Ash Roller









  • FIRE




  • Unlocked in EP07



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 SP-rushing1  Fire Death Road  Rushing Attack. Boosts at high speed and rams into anything caught in the way.

*Only available when riding the bike.

  • GAUGE COST: 200
 SP-projectile2  Howling Panhead  Projectile Attack. Fires a set of homing missiles from the front of the motorcycle.

*This skill can be performed when off the bike, but the missiles will still fire out of the motorcycle. Regardless of where it is.

  • GAUGE COST: 250




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 I-combo2  Jackknife Guillotine  Combo Attack.  Breaks hard with the bike to do a spinning stoppie that damages all enemies caught in the area.

*Only available when riding the bike.

  • COOLDOWN: 10
 I-rushing3  V-Twin Fist  Rushing Attack.  Stands upon the bike while its moving and performs a single stylish roundhouse.

*Only available when riding the bike.

  • COOLDOWN: 15
 I-rushing4  MAX V-Twin Fist  Rushing Attack.  Stands upon the bike while its still moving and swings its momentum in a vicious long lasting spinning attack. Can be steered.

*Only available when riding the bike.

  • COOLDOWN: 30




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By Pressing UP on the D-pad, Ash Roller is able to summon Night Rocker. Night Rocker is a chopper style motorcycle that forms the basis of Ash Roller’s moveset. The motorcycle appears right next to Ash Roller when you summon it and you can press O to ride the motorcycle.

All of Ash Roller’s Special Moves & Incarnate Skills involve the bike. Only one Incarnate Skill can be performed when off the bike, but that skill still fires rockets from the bike so… yeah.


The controls are pretty much self-explanatory. But its worth noting that riding the bike does not use the Ability Gauge. Only the “Boost” action when riding consumes the Ability Gauge.




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 AgroUPDefDOWN  LOOK AT ME!! Draw aggro from enemies within range. Effect & range increases with skill level.

*The Aggro gain portion of this skill has no effect in online play.

  • Defense Decrease: 100%
  • Duration:
    • Lv1 = 20 Seconds
    • Lv500 = 40 Seconds
    • Lv1000 = 60 Seconds
  • COOLDOWN: 180 Seconds
 SpdUP  VERY VERY COOL GUY  Increases Self Movement Speed.

  • Movement Speed Increase:
    • Lv1 = 20%
    • Lv500 = 26%
    • Lv1000 = 32%
  • Duration:
    • Lv1 = 30 Seconds
    • Lv500 = 60 Seconds
    • Lv1000 = 90 Seconds
  • COOLDOWN: 180 Seconds




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 Neo Acceleration  Allows the use of faster Accel Move & Super Jump techniques.
 BAD BOY  Ash Roller’s unique fighting style.
 “NIGHT ROCKER”  Allows the user to summon & control the motorcycle armament “NIGHT ROCKER”.
 Stamina Saver  Reduces the cost of stamina based actions by 20%.
 Increase Special Gauge  Increases Max Special Gauge by 10%.
 Increase Special Gauge Regeneration  Increase Special Gauge Regeneration
 Increase Fire Attack  Increases damage of Fire based attacks by 10%.
 Decrease Ability Gauge Consumption  Decreases Ability Gauge consumption by 10%.
 Cooldown Time Decrease  Decreases the cooldown time of Sword Skills & Special Moves by 10%.
 Skill Connect Boost  Increases power of Skill Connect by 10%.
 Increase BP Drop  Increases the BP dropped by enemies by 10%.
 Increase Critical Rate  Increases the probability of landing a critical strike by 20%.
 Switch Boost  Increases the power of Switch by 10%.
 Decrease Ability Gauge Consumption+  Decreases Ability Gauge consumption by 20%.
 Increase Fire Attack+  Increases damage of Fire based attacks by 20%.
 Increase Special Gauge+  Increases Max Special Gauge by 30%.
 Increase Special Gauge Regeneration+  Increases the rate of gaining Special Gauge by 30%.
 Cooldown Time Decrease+  Decreases the cooldown time of Sword Skills & Special Moves by 20%.
 Increase BP Drop+  Increases the BP dropped by enemies by 20%.
 Skill Connect Boost+  Increases power of Skill Connect by 20%.
[Lv1000] Switch Boost+  Increases the power of Switch by 20%.
 [Lv1050] Advanced Driving  Increases overall damage when using NIGHT ROCKER.
[Lv1100] Increase Ability Gauge Regeneration  Increase the recovery rate of the Ability Gauge. (Should be by 10%)
[Lv1200] Advanced Driving+  Even further increases overall damage when using NIGHT ROCKER.



This section is written as an more in-depth extension to the AW & SAO Character Overview post and is meant to be used hand in hand with the General Leveling Guide. The purpose of this How-To-Play is to offer players of all levels a skeleton plan which enables them to build their characters up to their full potential. With that being said, it is indeed recommended that you do follow the steps described here.

Accel World characters need a solid team (In particular, a competent Buffer) in order for them to truly shine. They serve as mainly Elemental Attackers and should only typically be used when the team already has all of the key characters that make up Buffer, Debuffer and Healer.

I am aware that AW characters are PvP oriented but I don’t really care about PvP so this How-To-Play is written with co-op play mind.

-Equipment Selection-

Ash Roller’s Main Element is Fire so she is highly compatible with Fire Engraved Stones and Enhanced Armaments that Increase Fire Abilities.

But since a AW characters rely on Elemental Damage for their main damage output, they can benefit greatly from simply using the appropriate Elemental Engraved Stones & Elemental Equipment for each corresponding Boss Weakness. It may appear as a hassle to constantly change equipment for every Boss Weakness but the difference is effectively Double Damagesince elemental damage is multiplied by 2 if a boss is weak to that element (Also, if a boss resists an element, that specific Elemental Damage will be reduced by 90%).

For information on which each Bosses weaknesses and resistances, there are Weak/Resist spreadsheets on the Boss Guides page.

In the event that a boss is indeed Resistant to all elements, pick the Engraved Stone and the Elemental Equipment that the team will most likely end up using. Example: a Team with Strea, Seven & Kirito will result in a definite use of Enhance Earth since there is no other Elemental Enhance in the team makeup.

**For some tips on how to select the appropriate Accessories for your character, consult the Selecting Equipment guide.

-Video of Offensive Skills & Sample Play-
-Using Ash Roller-

Accel World characters are built for combat. They do not have many buff skills so they do not have to worry about constantly casting buffs the way SAO characters do. Because of this, they have a lot of freedom in their playstyle and benefit a lot from being played aggressively. But keep in mind that there is a huge difference between playing Aggressively and playing Recklessly. AW characters don’t have free access to Healing Skills so you have to play with caution.

Ash Roller is completely situational. She can only fight ground based battles and is pretty much useless against anything that can fly. But in those ground battles, I am convinced that no character is stronger than Ash Roller on a skill for skill basis.

Ash Roller’s MAX V-Twin fist skill is downright devastating. I’ve seen players online take off 3 life bars on a Lv1300 Satet in a Sudden Quest. I’ve also seen a team of 3 Ash Roller kill the Lv1200 Apesh in that Extra Quest in literally 15 seconds.

Because Ash Roller is super situational and will probably only see action against Turtles, her MAX V-Twin skill is pretty much the only thing you need to know how to use. She can be steered during the attack but its also worth noting that netting a Skill Connect into Max V-Twin from Jackknife Guillotine will allow you to remain stationary throughout the duration of the Max V-Twin.

If you’re going out to fight flying monsters, its recommended that you pick another character.

-Using Buff Skills-

Accel World character buffs typically provide a larger increase than SAO buffs but have a considerably shorter duration. Since Buffs can be overwritten in this game I would like to emphasize that AW chara buffs do in fact overwrite SAO Buffs, but once the AW buff duration is over, they revert back to the SAO buffs. However, This doesn’t hold true when an AW buff changes the kind of element used when it comes to Element Enhance buffs (Same Element overwrites are still good though).

“VERY NICE GUY” increases movement speed and helps when traveling lost distances.

“LOOK AT ME!” can be only be used to control aggro offline. it has no use online so this skill isn’t really worth leveling in my opinion.


AW characters have no access to Healing Magic. Therefore, Healing Items become their main source of HP Recovery outside of relying on Healer teammates. Since they have few skills and end up having lots of free space in their Pallet, you can equip tons of Healing Items directly to their Pallet for quick healing access.

Since using a Healing Item leaves you vulnerable to attacks, its good form to first super jump as high as you can and then use an item while falling to the ground.

When you take damage with AW characters, don’t be a hero. Pop a quick HP Regen item and then continue fighting cautiously. If you have taken considerable damage, fall back to safety and use an Ancient Fruit (Full Recovery item) or a Pure Healing Crystal (Party HP 50% Recovery item).

It would be the best thing for you, as an AW character, if you had a healer who would care about you and heal you constantly. But don’t be a burden to the team. Understand that you don’t have free access to healing and don’t fight recklessly.

 -BK’s Opinion on Ash Roller-

I seriously can’t tell if Ash Roller is a joke character or an expert character (X_X)

You could tough it out against flying monsters but it’ll still end up being a wasted effort because those kinds of bosses never sit still.

Even so, Ash Roller’s ability to destroy anything that has its weakpoints at ground level earns her the title of Low Key God. But since she is super situational, I would advise you to never consider making this your main character.

Since majority of the bosses in this game do in fact fly, there’s honestly almost little to no reason to actually level Ash Roller (>.<)

I know that sounds harsh but it needs to be said…