Complete Legendary Weapon Farming Guide

Video guide walking through every step for every Legendary tier.

So. How do Legendary weapons work? We don’t find them in chests and stuff..?


These weapons are made at a Blacksmith. You find the base “Evolution Possible Weapons” and then take them to a Blacksmith to transform them into Legendary.

(If you transformation button is blacked out, it simply means that you don’t have any Evolution Possible weapons or you are equipped with 1)

As you proceed through the transformation steps, a couple of branches appear. These path choices affect which one of the 3 types Legendary weapons you will end up with.

The process is a hell of a lot more long winded than that, but that’s the basic idea.

So where do we find these Base Weapons?


All are in Oltrum Bastion (5th area)

  • 1H Sword: Final Espada [Illial Temple Barracks – Red Chest]
  • Rapier: Prima Sabre [Bastion: Flail – Red Chest]
  • Scimitar: Moonstruck Saber [Bastion: Cordia – Red Chest]
  • Dagger: Heated Razor [Illial Temple: Sage Hall – Red Chest]
  • Mace: Lunatic Press [Bastion: Medius]
  • Katana: Matamon The Bone-Eater [Finish All 3 Green Events in Illial Temple: Sage Hall]
  • 2 Hand Sword: Matter Dissolver [Illial Temple: Lift – Red Chest]
  • Axe: Bardiche [Finish All 3 Green Events in Bastion: Flail]
  • Spear: Heart Piercer [Finish All 3 Green Events in Bastion: Cordia]


Make sure to use Basara.  He has an amazing material recycling rate. This means that he can practically make all of your legendary weapons using the exact same materials.

This also means that you’ll never have to farm for more than the base amount required.

So? Where is this legendary Basara-niichan I speak of?

Well. Don’t be lazy. You can check his position in the in-game Friend List. (I also show where he is in the video above)

Basara’s recycle rate is really good. So you need to protect him. If he dies and is gone forever, you will have to use Wolff or Liz who have considerably lower recycling rates.

This means that you will see the title screen a lot as you will have to exit the game every time the recycle doesn’t trigger. (I still have nightmares about doing this because I didn’t find out about Basara until after I made all my Legendaries ;_;)

In the event that Basara does die: Load a Cross Save.

Basara is recommended for the Transformation + Refining portion of the Legendary Process. Enhancement and Strengthening is better with Liz or Jou. But more on Enhancement later in the guide.


Before any of the material is discussed, it’s worth noting that there is a free DLC for this game that can give you a solid amount of the material needed for legendaries (Up til Gold Wings/ Dragonscale).

These materials were all covered in the video. So please refer to the video above. (I’m not about to write everything I said in the video again T_T)

But for materials that are annoying to get, I will provide a brief list of alternate farming methods on them at the bottom of this tier tree.

Common Route:
  • Aetherial Ore x1
  • The Murmurstone x50
Tier 1:
  • Saurian Dragonscale x10
  • Luxurian Ore x3
Tier 2:
  • Insectoid Gold Wings x50
  • Adamantite Ore x10
  • Luxurian Ore x30
  • Dark Crystal x1
  • Spectral Impure Souls x5
Tier 3:
  • Blackguard’s Amethyst x100
  • Demonic Remains x10
  • Saurian Dragonjaw x20
  • Crystal of Light x10
  • Tainted Crystal x 30
  • Dark Crystal x 10


Alternative farming methods for certain materials:

Gold Wings:

-The Hive event near the event used in the video has infinite(?) wasps and these do drop Gold Wings.

-The wasps in the Rustoria Sacrament: Middark – Infernal Path have had a goodish drop rate for Gold Wings. Problem here is that there is a small amount of them.

-Gold Wings is included in the free DLC

Dark Crystal/Impure Spectral Souls:

-Evil Wisp HNM in Rustoria can be farmed like the Cordia Slime in the video.

-Red Slime HNM outside Rustoria Middark Sacrament or Rustoria Lizard HNM are quick to reset.

-Dark Crystal is 15% & Spectral Souls are 5%. Expect this step to be super slow.

Demonic Remains:

-Bat HNM in Desert and Oldrobe may have a higher chance to drop Demonic Remians. But the Gremlins in the video are plentiful and easy to kill.


Video of All Legendary Weapons +9*

Base Legendary Weapons in order of tiers:

1H Sword:

  1. Asmodeus: ATK+183/ HP 8500/ STR 53/ AGI 53/ Recast Time -4%/ Increased SS Damage +20%/ Attack Speed Up + 6%
  2. Final Avalanche: ATK+203/ SP 95/ STR 59/ DEX 59/ CRT ATK +30/ Damage Multiplier +20%/ Jump ATK +15%
  3. Tyrfing: ATK+223/ SP 105/ STR 65/ AGI 65/ SP Based ATK Up +15%/ CRT +15%/ SP Regen +8



  1. Pentagramme: ATK+183/ SP 85/ STR 53/ AGI 53/ HP Recovery Up +3%/ Jump ATK +15%
  2. Charadrios: ATK+209/ SP 95/ STR 59/ DEX 5/9 ATK +10%/ Increased SS Damage +20%
  3. Hexagramme: ATK+233/ STR 65/ VIT 65/ AGI 65/ HP Based ATK Up +15%/ CRT Damage Up +10%/ Attack Speed Up +6%


  1. Diablo Esperanza: ATK+166/ STR 53/ VIT 53/ DEX 53/ Damage Multiplier +20%/ Aggro Based Attack Up +10%
  2. Iblis: ATK+185/ SP 95/ STR 59/ DEX 59/ Parry Time +20%/ Backstab CRT Up +30%
  3. Satanachia: ATK+201/ HP 10500/ DEX 65/ AGI 65/ CRT ATK +10%/ SP Regen +8/ HP Recovery Up +3%


  1. Valkyrie: ATK+192/ STR 53/ VIT 53/ DEX 53/ CRT +15%/ Damage Multiplier +20%
  2. Misericorde: ATK+213/ HP 9500/ SP 95/ AGI 59/ Backstab CRT Up +30%/ Movement Speed +15%
  3. The Iron Maiden ATK+234/ HP 10500/ STR 65/ DEX 65/ HP Based ATK Up +15%/ HP Regen +30/ Aggro Based Attack Up +10%


  1. Nemesis: ATK+146/ STR 53/ VIT 53/ DEX 53/ SP Based ATK Up +15%/ Jump ATK +15%
  2. Yggdrasil: ATK+162/ HP 9500/ SP 95/ VIT 59/ ATK +10%/ Aggro Loss Up -8%
  3. Mjolnir: ATK+179/ SP 105/ VIT 65/ AGI 65/ SP Regen +8/ HP Recovery Up +3%/ CRT +15%


  1. Shishi-Otoshi: ATK+219/ SP 85/ DEX 53/ AGI 53/ Attack Speed Up +6%/ CRT +15%
  2. Shichishito: ATK+244/ HP 9500/ STR 59/ VIT 59/ Increased SS Damage +20%/ ATK +10%
  3. Masamune: ATK+268/ STR 65/ VIT 65/ DEX 65/ SP Based ATK Up +15%/ Dash ATK +15% Recast Time +15%

2 Hand Sword:

  1. Titan’s Blade: ATK+228/ HP 8500/ STR 5/3 VIT 53/ ATK +10%/ HP Regen +30
  2. Ifrit: ATK+254/ STR 59/ DEX 59/ AGI 59/ HP Based ATK UP +15%/ Increased SS Damage +20%
  3. Ascalon: ATK+279/ STR 65/ VIT 65/ DEX 65/ Backstab CRT Up +30%/ CRT ATK +10%/ Attack Speed Up +6%


  1. Archaic Murder: ATK+247/ HP 8500/ VIT 53/ DEX 53/ HP Recovery Up +3%/ Recast Time +15%
  2. Nidhogg’s Fang: ATK+274/ SP 95/ STR 59/ AGI 59/ CRT ATK +10%/ Parry Time +20%
  3. Ouroboros: ATK+301/ SP 105/ DEX 65/ AGI 65/ Backstab CRT Up +30%/ Increased SS Damage +20%/ Recast Time -4%


  1. Trishula: ATK+256/ SP 85/ DEX 53/ AGI 53/ Backstab CRT Up +30%/ HP Recovery Up +3%
  2. Vijaya: ATK+284/ HP 9500/ VIT 59/ DEX 59/ SP Based ATK Up +15%/ Damage Multiplier +20%
  3. Caladbolg: ATK+313/ SP 105/ DEX 65/ AGI 65/ SP Regen +8/ HP Based ATK Up +15%/ Backstab CRT Up +30%


Once you have made your legendary weapon, there is one more transformation. This one is a refine that increases the stats on your weapon. Tier 1 & 2 Legendaries can get up to 15 bonus stats while Tier 3 can get up to 20 bonus stats.**

But the stat increases are randomized on each refine. So you will need to keep refining until you get a weapon you are satisfied with.

This actually does make a significant different (+15 or 20 stats is like wearing another wrist item)

So if you make it to this stage of transformation and don’t feel like getting the material…. just shut up and do it. >.<

You made it this far, might as well go all the way.


Hmm. Once you are satisfied with the refining on your Legendary, its time to Enhance!**

But brace yourself, this is the most annoying step in the game! (Yes, even worse than 100 Dark Crystal)

Luckily, all the Enhancing materials are tradeable. so just use the cross save trick and trade them with your friends.

For Enhancement you can use Basara. But he is bad at granting stat bonuses to weapons. So it is recommended that you use either Liz, or Jou.

If you want a MAX stats weapon, the maximum stat increases per level are listed below.

**But be careful. In version 1.03 there is a Global Max Limitation Bug that stops you from reaching the maximum stats on weapons. It might be a good idea to wait for the update (if it even comes T_T)  to make weapons that you want to keep forever.

  • +1→ ALL+3
  • +2→ ALL+4
  • +3→ ALL+5
  • +4→ ALL+6
  • +5→ ALL+7
  • +6→ ALL+8
  • +7→ ALL+9
  • +8→ ALL+10
  • +9→ ALL+11

TOTAL: ALL+63 (Note that HP is multiplied by 100 on increases.)

[Side note: Due to bug mentioned above, the current MAX we can reach is ALL+52 due to various -1s at each level]

So why is this the worst step in the game..?

Because restarting and restarting until you get an ALL MAX increase on a single step can easily take 4 hours.


So yeah.

Have fun.






That’s it for the guide.

Thank you for reading!




*The +9 Legendary weapons in the video above unfortunately do not have max stats.