Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Answers to various questions that are frequently asked.

This post aims to preemptively answer any questions you may have about Fatal Bullet or about this Fatal Bullet guide. This is also the place where you can ask new questions or even ask for clarifications on existing content in this guide.

Questions that have already been answered in this FAQ will be ignored.

If you have a question you want to ask, or even if you just want to give feedback, write something in the comments section at the bottom of this post. Or you can ask me a question on Twitter @bkbrent.

Unless I’m playing or writing a post or something I usually respond immediately if its a question that hasn’t been asked before.

All new and relevant questions answered will be added to this bottom of this post so be sure to check here frequently.



“Will the Japanese Version have English Translations?”

Nope. Japanese games almost never have English Language options. None of the previous SAO games have and this one won’t either.

“Can I download the beta?”

Only people who preorder the Japanese Download version can play the beta.

“How do I find the beta?”

You have to manually search for it on the JP PS Store on your ps4

“Does this game have save date bonuses for playing previous games in the serious?”

Nope. My guess is they didn’t want Xbox ONE players to feel left out.

“How do I unlock Kirito Mode?”

Kiibo Mode unlocks really late in the story mode. Its about 90% through and the game will tell you when it unlocks.

“How do I unlock Gun+Sword? I see it in the menu but I can’t use it”

This one unlocks about 70% through the story mode.  The game will tell you when it unlocks.

“How do I unlock Dual Arms?”

Also unlocked through story mode. Unlocks at about 75%.

“What kinds of things can you dual wield in this game?”

Handguns, shotguns, SMGs, all Assault Rifles and Grenade Launchers only. Dual Wielding doubles the weapons status requirements so if the game stops you from dual wielding something, that’s probably why.

“I saw these super moves when cut-ins and stuff. The hell are those?”

Those are Weapon Arts. Bought at Argo’s Information Trade in town and are activated by pressing L1+R1 on the corresponding weapon.

“How do I find this weapon?”

I don’t know. I’m not doing a database this time so you’ll have to check the other sites on the top of my Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet page.

“I see Power Form 1 here. How do I unlock 2 and 3?”

Skills unlock like this:

  1. Skill Tier 1: Unlocked
  2. Skill Tier 2: Unlocked when Power Form 1 is at 50% Proficiency
  3. Skill Tier 3: Unlocked when Power Form 2 is at 100% Proficiency

You can also refer to the Complete Skill List.

“I’m stuck in this part of the story”

Refer to the Story Mode Guide.

“I’m having trouble with this Sub Quest”

Refer to the Sub Quest Guide.

“Do you know when this update comes out?”

I translate the Japanese Patch notes from the official site into English. They don’t really mention English release dates anywhere there.

“So. About these Passive Effects on weapons…”

Refer to the Passive Effect List.

“Can I only equip 8 skills?”

Yeah. 8 Skills and 4 Gadgets total. Small amount, right?

“Um. I’m seeing roles here. Does that mean that this game has some kind of class system?”

No. Ignore the roles in here. Any build can equip any skill and weapon as long as you meet the minimum requirements.

“Hey BK. Make a guide on [insert topic here]”

I’m a busy man, you know.

“Can you change genders once you’ve made your character?”

No. Can’t change names and gender but you can change everything else once you’ve made your character. However, if you clear the story and do New Game Plus, you get a chance to re-name you character and Arfa-Sys.

“I’m worried about this stat point system. You can’t get stat points back, right? So what if I don’t like my build…”

Luckily, you can revert to an All 1s build from the terminal in your home room. Since its easy to make mistakes with builds its highly recommended that you keep at least one of the loadouts as All 1s.

“What are these Medal things?”

Sort of like a currency you get for various actions in battle. Medals can be traded for rare items at the Medal Trading place. More information in the Basic System & Facility Explanation guide.

“What’s up with this game? I got a drop but I can’t equip it?”

You have to appraise some items at Agil’s Appraisal Joint before you can use them. More information in the Basic System & Facility Explanation guide.

“Hmm. What’s up with upgrading and these weapon Passives?”

Refer to the Basic System & Facility Explanation guide.

“Why don’t you like this game? Its soo good (@_@) “

Just to be clear, when I say I don’t like it, it doesn’t mean I hate it. It means I don’t like it nearly as much as the previous games.

In any case, if you like something, its common sense to not inquire why someone else doesn’t like it because its gonna lead to a disagreement. Just calmly like your thing and lets live in happy fluffy flower land where we can accept the opinions of others.

“Saw people customizing the colors of their guns and clothes?”

Yeah. That’s one of the things Arfa-Sys learns as you progress the story. Once you unlock it, talk to her in your room.

“Why TF do the NPCs talk so much in battle? Is there a way to make them shut up?”

Not sure why this irritates so many people. If you understood Japanese, they’re saying some really helpful things. Even so man, the SAO voice cast is downright fucking stellar. I’d let these waifus serenade my eardrums with their honey voices all day and all night if I could (@_@)

But anyway, you can set the game voices to 0 in the sound options.

“How do I change game difficulty?”

From the Title Screen options menu. Extreme Mode is unlocked once you’ve cleared the Story Mode once.

“This game was marketed as all these “Heavy Decisions” but in your Story Guide, I don’t see anything about decisions.”

Well. They lied when they advertised the game. Most of the decisions are superfluous and there’s only one real decision in the game.

“How do you get the True Ending?”

Refer to the Story Mode Guide.

“What the fuck is going on? I’m doing Co-op online but I’m not getting EXP at all. Is this a bug?”

Yeah. You can’t earn Experience, Weapon Proficiency or Skill Proficiency online in this game. If you bought this game to level with a friend, you guys gotta level up separately offline :/

Its possible that this could change in an update but I don’t know man.

“How do I change the outfits of my non-ArfaSys friends?”

You need to max their affection (Rank 4 100%) and then talk to them in the Lobby Area. You can change Strea, Rain, Phillia, Premia’s outfits in the main story whereas Asuna, Leafa, Sinon, Silica, Liz, Yuuki, Argo have to be changed in Kirito Mode.

“How do I change the equipment of my non-Arfa-Sys friends?”

You can’t. They manage themselves and Arfa-Sys is the only character you can really equip. Same goes for Skills and gadgets.

“I cleared the game and its asking me if I wanna restart story. What do I do?”

If you select to not restart the story, the game will put you a few quests before the final fight. From there, you can reach the other ending as well as the true ending. All of your progress is taken with you as well.

For information on what happens if you decide to start a new game, check the next question.

“Is there a New Game Plus?”

Not especially. Its not called a NG+ and the game lets you just replay through story with your level, weapons, equipment, materials. Friendship Affection, Dual Arms and Gun+Sword will be reset so be careful. Considering Affection is one of the requirements for the true end, be very careful when deciding if you want to restart a new game.

If you are worried about the Extreme Mode clear trophy, you can switch to Extreme right before the final boss before this trophy.

“Is this like Freedom Wars?”


“Is this like PSO?”


“What are the benefits of playing in Extreme?”

  • Higher Level Monsters in every field and dungeon
  • Shops stock more items and equipment
  • Liz’ Smith can go up to Level 7 (Needs New Game Plus)
  • Weapons of Rank 6-7 can be found as drops

“Sleeping Events?”

When you get the characters to Rank 4, 75% Affection, you can trigger sleeping events by asking them out on a date and then picking the correct conversational option (If you make the wrong choice, leave the area and come back and try again). However, there are restrictions on the characters for sleeping events as follows:

In Main Story the following have bed events:

  • Arfa-Sys
  • Kureha
  • Zeliska
  • Itsuki
  • Strea
  • Phillia
  • Rain
  • Premia

In Kirito Mode the following have bed events:

  • Asuna
  • Liz
  • Silica
  • Sinon
  • Leafa
  • Yuuki
  • Argo
  • Agil
  • Klein

“Dating Elements?”

None. Only way to increase affection is in battle.

“Length of Story Mode?”

Hmm. Probably just about shorter than HR. But if you skip all the cutscenes and blitz through all the areas, its pretty short.

“What’s in those DLC Episodes included in the season pass?”

Ask google. Because I can’t talk about things that haven’t even been announced yet, you’ll find a nice Gematsu article with what your looking for.

“What do each of these status parameters affect?”

From my System & Facility Explanation guide:

STR (Strength):
  • Increases Max Carrying Capacity
  • Increases Melee Attack Strength
  • Some Weapons need a minimum STR to be equipped
VIT (Vitality):
  • Increases MAX HP
  • Reduced damage from incoming attacks
AGI (Agility):
  • Movement Speed Increase
  • Reduced damage from incoming attacks
  • Increases speed of actions such as reloading
INT (Intelligence):
  • Decreases Recharge Time (Cooldown time on skills)
  • Increases effectiveness of certain Skills & Gadgets
  • Increases rate of inflicting abnormal status effects with attacks
DEX (Dexterity):
  • Increases effectiveness of Gadgets
  • Critical rate & Damage against weakpoints increases
  • Bullet Circle’s effectiveness increases
  • Some Weapons need a minimum DEX to be equipped
LUK (Luck):
  • Increases item drop rate
  • Critical Rate increase

“How do I unlock new outfits?”

Completing Sub Quests will unlock outfit recipes for Asuna’s Outfits Shop. Most of the good outfits only appear in the later sub quests so you’ll need to clear story to unlock them.

“Do I need to go play Kirito Mode to raise the Affection for his heroines as well?”

No. Affection on all heroines is shared between Kirito Mode and Main Story. You do have to play Kirito Mode to see friendship events for the heroines though.

“Can I change my Arfa-Sys’ name?”

No. You can’t change your character name of Arfa-Sys name after creation so choose carefully.

“What’s the name of Kirito’s GGO outfit from the anime and how do I get it?”

Assassin Suit. Its unlocked on the final Bounty Sub Quest which needs you to clear Story Mode as well as all the preceding bounties to unlock it.

“Your guide on affection is useless. I got almost all my affection done without even trying.”

Affection was changed greatly in the 1.03 update (the west got this as a day 1 update). You can get a good amount of affection from just killing NMs and going back to town. Honestly, I think its good that that part of my guide became useless because trust me, you don’t wanna deal with 1.02 affection.

“I know it sounds silly but, how do I equip weapon skills?”

You can equip skills from the Terminal in your home room. You can equip 4 on each of your 2 weapons and 4 gadgets.

“Holy shit this game’s AI is dumb. Is there any way to fix this?”

I know right? They’re stupid no matter what option you set them to. I really hope the developers address this further.

“What’s the max weapon rank?”

Rank 7 right now. However, Rank 7 weapons can only be found in extreme mode. There’s probably also gonna be higher ranking weapons in a future update.

“What’s the level cap?”

Lv150 right now. This will also probably increase in the DLC.

“How can you start a guide by saying you don’t like the game. You make me sick.”

Not sure how this pisses people off? I’m a fundamentally a hardworker and I never half-ass anything. Especially when it comes to games. If I make up my mind to dedicate myself to something, I do it until I’m satisfied with it – whether I thoroughly like it or not. In Fatal Bullet’s case, I only realized 70% through this guide that I’m actually not enjoying it like I did with the other SAO games. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that though because I’m still playing it right now and trying my hardest to keep this guide relevant.

“Why is my Arfa-Sys so useless? She does no damage and dies for no reason.”

You have to equip your Arfa-Sys and manage her stats as you would yourself. If you don’t do it, she will forever have all stats at 1 and no skills.

“In Avatar Customization, I have saved some presets… but how do I actually load those presets onto my character?”

In the Avatar Customization screen, press Circle (back). The game will ask you if you want to revert everything to defaults. Select yes and then from there, you will be able to press R1 to reach a tab that has your saved avatar presets.

Just be careful you make a backup before trying to change presets.

“Why don’t you respond to questions?”

Chances are high I didn’t see it. If you have a burning question that really needs answering, ask it in the comments section of this post.

“Where do I find good and strong Rank 7 weapons?”

You gotta play the game in Extreme Mode to obtain them. I’m not doing anything like a database this time around because I’m a little too busy to maintain it, but this link to another site is very helpful on the Rank 7 weapon subject:

“I have a serious question. Is the Sword good?”

Its good-ish. Its good for mobs that specialize in gunfire (automata) and its good for mid-level bosses. But its not that good as soon as you try to do high difficulty boss fights with it. It starts feeling like you’re not doing any damage and getting hit for no reason. It also starts feeling like the sword is missing some fundamental tools to make it viable in this game. The camera also starts feeling annoying because there’s no lock-on system for the Sword.

There’s also times when enemies are flying and the sword is completely useless so I’d recommend you to always have a a good alternative to the sword.

It’s hard for me to disregard the sword like this, but I’m being honest when I say you’re gotta put in a lot of work with it to be proficient at not dying and handling higher difficulty stuff.

“Where do I get bullets?”

You can buy them from the shop and you earn a few for your equipped guns as drops when enemies die.

“Where do I find this material?”

Unfortunately, I’m not doing a drop list this time and above that, I don’t know the names of English materials (@_@)

The material shop on Extreme Mode stocks majority of the materials. Mudauchi has a good material list:


“How do I command my teammates to not attack enemies?”

You can bring up a list of communications by pressing the touch pad on ps4. For the controls on other platforms, check the button settings in the options menu.

“How do you give friends gifts?”

You can only gift outfits. Need to reach max affection then go talk to them in town. Talking to them in Kirito’s Room won’t work. You can also only change outfits of characters as follows:

To gift outfits, have to talk to the following in Main Story:

  • Kureha
  • Zeliska
  • Itsuki
  • Strea
  • Phillia
  • Rain
  • Premia

To gift outfits, have to talk to the following in Kirito Mode:

  • Asuna
  • Liz
  • Silica
  • Sinon
  • Leafa
  • Yuuki
  • Argo
  • Agil
  • Klein

“Are there any plans to do a material/weapon drop list?”

Not this time. I’m a little too busy in IRL to dedicate the time to maintaining it properly.

“Can I Dual Wield Swords?”


“There’s dungeons that I can’t enter whether its normal mode or extreme mode. I’ve cleared everything.. am I missing something?”

Yeah I saw that too. Those are most likely placeholders for dungeons to be added in future DLC.

“Can I change my name? Or my Arfa-Sys name?”

No. Can’t change names and gender but you can change everything else once you’ve made your character. However, if you clear the story and do New Game Plus, you get a chance to re-name you character and Arfa-Sys.