[GE3] Frequently Asked Questions


Answers to common questions for God Eater 3.

This post aims to preemptively answer any questions you may have about God Eater 3. You may also ask new questions in the comments section on this post and have them be added to this FAQ. Alternatively, you can ask me a question on Twitter @bkbrent.

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“When’s the release date?”

13 December for PS4 in Japan, February 8 worldwide for Steam & PS4.

“Should I play the others before trying this one?”

Yes. Mostly because this game uses a lot of mechanics that are iconic to the series. Also because they kind of don’t explain the mechanics well and the skills you learn in the previous games are transferable to this game.

“Does this game have Dual Audio?”

Yes. Dual Audio for English & Japanese voices have been confirmed for the western release.

“I have a story related question!”

I don’t cover story on this website and try to keep things as spoiler free as possible outside of dedicated Story Guides. While I’m on the topic, please don’t spoil things for others in the comments section. Posting spoilers goes against this site’s Comment Policy.

“So, what’s new in this game?”

There’s two new Melee Weapons, Biting Edge(Dual Blades) & Heavy Moon(Moon Blade) and the Blast Gun has been replaced with the Ray Gun. There’s a lot of new mechanics like the Accel Trigger & Engage System as well, but this game has enough new stuff in it to truly call it a new God Eater game.

“So, are Predator Styles from Resurrection back?”

No. But you can devour in the air.

“I like Monster Hunter and this looks good. Will I like it?”

That’s hard to say. It really depends on you as some people hate it and some people love it. I personally dislike MH but really really like God Eater. If you like really fast paced hunting action with a lot of systems and mechanics topped off with an anime aesthetic, then this game is for you.

“Do you think they will release a ‘Burst’ version of this game?”

I think so. They’ve done it with every other one in the series. If it gets a ‘Burst’ release, it will probably be far into the future though.




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