BlazBlue Central Fiction – All New System Changes/Additions

Active Flow, Exceed Accel, Crush Trigger, Counter Hits, SMP



Now has 2 versions: Quick & Charge.

-Quick version is extremely fast, but yields a short Guard Crush and further knockback.

-Charge version has a blue aura and works similar to how CTs were in CP.


-New Buff awarded once per round for “Strong play.”

-Lasts about 10 seconds.

-Overall 10% Damage increase while in AF

-Rapidly increases Burst Regenaration

-Can only be gotten once per round.

-Both players can be in AF at same time


-Overdrive Only Distortion Drive

-Ends Overdrive

-If you haven’t had Active Flow yet, landing an EA will instantly give you AF.

– Around 2000 damage normally. Around 4000 Damage while in Active Flow

-No minimum; serious damage scaling at end of long combos


-All counter hits do 10% more damage (first hit only)

-This includes Fatal Counters

-Damage Boost does stack with Active Flow


-SMP Removed from all Normals

-Special moves and Distortion Drives have SMP, but this affects damage scaling as opposed to hitstun decay.

-More information on SMP and Minimum Damage HERE.

All this information was all gathered from the in game tutorial as well as the dustloop wiki.


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