God Eater 3 Update Notes


English Translated Update Notes for each version update.

Take note that these updates follow the PS4 JP version of God Eater 3. The English PS4 version updates should follow the JP updates below, but the Steam version will most likely have its own sequence of updates and unfortunately will not be covered here.

You can find the official update notes on the God Eater Official Blog.


  • God Eater 3 Update List

    • [GE3] Version Update 1.20

      [GE3] Version Update 1.20

      God Eater 3 Version 1.20. New Certification Missions, New Accessories/Hairstyles, Amen Ra. Havakiri AI chages and Weapon balance changes.Read More »
    • [GE3] Version Update 1.11

      [GE3] Version Update 1.11

      God Eater 3 Version 1.11. Added Cross Region Play & adjusted how lighting effects appear on character models.Read More »
    • [GE3] Version Update 1.10

      [GE3] Version Update 1.10

      God Eater 3 Version 1.10. New Accessories, Attack Speed Increases, Biting Edge Burst Art Damage Increases & Removal of the Custom Bullet Cost break bug.Read More »