Menu/System Translations


Millennium Twilight Menu & System English Translations.


~Main Menu~


Start New Game.

If you already have started a game, a notice will warn you that starting a new game saves over existing data.

Difficulty Select:

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard


Start New Game Plus

This appears on clearing the game

If you already have started a game, a notice will warn you that starting a new game plus saves over existing data.

Difficulty Select:

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard


Start game from last save.




  • BGM
  • Sound Effects
  • Voice


  • Automatic Hover [ON/OFF] (If enemy is flying, locking on will make you hover as well)
  • Lock On Preference: [FRONT ENEMY/NEAREST ENEMY]
  • Auto Lock On to Next Enemy Upon Enemy Death: [ON/OFF]
  • Aiming Horizontal Camera: [NORMAL/INVERT]
  • Aiming Vertical Camera: [NORMAL/INVERT]
  • Aiming Camera Rotation Speed
  • Vertical Flight Axis: [NORMAL/REVERSE]
  • Attacking Automatically Aims at Nearest Enemy [ON/OFF]

Toggle between Control Type A & Type B.

  1. Type A has Lock-on on L1, Shortcut 2 on R2 and Chara Switch with R1+L1.
  2. Type A has Lock-on on R2, Shortcut 2 on L1 and Chara Switch with R1+R2.


  • Horizontal Camera: [NORMAL/INVERT]
  • Vetical Camera: [NORMAL/INVERT]
  • Camera Rotation Speed
  • Sword Skill Cut-Ins: [ON/OFF]
  • Up-Down Camera Reset: [ON/OFF]
  • Lock-on Camera Center Correction [ON/OFF]
  • Lock-on Camera Up-Down Correction [ON/OFF]



This is where you can add a list of preset phrases to the custom tab in the in-game communication menu.

  • Difficulty: [EASY/NORMAL/HARD]
  • Mini-Map Rotation: [ON/OFF]
  • Vibration: [ON/OFF]
  • Show Guard Gauge: [ON/OFF]
  • Multi-play log: [SHOW ALL/NO COMMUNCATION/ OFF]



This will take you to PSN to browse DLC.

~Pause Menu~

translate (3)


translate (2)

On the left it your list of current party members. On the right is that character’s equipment. In the middle is their stats which reads from top to bottom:

  1. Name
  2. Level
  3. HP
  4. MP/ Special Move gauge
  5. Physical Attack Power
  6. Magical Attack Power
  7. Physical Defense
  8. Magical Defense
  9. Resistances (Slash, Blunt, Strike, Fire, Wind, Holy, Ice, Earth, Dark)
    • SKILL

This contains a set of tabs that display all the skills your character has.

For AW Charas:

  1. Passive Skills
  2. Special Moves
  3. Incarnate Skills
  4. Healing & Buffs
  5. Equipment’s Passive Skills
  6. Healing Item [In Shortcut Tab Only]
  7. Command [In Shortcut Tab Only]

 For SAO Charas:

  1. Passive Skills
  2. Weapon 1’s Sword Skills
  3. Weapon 2’s Sword Skills
  4. Weapon 3’s Sword Skills
  5. Offensive Magic
  6. Healing & Buffs/Magic Skills
  7. Equipment’s Passive Skills
  8. Healing Item [In Shortcut Tab Only]
  9. Command [In Shortcut Tab Only]

Note: When you don’t have a skill, the red bar in the middle dictates your unlocking progress. Sword Skills are unlocked by attacking with weapons whereas all other skills are unlocked with character level.


For AW Charas:

  1. Attack
  2. Engraved Stone
  3. Ring
  4. Necklace
  5. Charm
  6. Outfit

(AW characters can switch tabs to their Enhanced Armaments here. There are six slots for these and they help to increase character abilities or add debuffs to attacks.)

For SAO Charas:

  1. Main
  2. Sub
  3. Ring
  4. Necklace
  5. Charm
  6. Outfit


In this section, you set your character’s skills and magic to the Shortcut Pallets. There are 4 Shortcut pallets in total. Two can be accessed at once. To cycle between Pallets 1&2 and Pallets 3&4 press R3 during gameplay.


This section is comprised of three tabs each containing a list of the active quests you have.

  1. Challenge Quests (These are typical fetch or kill quests)
  2. Extra Quests (These are boss quests)
  3. Friend Quests (These are quests given out by NPCs)



Here, you set consumable items to your Left Touch Pad item quick select.


This is simply a list of all the items contained in your carrying inventory.


  • Messages

A list of all messages sent among characters. Green messages indicate that there is a side event involving the two characters in each respective message.

But don’t worry about not knowing the names of the characters. If you go to the fountain next to the Dicey Cafe, you can trigger these events with a selected character. Therefore you could trail and error until you get the event to appear (Or you can look at my BP Shop section of this post. I have all the chara names written in JP there.)

  • Database

Contains extensive information about pretty much everything about the game. Tips, Chara Bios, Terminology, History events and all these nice things you should know if you are an SAO or AW fan. So yeah. Not translating this.


This contains a list of ‘titles’. These are like… badges that you get for doing things in the game. Play time, Clearing Quests, Playing Multiplayer, getting charas to Lv1000.

When you equip a title, it appears above your name in Multi-player.

It seems like these only give you bragging rights or a cool epithet (that you can’t read) to go with your name.


This options menu is the same as the one in the Main Menu. The only difference is that it has a ‘Return to Title Screen’ option right at the bottom. (During a quest, this button lets you exit the quest)

**Added in version 1.20, there is now a new option to “Leave Dungeon” or “Return to Town” in this section of the menu. It is the second option from the bottom and pressing this will allow you to return to town or leave the dungeon without the need for items.

~Shops, Quest Board, etc~


translate (13)

From here, you can access all the Islands in the game. This is also where you go to ready up once you have selected a quest in multi-player. The list of areas you can travel to are as follows:

  1. Floating City of Ryne [This won’t appear if you are already here T_T]
  2. Plains of Woglinde
  3. Plains of Woglinde (North)
  4. Iceland of Flosshilde
  5. Desert of Welgunde
  6. Desert of Welgunde (West)
  7. Dark Plains of Nibelheim


translate (11)

  • SAVE

This is the same as the ‘Members’ Screen in the Pause Menu


This is a list of all playable characters. It functions the same as the ‘Members’ Screen in the Pause Menu.


Here, you are presented with two options to manage warehouse storage:

  1. Take Item from Warehouse & place into inventory.
  2. Insert Item Into Warehouse


translate (12)

This is where you organize netplay. The first time you touch this thing, you will be attacked with a Great Wall… of text.  This is terms & conditions for playing online.

I know you will never read this even if it was in English. So just press circle a lot until you accept it.

Also note that you can only access online play after clearing EP05.



…Do I REALLY need to translate these options..?  Its the same list of search specifications in Lost Song. But this isn’t a dating game you know. So you don’t have to be picky with the conditions of you love room. Just leave the options how they are and click the Blue Button to search for existing rooms.

Once rooms are found. Press Circle to join.


…Same thing as above. This room specification stuff isn’t that important. It’s not like anyone ever reads the room specifications anyway — even if it was in a language they understood T_T

But! The important thing here is the only number on this screen. That’s the room capacity.

Once you have specified the type of room you want to create, press the Blue Button.


This is scary. (Convenient?) You click this and it skips the searching process and puts you directly into a room. I found it scary. I don’t know why.

Maybe its because I like to be in control of my life >.<


I don’t know why games still include this because you can accept invitations from the PS Menus… but yeah. You can accept invitations here.

Also note that you can leave multi-player rooms by going to this Matching Portal during online play.

More information on online play in the QUEST BOARD Section.


translate (5)

This is where SAO charas can buy weapons and accessories.


  • Buy & Place Into Carrying Inventory

List of categories scrolling right:

  1. All
  2. 1H Sword
  3. Rapier
  4. Dagger
  5. 2H Sword
  6. Knuckle
  7. Katana
  8. Axe
  9. Mace
  10. Spear
  11. Bow
  12. Shield
  13. Wand
  • Buy & Place into Warehouse

(Same as above)


  • Buy & Place Into Carrying Inventory

List of categories scrolling right:

  1. All
  2. Ring
  3. Necklace
  4. Charm
  • Buy & Place into Warehouse

(Same as above)


  • Identify Items in Carrying Inventory

Here, you identify weapon drops so that they can become weapons that you actually can equip and use.

Press circle on a weapon to Identify it. Press square to Identify All weapons in the list.

  • Identify Items Stored in Warehouse

(Same as above)


  • Sell from Carrying Inventory
  • Sell from Warehouse Storage


translate (6)

Here, you buy consumable items. Don’t forget to equip them to the Item Shortcut from the Pause Menu.


  • Buy & Place into Carrying Inventory

[Note that some items appear depending on story progress]

  • Buy & Place into Warehouse Storage

This is the same list of items as above.


  • Sell from Carrying Inventory
  • Sell from Warehouse Storage


translate (7)

Here, AW charas can buy their Engraved Stones (Equipped as Sub weapons & Add elemental attack damage) & Thier Enhanced Armaments.


  • Buy & Place into Carrying Inventory
  • Buy & Place into Warehouse Storage


  • Buy & Place into Carrying Inventory
  • Buy & Place into Warehouse Storage




translate (8)

Here, you can use Yuld to buy materials used in upgrading weapons and completing fetch quests. Goodbye farming!?!?

Unfortunately, the rare materials needed for high ranking weapons cannot be bought here or at the BP Shop. So your NO Farming life is still only a dream.


  • Buy & Place into Carrying Inventory
  • Buy & Place into Warehouse Storage


  • Sell from Carrying Inventory
  • Sell from Warehouse Storage


translate (9)

This is the place where SAO charas upgrade their weapons.

Note: In top right corner of screen under your Yuld: Blacksmith Level.

Blacksmith level dictates which rank of equipment you can upgrade. Example: Blacksmith Level 3 can only upgrade equipment Rank 3 and lower.

There is also a restriction on working on equipment above a certain + level. Your Blacksmith can only work on weapons of + Level equal to or lower than their Level. Example: A Level 6 Blacksmith can only enhance weapons until +56

Blacksmith Level is increased by using the Blacksmith.

The grind to a Level 10 Blacksmith is painful.

But never give up.


Here, you can increase the Attack Power of a weapon by using materials to upgrade it. The max upgrade level is +10.

When you select a weapon to upgrade, you are presented with two options:

  1. Enhance Base Attack.
  2. Enhance Elemental Attack [Will only appear if Weapon actually has elemental attack]

The first option increases raw attack. The second option increases the elemental attack on a weapon if it has it.

Upgrading Elemental Attack does indeed count toward to the Plus level on equipment. Since the max level is 10, you only have 10 total upgrades on a weapon. But you are free to pick between upgrading Elements or Raw Attack at whichever enhancement stage.

But you cannot decrease your enhancement level so whichever option you pick will be permanent.

So choose carefully!


Synthesizing weapons lets you inherit Passive skills from other weapons of the exact same type. Same-skill passive will not stack, the High value version will simply overwrite the other.

Weapons can hold a max of up to 3 Passive Skills.

Weapons that have been used as a material in Synthesizing don’t disappear. they just lose all their passive skills.


Transforming increases the Rank of the weapon by 1.

To do this, you need to +10 the weapon that you want to Rank Up. Once this is done, you can Rank Up the +10 weapon by using another weapon of the exact same type as a material (This stays the same at all ranks).

When you weapon has been Ranked Up, it loses its +10. This means that you will need to enhance it again if you want to Rank it up any further.


translate (10)

Here, Upgrade AW charas, Lv Up & Buy rare materials with BP.


  • Buy & Place into Carrying Inventory
  • Buy & Place into Warehouse Storage


This is the only way to increase the Attack power of AW characters. Each item in this list corresponds to a characters attack power.

If you want to find a chara based on their name, look at the following section.

(Note that Yuna’s abilities appear in this list as: 天性の歌声 [Natural Singing Voice])


Here, you can pay BP to increase a character’s Level by the specified value.

List of characters:


  1. ブラック・ロータス (Black Lotus)
  2. シルバー・クロウ (Silver Crow)
  3. スカーレット・レイン (Scarlet Rain)
  4. ライム・ベル (Lime Bell)
  5. アッシュ・ローラー (Ash Roller)
  6. シアン・パイル (Cyan Pile)
  7. スカイ・レイカー (Sky Raker)
  8. アーダー・メイデン (Ardor Maiden)
  9. アクア・カレント (Aqua Current)
  10. ブラッド・レパード (Blood Leopard)
  11. イエロー・レディオ (Yellow Radio)
  12. グリーン・グランデ (Green Grandee)
  13. パープル・ソーン (Purple Thorn)
  14. ブルー・ナイト (Blue Knight)
  15. ホワイト・コスモス (White Cosmos)
  16. ブラック・バイス (Black Vise)
  17. ナイトライド・ウニカ (Nitride Unica)
  18. クロム・ディザスター (Chrome Disaster)
  19. クロユキ・ロータス (Kuroyuki Lotus)
  20. チユリ・ベル (Chiyuri Bell)


  1. キリト (Kirito)
  2. アスナ (Asuna)
  3. リズベット (Lisbeth)
  4. シリカ (Silica)
  5. シノン (Sinon)
  6. ユウキ (Yuuki)
  7. リーファ (Leafa)
  8. アルゴ (Argo)
  9. フィリア (Phillia)
  10. ストレア (Strea)
  11. エギル (Agil)
  12. クライン (Klien)
  13. セブン (Seven)
  14. レイン (Rain)
  15. スメラギ (Sumeragi)
  16. サクヤ (Sakuya)
  17. アリシャ (Alicia)
  18. ルクス (Lux)
  19. サチ (Sachi) [DLC]
  20. ユナ (Yuna) [DLC]
  21. ペルソナ・ヴァベル (Persona Babel) [DLC]
  22. オベイロン (Oberon) [DLC]
  23. アリス (Alica) [DLC]
  24. ユージオ (Eugeo) [DLC]


Here, you use BP to unlock playable characters.

Disaster & Vise appear here when you finish the game. The other Kings are unlocked through doing post-game side stories.

The characters that appear in this list are:

  1. Blue Knight (ブルー・ナイト)
  2. Yellow Radio (イエロー・レディオ)
  3. Purple Thorn (パープル・ソーン)
  4. White Cosmos (ホワイト・コスモス)
  5. Green Grandee (グリーン・グランデ)
  6. Chrome Disaster (クロム・ディザスター)
  7. Black Vise (ブラック・バイス)



translate (4)


Accept and report quests here. There are two main kinds of quests:

  1. Challenge Quests (These are typical fetch, kill or find quests)
  2. Extra Quests (These are boss quests)

The requirements for completing the quests are listed in the second block from the top.

Unfortunately, most of this is obviously in JP. And I have no intention of translating this. Sorry.


In online, the quest board works differently. Here, you can put up a quest for other players to join or you can join other player’s existing quests. Additionally PvP duels and team battles can happen from this board.

That’s right. PvP & Co-op can now be done from the same multi-player room.

It’s also worth noting that you can Hold L1 and Press Options to access the list of players inside a room. From inside this list of players, the controls are as follows:

  1. Press Circle to view the selected player’s stats.
  2. Pressing Square will mute the selected player.
  3. Pressing R1 will view their PSN Profile.
  4. Pressing L1 will open a list of friends that you can invite to the room.

Also, you can explore a field during online play by going to the Teleport Gate without selecting a quest. Technically, all 16 Players in the room can explore a field or dungeon at the same time. But there are some limitations to this.

For example, you cannot enter dungeons in the world.

Also, Magic & buffs will work on people in the field, but items won’t. This means that you can only revive dead people with the Resurrection spell >.<

Once you complete an Extra Quest you will have to claim the reward for it. This is kind of streamlined in the sense that the quest you just did will appear in front of you once you cleared the mission. All you have to do is press circle to accept the reward.

But! In the event that you thumb staged a revolt against your whole body and denied the screen that let’s you accept the rewards, you will have to complete the quest from the Pause Screen. [This only happens in Online]

Accessing the quest board during multi-player gives you 3 options:


Here, you put up a quest for players to join. There are 3 tabs to select from which are:

  1. Extra Quest (エクストラ)
  2. Team Battle (チームバトル)
  3. Duel (デゥエル)

Pressing circle on a quest will take you to a screen where you can set the restrictions for who can join your quest/ PvP battle. This list from the top is:

  1. Max Level
  2. Min Level
  3. Max Equipment Rank
  4. Min Equipment Rank
  5. Voice chat
  6. Allow Free Matching
  7. Comment

Even though I don’t care about PvP, I have to mention that if you select a PvP battle, there is a window with options that appears before the one mentioned abouve. The options on it listed are:

  1. Time Limit
  2. Team Selection: [Random/ Player Select]
  3. Action Restrictions [None/ NO Acceleration or Flying]
  4. Item Restrictions [None/ NO Items]


This displays a list of existing quests from which you can join by pressing circle. Be careful because PvP and Multiplayer quests are listed in the same area. The following Tags denote quest types:

  1.  [討伐] = Boss Quest
  2.  [対戦] = VS Quests
  3.  [チームバトル] =  Team Battle
  4.  [デゥエル] = Duel


This works the same as the Quick Matching option from the Matching Portal. You automatically get thrown into a quest. Its scary. (there’s probably an option to select PvP or Multi quests)

*This option is not available if you selected Custom Room from the Matching Portal.

~In-game chat/Emotes~


  1. Switching
  2. I’m going to heal
  3. I’ll provide back-up
  4. Back me up!
  5. Be careful!
  6. Help!
  7. They got me…
  8. I’m out of HP Recovery Items.
  9. I’m out of MP Recovery Items.
  10. I’ll attack from up close
  11. I’ll attack from range
  12. I’m backing up for a little while.
  13. Fire
  14. Ice
  15. Wind
  16. Earth
  17. Dark
  18. Holy


  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. No problem!/ That’s good!
  4. Stop!
  5. Leave it to me!
  6. I don’t think I can do it…
  7. Hold on a second.
  8. Almost time.
  9. Thank you.
  10. I’m sorry.
  11. We did it!
  12. Well done!
  13. I’m so happy!
  14. That’s a shame.
  15. Don’t worry about it!
  16. I can’t believe it…


  1. Good afternoon.
  2. Hey there!
  3. Long time no see
  4. We meet again.
  5. Let’s do our best.
  6. Good game.
  7. Goodbye.


  1. Let’s do some quests!
  2. Let’s duel!
  3. Let’s have a team battle!
  4. Let’s explore the field!
  5. Recruiting a Healer!
  6. Recruiting an Attacker!
  7. Recruiting a Ranged Attacker!
  8. Recruiting a Buffer!
  9. Hunting for materials!
  10. Hunting for rare materials!
  11. I want to fight weak monsters!
  12. I want to fight godlike monsters!
  13. Let’s play around for a bit.
  14. Let’s take it easy and have fun!
  15. Let’s do some simple quests!
  16. Leveling & Raising Skill Proficiency
  17. Let’s go all out!
  18. Keep going?
  19. Again!
  20. Only one more time!


  1. Bow
  2. Wave
  3. Lazy Wave
  4. Nod 1
  5. Nod 2
  6. Disagree
  7. Shrug
  8. Cheer (Guts Pose!!)
  9. High-5
  10. Yay Yay OHH!
  11. Cheers
  12. Applaud
  13. Thumbs up
  14. Shy
  15. Sorry!
  16. Grovel (Dogeza)
  17. Depressed
  18. DOWN
  19. Sit 1
  20. Sit 2
  21. Relax 1
  22. Relax 2
  23. Threaten
  24. Scared
  25. Manzai / Gag Pose
  26. Idol Pose
  27. Starburst Stream?


This is the list of the communication you have used orders from most recent to oldest.


This is the Custom Chat tab that can be set from the Options Screen. Here you can set your most frequently used Chat/Emotes for quick and easy access.

~Weapons, Equipment & Material?~

Are you crazy!? You want me to translate every single piece of material & equipment!?

I refuse!

Well… Maybe I’ll think about it after I do all the other important stuff (Character Guides). But the English version will probably be out by then, so…


I, BK Brent, claim full ownership to these translations. As such, I prohibit redistribution of them in any way, shape or form without my consent.
Don’t steal my shit to make yourself look cool.