Sakura Wars Story Guide


Sakura Wars Complete Story Guide

This is the navigation page for the Complete Sakura Wars PS4 Story Guide. This guide will cover all of the LIPS answers during Main Story, relevant Sub Events and Trust Events. Bromide Locations will also be listed as they appear.


About This Story Guide

This guide is intended to be used as a tool to help you progress through the game’s story. It can be used just to see which of the LIPS answers are best, but it is most useful if you use it to assist you alongside an entire playthrough.

I will try to keep it as spoiler free as I possibly can, but obviously you could derive spoilers just from looking at the potential LIPS answers so please, be careful.

A sample LIPS event set of answers in these guides will look like this:

Answer 1. Top answer Character
Answer 2. Left answer Character▲▲
Answer 3. Right answer
No Answer. This is if you get a time out Character

The pink upwards arrow () indicates positive affinity gain with the character and the blue downwards arrow () indicates affinity loss with the character. Double arrows indicate a large affinity change (▲▲or ). The minus (-) indicates no change.

Likewise, for Analogue LIPS events that have a bar that needs filling a similar table will be used:


High. Fill the gauge to the top and then press X Character
Mid. Move the gauge to the middle and press X Character▲▲
Low. Deplete the gauge completely then press X Character

For Analogue-LIPS events that have a bar/gauge, there are 3 different answers that can be given depending on where you move the bar to. Be careful as you move the bar and aim for half empty/half full when going for the Mid option. If you time out this answer, the point at which the gauge is at will automatically be selected.

The guide will also gloss over the action parts and the potions of the game where it is clear what you must do for the sake of only covering the most important aspects of the story.

It is also recommended that you save often and on multiple different save slots.

Finally, this guide is written with close reference to the Official Sakura Wars Japanese Strategy Guide along with my own findings and corrections. For more guides on this game check out the Sakura Wars Game Guide page.

Chapter 1 “Winds of Change”


  1. Prologue
  2. The Grand Imperial Theater
  3. The Withered Flower Division
  4. To Battle
  5. Intermission Affinity Check
  6. Battle Part

Chapter 2 “A Handful of Bliss”


  1. Intro
  2. New Allies, New Duties
  3. The Flower Division At Night
  4. Intermission Affinity Check 1
  5. A Step Towards Success
  6. Hopes and Dreams
  7. Intermission Affinity Check 2
  8. An Unexpected Task
  9. Intermission Affinity Check 3
  10. To Battle
  11. Intermission Affinity Check 4
  12. Battle Part

Chapter 3 “The Festival of Peace”


  1. Intro
  2. The Knights of the Round Table
  3. To the Combat Revue World Games
  4. Intermission Affinity Check 1
  5. What it Takes to Win
  6. To Battle
  7. Intermission Affinity Check 2
  8. Flower Division at the World Games

Chapter 4 “Behind The Mask”


  1. Next Up, the London Combat Revue
  2. Boosting Morale: A Day in Tokyo
  3. Intermission Affinity Check 1
  4. The Shadow of Doubt Creeps Closer
  5. In Pursuit of Azami Mochizuki
  6. To Battle
  7. Intermission Affinity Check 2
  8. Battle Part

Chapter 5 “Fallen Petals”


  1. Intro
  2. The Wounded
  3. Intermission Affinity Check 1
  4. Sakura’s Home
  5. Intermission Affinity Check 2
  6. Sakura & Hatsuho
  7. Faith
  8. Intermission Affinity Check 3
  9. At the Combat Revue World Games

Chapter 6 “Gone with the Stars”


  1. Striving for a Miracle
  2. Perfectly Prepared!
  3. Intermission Affinity Check 1
  4. A Break Before the Show
  5. Intermission Affinity Check 2
  6. To Battle

Chapter 7 “A Flower’s Fate”


  1. The Approaching Darkness
  2. Intermission Affinity Check 1
  3. Battle Part 1
  4. Battleship Mikasa
  5. The Flower Division Hits Back!
  6. Intermission Affinity Check 2

Chapter 8 “Passing the Torch”


  1. Intro
  2. Intermission Affinity Check
  3. Battle Part
  4. The Grand Finale
  5. Ending