[BLOG] 2020 Hosting Costs Covered!


2020 domain & hosting costs have already been covered thanks to your donations!

Its only March in 2020 and this year’s annual domain & hosting costs have already been covered! Thank you so much!

2020 Domain/Hosting Costs

Raised: $300 / Goal: $300

We did it! I’m so happy!


As you may know, I pay 300 USD annually to keep this website running. The fee is billed every year on December 18th and for the last two years, I was really struggling to keep this website alive. I do not live in the USA and I have to pay the website hosting fees in USD which makes the price multiply due to the exchange rate.

That’s why I want to thank everyone who donated and everyone who continues to use this website! I love you guys!

So! Because I’m dedicated to keeping this website alive for as long as I possibly can, all donations from now on will now go towards the hosting costs for 2021. That means a new progress bar will pop up in the side panel area (or at the bottom on the page if you’re on mobile)

2021 Domain/Hosting Costs

Once again thank you all!