Friend Quest List

List of Friend Quests including completion methods and rewards.

Note that most of these friend quests are restricted to endgame. Make sure you have completed all the story events before attempting to complete these Friend Quests.

Its also worth noting that Friend Quests can only be completed once per playthrough. But the rewards can be duplicated by doing a New Game Plus.

Its also also worth noting noting that the items obtained from Friend Quests are rare items. If you sell or discard these by accident, you will need to do a whole another playthrough just to get them again.


  1. Amelia’s Friend Quest
  2. Kumahachi’s Friend Quests
  3. Hexe’s Friend Quests
  4. Santa’s Friend Quests


Amelia’s quests are glorified fetch quests. She will typically jump around outside a dungeon and ask you to go fetch something inside that respective dungeon. The target is always a Silver Chest inside the dungeon making this quest nice and easy.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you exactly where the Silver Chests are in each dungeon because its not in the Strategy Guide and I did this a long time ago. But just use Blood Leopard to run through real quick until you spot a Silver Chest. You can also use Scarlet Rain/Kirito/Phillia/Rain/Liz/Persona Vabel’s “Searcher” skill to reveal all treasure on the map.

This chain of Friend Quests is not difficult.

Order of Amelia’s appearances:

  1. Welgunde: Outside Southwest Dungeon [Activates During Story Mode]
  2. Woglinde: Outside Upper Layer East Dungeon [For this one the target is a Greed(Silver Chest monster)]
  3. Nibelheim: Outside West Dungeon [The target is a moth boss found by going straight and proceeding down the first staircase that appears on your right. From here just follow the path until you get to the moth boss.]
  4. Nibelheim AW Ghost Ship Stage*
  5. Babel Tower [Enter from the top entrance]

*For the Nibelheim AW Ghost Ship stage, the Silver Chest is hidden behind the treasure map in the captain’s quarters (Yes, you can pass through it). Watch the video below to find the captain’s quarters:

Once you completed all of Amelia’s quests you will have been rewarded with Skald’s Necklace(Song Buff Range+50%) and Poipei (Cute Knuckles for Agil).


Bear-san/Kumahachi is the Gnome who appears near the BP shop in town (He has other NPCs worshiping him). To activate his chain of Friend Quests, go talk to him in town twice.

Once you have found the required item for his fetch quests, go back and report back to him to clear the quest.

The first quest he gives you is to go find a “Silica Barrel”. This item is found in Woglinde (Refer to the pictures below)



The second quest he gives you is to find a “Diet Mirror”. This item is found in Flosshilde in a hidden chest (Refer to the pictures below)



The third quest he gives you is to find a “Soul Motor”. This item is found in Welgunde (Refer to the pictures below)



You need to destroy the wrecked vehicles in order for the item to appear:


The fourth quest he gives you is to find a “Golem’s Arch”. This item is held by a Lv0 Golem in Nibelheim (Refer to the pictures below)



The fifth quest he gives you is to find a “Apocalyptic Flower”. This item is found in the AW Apocalyptic City Stage in Woglinde (Refer to the pictures below)



Completing Bear-san’s chain of quests gives you the Glitch Ring (Debuff Infliction+50%) and the 忌避の指輪 ring (Step Invul time+50%)


Probably the most tedious Friend Quest in the game. Once you complete story mode, Hexe appears in the town’s arena (If she isn’t here, go speak to her by the fountain in town first). In the area, She is surrounded by 5 floating boxes that appear to have chains on them or something. Hexe is bae so she likes to speak in riddles but what she really wants from you is this:

Complete 30 Sudden Quests in each of the 5 respective areas in the game. The areas are:

  • Woglinde
  • Flosshilde
  • Welgunde
  • Nibelheim
  • Other World (All AW Stages)

Any sudden quest will do (I’m pretty sure this is offline only Sudden Quests count though).

When you beat 15 Sudden Quests in an area, she will send you a mail that she needs to see you*. When you do, she will say that she wants you to defeat a new boss that has appeared in that respective area.

*The mail will only pop when you return to town. Make sure you return to town frequently in order for the mail to be received.

Each respective boss location is illustrated in the images below:

Woglinde Boss: Arngrim

The boss is in the crops/ farm area on the lower layer just east of the teleporter.


Flosshilde Boss: Kung Lindorm

The boss is close to the teleporter. When you teleport here, just run straight forward, but slightly to the right.


Welgunde Boss: Vidofnir

The boss is near the southern area populated by a building-like landscape.


Nibelheim Boss: Skoell

The boss is on the opposite side of the huge tower. Ground layer.


Other World – Woglinde AW Apocalyptic Stage Boss: Abaddon

**You will need to first kill the Black Dragon (Vidofnir) near the Altitude limit in the center of Woglinde in order to unlock the portal to the AW stage.

The boss event is right in front of you as you come in.


Once you have defeated these bosses, it means that you are halfway to completing Hexe’s quest for that respective area. After this, just grind out the remaining 15 Sudden Quests in that area and wait for another message from Hexe-chan.

When she sends you another message, it means you are completely done with that area. To confirm this, the floating box that corresponds to that area should now just be a floating metal box with no sinister purple glow or S&M chains on it.

Once you have completed 30 Sudden Quests in each area (and defeated the respective boss quests she gives you), Hexe will send you one final message. Go and see her for her to speak in more riddles and she will now give you a final quest.

Accepting the quest instantly teleports you to the boss fight where you have to fight and beat Melancolia (Lv1000).

Once you beat this wiggly head bastard, you have finally completed Hexe’s quests!

She will give you the Shine Ring (Max HP+50%) and the Melancolia Extra Quest becomes unlocked**. Melancolia drops Rank 10 Blazing Swords (1Hand Sword).

**If you joined someone’s Melancolia quest online, you will be able to host the quest online even if you haven’t finished Hexe’s quests (NOT able to host the quest offline).


When you finish the Story Mode, Santa (Gold Armor guy) will appear near the Teleport Gate in Woglinde. He will give you a quest to enter the “Other World” in that area. To do this, you simply have to defeat the boss that guards the Gate to the Other World in each area. Once you do that a purple icon will appear on the map that indicates that gate to the Other World has been opened. Now, you just have to enter the Other World and then return to him to complete the quest.

Once you do this, He will then appear in Flosshilde with the same Quest for that area. after this, he will then appear in Welgunde and then Nibelheim. To get into the Other World in each respective area:

  1. Woglinde:  Defeat Black Dragon in the center of the map near altitude limit.
  2. Flossilde: Defeat Green Bulldog type boss in the underground area accessible through the hole.
  3. Welgunde: Defeat Tentacle Waifu boss near the crescent shaped platform in the skies of Welgunde
  4. Nibelheim: Defeat Stone Face boss on one of the 3 platforms that the Legendary Enemies appeared on in Story Mode.

Once you have completed Santa’s quests for getting into the Other World on all 4 maps, Maria will have a Quest for you in the Dicey Cafe in town. She wants you to find Santa who went missing. Santa is messing around in the Sky Cave Dungeon on Flosshilde located near the altitude limit in the middle of the map. Once you enter the dungeon, you should be able to see Santa on the map as a small white dot. All you have to is go and all to him and he will go back to town. Now you just need to report to Maria and she will give you Crest of Yggdrasil and the Trident Ring (Max MP+50%) as a Quest Reward.

*Note: Be extremely careful with Crest of Yggdrasil. You only get one in the game and it is possible to accidentally sell or discard it.