Update Version 2.00


AccelSword: Millennium Twilight Update Version 2.00 Notes


  • Release: 7/7/2017
  • Size: 1642Mb
  • Previous Version: 1.20
  • 2 New Extra Quests Added
  • New PvP “Assault Mission” added.
  • Level Cap Increased
  • Mugen (Infinite) Dungeon Added
  • Streamlined some technical things
  • Bug fixes


【対決】全能の王、あるいは尊大なる俗物 (8 Star Difficulty)

  • VS quest versus Oberon [Lv. 1000]

【対決】蒼金の花 (8 Star Difficulty)

  • VS quest versus Eugeo & Alice [Lv. 1200]

*These extra quests are only playable once you have beaten ep16.


Mugen Dungeon kitaaaaaaa!!!!!!

A Mugen Dungeon has been added. It has randomized floors and can potentially spawn monsters/bosses of Lv2000.

People who don’t own the paid DLC are allowed to play in the Mugen Dungeon. But they can only do 10 floors before they get bounced out of there.

The Mugen Dungeon is also 16 player online playable.

This game’s lifespan has just increased hundred fold.


Added a new PvP mode with PvPv Dungeon Boss in a 3-way battle. Team of players to do the most damage to boss in time frame are the winners.

More of these PvP quests have unlock conditions where you have to clear 10,20,30 floors of the mugen dungeon.

I do recall that players who don’t have the season pass can play this DLC in part (Probably only have access to one mission).


  • The level cap has been raised from Lv1100 to Lv1200.
  • 4x New Playable Characters:
    • Eugeo
    • Alice Synthesis Thirty
    • Oberon
    • Vabel-chan
  • Alice, Eugeo, Oberon each have their very own toujou events (in english that’s adding events?)
  • Rank 11 & 12 weapons added.
  • In Quick Item menu (press touch pad) Item slot won’t disappear even if the quantity of that item reaches zero. Thank god.
  • After clearing story, the Material Shop waifu will now appear next to the blacksmith for ease of blacksmithering. (Now we just need the BP shop dude to bring his tired ass down there too T_T)
  • Challenge Quests now have the same target indicators as Sudden Quests
  • When inside a dungeon, the boss’ location will now be displayed on the minimap.
  • Duel avatars have had “Random Parameters” added to their Engraed Stones. About damn time @_@
  • The Dual Blades display bug has been fixed and now you can actually see your total damage instead of just seeing your main sword.
  • CPU party members have had their AI tweaked inside dungeons
  • Some bug fixes.
  • THE PASSIVE BUG HAS BEEN REMOVED (More information in the Passive Skills Bug post [still testing whether its really gone though])