[GE3] Version Update 2.40


English Patch Notes for Version Update 2.40 in God Eater 3.

Official Patch Notes for this update can be found here:



Update Overview:

  • New Story
  • New Aragami ‘Tyrant Hannibal’
  • New BGM added
  • New Class, EX Time Attack & EXTRA Missions
  • New Challenge To Hounds Missions
  • Equipment +50 cap has been raised to +55
  • New Abandoned God Arc skills


NoteMajority of the new content is only available after clearing Claire’s 2.00 story chapter.

New Additions:

  • New Story Episodes added
    • The new story progresses in the same way as with the 2.00 Claire’s chapter. The new Episode missions will unlock as you increase your Sync Rate with Keith & Neil respectively
    • Sync Rate can be viewed in the Personal Abilities screen in the terminal, or when you talk to the character before a mission.
    • Both Keith’s and Neil’s missions unlock at 10%, 30%, 50% and then as a sequence from 80%.
  • New GE series BGM selectable in battle and added to the Jukebox
  • Class Certification Missions #44 to #46 added
  • Time Attack Missions ‘EX Time Attack’ #23 to #26 added
  • 1 New ‘EXTRA Mission’ added.
  • Added 5 more ‘Challenge To Hounds’ high difficulty missions
  • Added new Special Missions
  • Added a Message Skip function when interacting with the Memory Fragments in the ‘Traversing The Past’ missions
  • Added a green Check Mark to God Arc parts that you already own when browsing the list of creatable God Arc parts
  • 1 New Costume (4 color variants each)
  • 2 New A slot Accessories
    • ‘Pancake Tower’ unlocked for clearing Free Class Mission #46
    • ‘Animal Ears’ unlocked for getting all Silver on EX Time Attack #23 to #26
  • 2 New B Slot Accessories
    • ‘Face Mask 4’ unlocked from the beginning
    • ‘Face Mask 5’ unlocked for getting all Gold on EX Time Attack #23 to #26

New God Arcs

*Blueprints are obtained from the new Extra mission with Tyrant Hannibal

  • Added 1 new Buster Blade, Variant Scythe and Biting Edge
    • No new Short Blades, Long Blades, Boost Hammers, Charge Spears or Heavy Moons were added.
  • Added 1 new Ray Gun
    • No new Assaults, Snipers or Shotguns were added
  • Added 1 new Tower
    • No new Shields or Bucklers were added.
  • New Abandoned God Arc skills were added. As with all the new arc skills, these can only be obtained from the higher difficulty missions (Class, EX TA, Challenge To Hounds, Extra)
    • New Melee skill that uses Stamina to increase damage
    • New Melee skill that increases damage to non target Aragami
    • New Shield skill that increases Dive speed
    • New Universal skill that increases the damage of your teammates
    • New Universal skill that gives your teammate Full Burst when you use Link Aid on them

Balance & Other Changes:

  • The maximum Abandoned God Arc ‘+’ increase for equipment has been raised from +50 to +55.
    • This feature is unlocked once you clear the new story chapters.
  • Increased to Drop Rate for +1 and +2 God Arcs
  • Link Burst Rounds have been adjusted to pass through everything including Aragami
  • Homing Properties of Link Burst Rounds increased
  • New Bullets available for purchase in Faith’s shop
  • All Gun types can now use Homing Heal Bullets & Heal Radials (Not referring to Custom Bullet modules)
  • The Bug found in 2.30 where the ‘Clear in x Min‘ Category in the Mission Rewards screen wasn’t displaying has now been fixed for Switch users. It was fixed in 2.31 for PS4 & Steam users.
  •  P>>Performer Accel Trigger has been ‘Fixed’. It will no longer draw the attention of nearby Aragami without attacking them.
  • The Blade Combo attack for all Hannibal Aragami has had it’s hitbox adjusted.
  • Amy has some new lines for Defense Missions

Known Bugs in this update:

  • There is a bug where your Custom Bullets won’t replenish automatically after the Challenge To Hounds survival mission that has all the Burst Aragami only.
  • Some weird collision bugs