Sakura Wars FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions about Sakura Wars on PS4.

This post will aim to preemptively answer any questions you may have about Sakura Wars on PS4. Before you ask anything anywhere on this site, please check here to see if it has been asked before.

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I’d also like you to understand that I try to keep things as spoiler free as possible on this website so I don’t really like answering questions that result in spoiling the game’s plot. As such, answers to spoiler-type questions will be inside a spoiler tag and you may open them at your own risk. Also please do not discuss spoilers in the comments of the post.

New questions will be posted to the top of this FAQ list.

“Are there missable things in this game?”

You can miss bromides or sub events by advancing the story without doing them.

“Does each chapter focus on a different girl?”

To some extent (this answer is vague on purpose)

“Can you replay events?”

No. But you can leave saves near events you want to replay. Also, you can replay Battle Parts you’ve already cleared via Reiji’s battle simulator.

“What is this Pink Gauge that I have to fill when answering?”

Analogue LIPS. You are supposed to match the level of the gauge according to the mood and what you think is the correct amount of energy that Kamiyama will need to put into an answer.

“How do I do team attacks?”

After a certain point in the story they will unlock for the characters. But to perform them, you need to have their mood at the correct level (The characters in the Intermission Screen need to have gold sparkles next to them). Even if their affinity is high enough, if you answer LIPs questions badly and worsen their mood, you will not be able to do team attacks with them. Claris is a very good example of this.

“Does anything change if I skip events?”

No. Mostly because you cannot skip LIPS answers.

“Does it matter who I select in the Combat Revue World Games?”

You select who you will play as and you can get affinity for the 1st character you pick. But the decisions has no major bearing on the story.

“What is the significance of selecting the Second-in-command?”

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It is essentially the branch for the game’s multiple endings.


“I need some tips for S-Ranking missions in the battle simulator.”

Skip cutscenes, kill all of the enemies, break all of the breakable objects and mitigate as much damage as you take as possible.

“How long is this game?”

If you’re trying to complete everything I’d say roughly 30 hours.

“Does this game have a dub?”


“Are there any bad endings?”

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“How many endings does this game have?”

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5 epilogues for each main heroine.


“Um, how to play Koi Koi Wars?”

I am working on a Koi Koi Wars guide. Please be patient

“Is there a harem route?”

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Who is Sakura Shinguji?

The series’ original main herione. This short answer is to tell you to go play the older games or watch the old anime. The longer answer can be found on your own in a wiki article.

How does this game play?

Its sort of a cross between a visual novel and a brawler type action game.