Fatal Bullet Update 1.12


Version update 1.12 for Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet


  • Release: 09/03/2018
  • Size: ~385Mb
  • Previous Version: 1.04

Update Overview:

  • Weapons now drop in online co-op
  • PvP balance changes
  • Removed Enemy Player leveling exploit
  • Bug Fixes



New Stuff:

  • Weapons now drop from bosses in online Co-op quests.

PvP Changes:

  • [Hero Battle Mode] Changed the weapon Rank of Rain & Fukaziro
  • [Hero Battle] Changed some of the skills of Agil, Klein, Fukaziro, Strea & Rain
  • [Hero Battle & Avatar Battle] Time limit has dropped from 10min to 7min
  • [Hero Battle & Avatar Battle] Medal gauge (The Circular gauge with numbers next to the mini-map) will not decrease.
  • [Hero Battle & Avatar Battle] Respawn time reduced from 20sec to 16sec
  • [Hero Battle & Avatar Battle] Invul time after respawning now extended to 10sec

Other Changes:

  • The Enemy Player kill loop experience exploit has been removed. Now you will no longer earn exp from resurrected players.


  • Fixed a bug where, if your player character and Arfa-Sys both had Eyebrow type 19, the game would get stuck in a frozen loading screen.
  • Fixed a bug where killing the Overgrown Serpent family will not allow you to progress in the “Arfa-Sys Parts Collection” Story Quest
  • Fixed a bug where experience could not be obtained from Enemy Players whose level was higher than 150
  • Fixed a bug where using multiple Abnormal Status bullets cased strange sounds
  • Fixed a bug where activating Weapon Arts would cause NPC to look as if they were equipped with two weapons at the same time
  • Fixed a bug where, when using a Rocket Launcher, if you stopped and stood still you would not be able to switch weapons.
  • Fixed a bug where your Sniper Rifle would be reloaded infinitely (Happened with Bolt Action versions)
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs would switch weapons continuously
  • [Steam version] Improved game stability when “Ultra Wide Monitor” setting is used
  • [Steam version] Fixed a bug where the mouse can not move the camera up and down
  • [Steam version] Fixed a bug where changing something in “Advanced Options” and then returning to the title screen would cause a game error.
  • Other fixes