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Answers to common questions for God Eater 3.

This post aims to preemptively answer any questions you may have about God Eater 3. You may also ask new questions in the comments section on this post and have them be added to this FAQ. Alternatively, you can ask me a question on Twitter @bkbrent.

I can get kind of busy sometimes so don’t expect me to answer questions immediately and don’t get impatient if I have not responded to you yet (^_^)

Questions that have already been answered in this FAQ will be ignored elsewhere so please check here occasionally. Also please check this post before you ask a question.

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“When’s the release date?”

13 December for PS4 in Japan, February 8 worldwide for Steam & PS4. July 11 for Switch.

“Should I play the others before trying this one?”

Yes. Mostly because this game uses a lot of mechanics that are iconic to the series. Also because they kind of don’t explain the mechanics well and the skills you learn in the previous games are transferable to this game.

But you will be fine if this is your first encounter with the series.

“Does this game have Dual Audio?”

Yes. Dual Audio for English & Japanese voices have been confirmed for the western release.

“I have a story related question!”

I usually don’t cover story on this website and try to keep things as spoiler free as possible outside of dedicated Story Guides. While I’m on the topic, please don’t spoil things for others in the comments section. Posting spoilers goes against this site’s Comment Policy.

“So, what’s new in this game?”

There’s two new Melee Weapons, Biting Edge(Dual Blades) & Heavy Moon(Moon Blade) and the Blast Gun has been replaced with the Ray Gun. There’s a lot of new mechanics like the Accel Trigger & Engage System as well. Series players should feel right at home with this installment if not feel like a few things are missing.

“So, are Predator Styles from Resurrection back?”

No. But you can devour in the air.

“I like Monster Hunter and this looks good. Will I like it?”

That’s hard to say. It really depends on you as some people hate it and some people love it. I personally dislike MH but really really like God Eater. If you like really fast paced hunting action with a lot of systems and mechanics topped off with an anime aesthetic, then this game is for you.

“Do you think they will release a ‘Burst’ version of this game?”

Its hard to say. They have been doing a good job with post game updates so we don’t know if we will see a full on ‘Burst Release’. but you just never know.

“How do I unlock more Burst Arts?”

By using them. The more you use them the more they level up and unlock more for that respective weapon. You can also see the prerequisites to unlocking new Burst Arts in the Burst Art edit screen.

“How do I unlock more Burst Art Effects?”

Level your Burst Arts to the max. I was able to unlock all of them by maxing every Art on Buster (I never touched anything else) Then on another playthrough, I earned all of them by unlocking all Burst Arts on all weapons. They were all about Lv3 or Lv4. My best guess is to level Arts that make use of the corresponding type of effect that you’re trying to unlock.

You can find a complete list of Burst Art Effects here.

“How do I unlock more Engage skills?”

Play Assault Missions. You get the Engages of the people that were with you along on the mission along with EP that you use to purchase them.

You can find a complete list of Engage Skills here.

“I have a system mechanic related question.”

Please refer to the System Mechanic Tutorials page. If that page doesn’t answer your questions, feel free to ask another in the comments here.

“What are these ‘+1’s that are sometimes on the Abandoned Arcs?”

Those level the raw attack power of your weapon. They are extremely hard to come by and its recommended that you always save them until you are 100% sure you have a weapon you want to upgrade. They also carry through weapon enhancement levels and the max is +30 for all equipment types.

“Do Abandoned Arc skills get lost when I upgrade?”

No. You can plug skills you wanna keep at rank 4 and have them stay all the way through upgrading.

“Hey. What’s the max story?”

Show/Hide Spoiler

Currently Story 93 [version 2.20] They are planning on releasing more story in updates and the number might increase.


“I am new to the series. What kind of weapon do you think will be good for me?”

I’d recommend either Heavy Moon or Variant Scythe. But I really want players to try everything out and see what they like. You can find Weapon Overviews discussing some basic attributes about all the weapons on the GE3 Main Page.

I’d also like to especially warn new players about maining Biting Edge. This is because it is more hard to use than it initially seems.

“How do I know what’s a good piece of equipment?”

Look at the weapon’s slots, Burst Plugin, Base Damage and Elemental Damage. For Melee Weapons, weapons that have high base damage or have ◯◯ in an Element are good picks for optimizing damage.

“How do I unlock more weapon Blueprints?”

You unlock them by clearing missions. Clearing all missions once(including free missions) will unlock almost all Blueprints. Assault Missions also unlock blueprints but these need to be cleared multiple times.

“Why is so much of your database stuff only in Japanese? Do you have plans to put up some English names?”

Yes. Because I’m playing the JP version, I had to purchase the game twice and clear story again for the English version. Unlocking everything just to see English names takes time and I’m constantly doing so much at a time I get slow at updating things. Please be patient (>_<)

“How do I get more GAP?”

You get 1 GAP for the first time you clear any mission. If you’ve cleared all missions, the only way to earn more GAP is to clear Survival(Expedition) missions.

“Who are good NPCs to pick?”

Hugo, Ein, Claire and Neal are good. Avatar Cards that you get from online play are also very good.

“What skills are good for my NPCs?”

If you’re leveling them, use the two AP gain skills ‘Focus’ and ‘Pep Talk’. Other than that, ‘Informant’ and ‘Link Burst Happy’ are good skills. I also always give mine a healing bullet skill since it helps if all of them can do it. The rest you can fill with HP/Stamina or attack skills like element damage or All Out Attack.

“How do you…. chat online?”

If you press L3 twice you can bring up preset phrases and then press options for text chat. The character limit is low due to how Japanese works.

I do not know the command for PC or Switch because I only play on PS4.

“Um. Can we play together?”

Sure. I’m usually down to play if GE3 is still my main game, but take note of a few things:

  1. I generally do not carry players through story (Asking for my avatar card is fine)
  2. I get very busy sometimes and I might leave abruptly
  3. Probably live in a different timezone than you
  4. I like politeness. That doesn’t mean you have to suck up to me, just don’t be a dick.

If you want to play with me you can message me here, on twitter or on PSN.

“So what’s happening with DLC?”

They are planning a bunch of new and exciting stuff you can read about on Gematsu. new missions, new clothes, new accessories, new NPCs, new story.

I also translate notes for these updates on the Updates Page.

“Why don’t you have a Story guide? Do you have any plans to do a story guide?”

I feel as if the story is straightforward and doesn’t need a guide to get through. If you can’t advance the story by doing a mission it means there’s someone you need to talk to. This is indicated by them having a speech-bubble on their head.

Usually Amy will tell you who you need to talk to but you will still need to find them wherever they are. Just check all the areas until there are no more speech-bubbles then check in with Amy again.

“What do these OO and X mean on the equipment?”

  • Those are elemental affinities.
  • OO Element means roughly damage+50% when Aragami is weak to that element
  • O Element means roughly damage+25% when Aragami is weak to that element
  • X appears on shields and it means the part is weak to that element.

“What can I change on my character avatar after I’ve made them?”

You cannot change your Face Type, Voice Type, Eye Type, Eye Color, Name and Codename after you start the game. Your skin color, hair color and hair style can be changed.

Its also worth highlighting that your Codename is what is displayed during gameplay. Your Name only appears on your avatar card.

“Can you turn off subtitles?”

No. (Unless there’s an option in the localized version I don’t know about)

“What’s up with that Rank 7 trophy? I have a Rank 7 Melee Weapon, Gun & Shield and it still won’t pop.”

That trophy is actually worded a little ambiguously in English. You are actually supposed to get a Rank 7 equipment piece of every single type.

This means a Rank 7 Short, Long, Buster, Hammer, Spear, Scythe, Biting Edge, Heavy Moon, Assault Gun, Sniper, Shotgun, Ray Gun, Buckler, Shield and a Tower. Happy grinding.

“I have serious question. Why have I not seen any God Eater Memes?”

Hey. You asked. So this playlist is your fault.

“How do I get better at Perfect Guarding? I watched some guy on YouTube and he stayed so crispy with his Guards. I want to be able to do that.”

Practice. Using a Buckler helps, but practicing is the main thing. Since you, the player has to practice this for themselves, I can’t really give any hands on tips for getting better at guarding.

All I can say is that be patient and try to understand the Aragami’s attacks as you guard them. Even if you mess up a guard or get hit, use that to understand the timing for what a Perfect Guard(Just Guard or JG) would be.

“Is there any merit in doing Perfect Clears?”

Not really. There is a small badge that appears in the Mission section of your Avatar Card, but that is all. Its mostly for bragging rights or practicing to get better at the game.


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