[GE3] Version Update 2.30


English Patch Notes for Version Update 2.30 in God Eater 3.


A bug was found where one of the Mission Rewards categories ‘Clear Under X Minutes‘ wasn’t being displayed and the rewards could not be obtained. This bug was fixed in Version 2.31 which was released on 24/1/2020 for PS4 & Steam versions. Switch bug fix doesn’t yet have a date.

Official Patch Notes for this update can be found here:



Update Overview:

  • New Story
  • New Aragami ‘Melammu Marduk’
  • Can now copy and save other player’s custom bullets from Avatar Cards
  • New BGM added
  • New Class, EX Time Attack & EXTRA Missions
  • New Challenge To Hounds Missions
  • The Training Dummy can now be changed to a Flying version (Zygote)
  • Equipment +45 cap has been raised to +50
  • New Abandoned God Arc skills
  • Dive stamina cost reduced


NoteMajority of the new content is only available after clearing Claire’s 2.00 story chapter.

New Additions:

  • New Story Episodes added
    • The new story progresses in the same way as with the 2.00 Claire’s chapter. The new Episode missions will unlock as you increase your Sync Rate with Phym
    • Sync Rate can be viewed in the Personal Abilities screen in the terminal, or when you talk to the character before a mission.
    • Phym’s missions unlock at 10%, 30%, 50% and then as a sequence from 80%.
  • You can now copy and save Custom Bullets as your own from Avatar Cards
  • New GE series BGM selectable in battle and added to the Jukebox
  • Class Certification Missions #41 to #43 added
  • Time Attack Missions ‘EX Time Attack’ #19 to #22 added
  • 1 New ‘EXTRA Mission’ added.
  • Added 5 more ‘Challenge To Hounds’ high difficulty missions
  • Added a new Defense Mission type where you have to protect a target from Aragami
  • The Training Dummy can now be changed to a Zygote. This is done by pressing R3 when in training.
  • Added an option to reduce the amount of Battle Effects that are displayed during gameplay (PS4 & Steam ver only)
  • You can now tell Phym to “Wait here” so she won’t follow you around the base. (She will follow you in between rooms)
  • 1 New Costume (4 color variants each)
  • 3 New A slot Accessories
    • ‘Devil Horns’ are unlocked from the beginning
    • ‘Gold Marduk Plushie’ unlocked for clearing Elite Class Mission #43
    • ‘Phym Ahoge’ unlocked for getting all Silver on EX Time Attack #19 to #22
  • 3 New B Slot Accessories
    • ‘Blush’ is unlocked from the beginning
    • ‘Face Mask 3’ unlocked for clearing Free Class Mission #43
    • ‘Phym’s Horn’ unlocked for getting all Gold on EX Time Attack #19 to #22

New God Arcs

*Blueprints are obtained from the new Extra mission with Melammu Marduk

  • Added 1 new Long Blade and Charge Spear
    • No new Short Blades, Buster Blades, Boost Hammers, Variant Scythes, Biting Edges or Heavy Moons were added.
  • Added 1 new Sniper & Shotgun
    • No new Assaults. or Ray Guns were added
  • Added 1 new Shield
    • No new Towers or Bucklers were added.
  • New Abandoned God Arc skills were added. As with all the new arcs, these can only be obtained from the higher difficulty missions (Class, EX TA, Challenge To Hounds, Extra)
    • New Melee skill that increases damage to Downed Aragami
    • New Shield skill that allows you to guard in all directions
    • New Shield skill that decreases the stamina cost of Dives
    • New skill that makes it harder to gain enemy aggro
    • New skill that makes it easier to gain enemy aggro
    • New Universal skill that increases Melee Mode x Gun mode transformation speed
    • New Universal skill that reduced stamina cost of all actions

Balance & Other Changes:

  • The maximum Abandoned God Arc increase for equipment has been raised from +45 to +50.
    • This feature is unlocked once you clear the new story chapters.
  • You will now get GAP every time you clear a Snack Mission (Instead of first time clears only)
  • The Stamina cost of the Dive action has been reduced
    • Buckler reduced from 20ST to 12ST
    • Shield reduced from 25ST to 15ST
    • Tower reduced from 30ST to 18ST
  • You can now freely arrange your custom bullets and the Sort function won’t completely mess up the order like it used to.