[GE3] Version Update 2.20


English Patch Notes for Version Update 2.20 in God Eater 3.

Official Patch Notes for this update can be found here:



Update Overview:

  • New Story
  • New Aragami ‘Nuadha Eire’
  • Jukebox in the base
  • New Costume & Accessories
  • New Weapons
  • New Class Certification & Time Attack missions
  • New Extra Mission
  • More ‘Challenge To Hounds’ missions
  • Equipment +40 cap has been raised to +45
  • New Abandoned God Arc skills


NoteMajority of the new content is only available after clearing Claire’s 2.00 story chapter.

New Additions:

  • New Story Episodes added
    • The new story progresses in the same way as with the 2.00 Claire’s chapter. The new Episode missions will unlock as you increase your Sync Rate for Lulu & Ricardo respectively.
    • Sync Rate can be viewed in the Personal Abilities screen in the terminal, or when you talk to the character before a mission.
    • Both Lulu’s and Ricardo’s missions unlock at 10%, 30%, 50% and then as a sequence from 80%.
  • New Jukebox added. This allows you to change the Base BGM
  • Class Certification Missions #38 to #40 added
  • Time Attack Missions ‘EX Time Attack’ #15 to #18 added
  • 1 New ‘EXTRA Mission’ added.
  • Added 5 more ‘Challenge To Hounds’ high difficulty missions
  • 2 New Costumes (4 color variants each)
  • 4 New A slot Accessories
    • ‘Earmuffs’ are unlocked from the beginning
    • ‘Knit Hat’ unlocked for clearing Free Class Mission #40
    • ‘Mini Hat’ unlocked for getting all Silver on EX Time Attack #15 to #18
    • ‘Party Hat’ unlocked for getting all Gold on EX Time Attack #15 to #18
  • B Slot Accessory ‘Yangangan 15th anniversary stamp’ is unlocked from the beginning

New God Arcs

*Blueprints are obtained from the new Extra mission with Nuadha Eire

  • Added 2 new Variant Scythes and Biting Edges.
    • No new Short Blades, Long Blades, Buster Blades, Boost Hammers, Charge Spears, Variant Scythes or Heavy Moons were added.
  • Added a new Assault & Ray Gun
    • No new Snipers or Shotguns were added.
  • Added a new Buckler Shield
    • No new Towers or Shields were added.
  • (With this update, every equipment type now has versions with the special ‘2.00 season’ Burst Plugin)
  • New Abandoned God Arc skills were added.

New Game Plus

Allows you to play through the entire story again on a new Save file slot. The mission difficulty is seemingly the same as the original game.

New Game+ story progress is indicated with a ‘+’ next to your story number.

In short, New Game+ let’s you experience the story again without losing anything that isn’t story related. More detailed information is below.

Things that are kept when starting a New Game+:

  • Your custom avatar character
  • All of your Items, Money & Materials
  • All Equipment including God Arc parts, Burst Units, Engages
  • All Equipment Blueprints
  • All Accel Triggers & Burst Arts
  • All Costumes & Accessories
  • Custom Bullet recipes
  • NPC’s Personal Abilities & AP
  • GAP
  • All records on your Avatar Card except Mission Clear ranks
  • Play time
  • Avatar Cards of other players

(The things kept is not limited to this list)

Things that are lost when starting a New Game+:

  • Story Progress (Obviously)
  • Core Engages for NPCs
  • Mission Clear ranks on Avatar Card including Perfect Clears records
  • The amounts of materials you can trade for will be reset
  • Anti-Ash Storm Bombs (Blue Grenade for Ash Storm Anubis)

Balance & Other Changes:

  • The maximum Abandoned God Arc increase for equipment has been raised from +40 to +45.
    • This feature is unlocked once you clear both of the new story chapters.
  • When selecting mission BGM, a preview of the song will now play.
  • Ra’s devour has changed. He will now do it without teleporting sometimes.
  • Anubis’ devour has changed. It now has roughly 10 frames more startup.