Wand List

List of all Wands & how to obtain them.

Note: Some of the magical attack values for lower rank wands could be wrong.





1 フログ・ワンド 50  Weapon Shop: 1000 Yld

Chest: Wolginde: Lower Layer

2 ラビット・ホッパー 75  Weapon Shop: 2000 Yld

Chest: Wolginde: Lower Layer

3 オウルアイズ 150  Weapon Shop: 4000 Yld

Chest: Flosshilde: Surface Layer

4 大樹の枝 275  Weapon Shop: 8000 Yld

Chest: Welgunde: Lower Layer

5 ワンド・オブ・コーラル 350  Weapon Shop: 16000 Yld

Chest: Nibelheim: Lower Layer

6 ポレヴィークの苗木 425  Weapon Shop: 32000 Yld

Chest: Flosshilde Underground; Nibelheim

7 ワンド・オブ・ユニコーン 500  Weapon Shop: 64000 Yld


  • Flosshilde Dungeon: Underground South
  • Nibelheim Dungeon: East; Babel Tower
8 ハマドリュアスの依代 550  Chest:

  • Flosshilde: Center Sky Cave
  • All AW Stages
9 光の枝木 600   Extra Quest Reward:

  • [EQ★8] 文字通り巨大な敵
10 マーリンの忘れ形見 650  Side EP Reward:

  • [Folklore; 噂] Endgame Side Episode where you have to follow a white fairy through the Ghost Ship.



*Wands cannot be synthesized so their Passive Effects are all stuck to each respective wand.

**Wands can also have Elemental Attack (Value Range 2-19%).


Show/Hide Wand Effect list



 Increase Max MP


 Increases character’s maximum MP.

  • Value Range: 60-180

 Increase X Element Damage


 Increases magical damage of X element. (X=Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Dark or Holy).

  • Value Range: 2%-19%

 Increase Taming Abilities


 Increases healing and offensive abilities of Familiar.

  • Value Range: 2%-19%

Increase Casting Speed


 Decreases time taken to cast magic spells and buffs.

  • Value Range: 2%-19%







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