges. It has a flame shot, a flame laser and a fire blast that it will only use at close ranges. It moves around a fair bit and will always try to make space before trying to snipe you.

Pyrobats attacks have very specific sound cues so you should be able to react to any incoming danger as long as you are paying attention.

It technically has a resistance to piercing attacks since that’s the only physical attack type it isn’t weak to. This also means that it doesn’t respond to weak gunfire in combos despite it being a flimsy demon.

Strategy for Fighting Pyrobat

Pyrobats seem to only be able to attack in straight lines. If you keep moving, you’ll probably only get hit by one if there’s tons of them. It also only attacks when it is on screen so you can manipulate the camera to keep it off-screen to stop it from attacking. Do this as a form of crowd control so you can pick them off one by one.

You can hit its flame shot projectile back at it to score style points and a knockdown. The projectile flies fairly slowly so you shouldn’t have too much trouble pulling this off.