[BLOG] Upcoming Projects (2020)


Discussing potential projects for bkbrent.com in 2020

To keep you informed about my plans for the future of this website and my YouTube, I will talk about upcoming games that I am prospectively considering making guides or other content for. Since I always end up not writing these posts that often, there will be a lot to discuss here but I’ll try to keep it brief.

As always, the contents of this post are merely ideas and prospective guides listed here may not materialize in the future.

  1. More God Eater 3 Guides
  2. New Sakura Wars Guide
  3. Other Potential Projects
  4. YouTube Plans


~More God Eater 3 Guides~

If you’ve been following BK Brent, you probably know that God Eater 3 has been my favorite game recently. But the GE3 portion of this website doesn’t quite represent the amount of time I spent playing it. That’s why I’ve been thinking about expanding upon certain aspects of the game in the form of guides that I haven’t covered yet.

I plan to review every existing guide and update outdated or less accurate information wherever it’s needed. I will also add more questions to the FAQ which I’ve been neglecting to do for a long time and write completely new guides on things I haven’t covered yet.

New Potential Guides

  • Basic Controls guide
  • Overview of All Melee, Gun & Shield God Arcs with brief comparisons.
  • ‘Leveling Guide’. Basically giving tips on growing your character
  • Maybe a post on how to get better at GE3
  • Build Guides. What weapons are good and skills to use (This will probably need to be updated constantly)
  • Expanding the Database to have all God Arcs and skills (Too much work)
  • Bullet Editor tips (very, very unsure this will happen)

I also want to power up the existing individual Aragami pages by adding links to Aragami Guides on YouTube. But finding a formula for a video guide that works has been very difficult. This is what I came up with:

I like how this turned out, but its too text heavy and time consuming for me to try to make videos like this for majority of the Aragami in the game. I’ve been thinking for a very long time on how to streamline the process while not losing any of the attention to detail and core knowledge a video like this can contain.

I have a few ideas, but I’ll have to just put them into practice and see how it goes in the future.

~New Sakura Wars Guide~

New Sakura Wars, Project Sakura Wars, Shin Sakura Taisen. A visual novel crossed with an action game that I’ve been playing since December 2019. Currently, its only out in Japanese with no solid English release date. Its a blast of a game that I thoroughly enjoyed and am considering making a guide for. If you have absolutely no idea what it is, watch this:

Its roughly a 40 to 60 hour long visual novel with a lot of side quests and a lot of collectibles. But it is very straightforward to play and making a guide for it could prove to be very helpful.

The bulk of the guide would end up being in two major parts. First is all the decisions you make during the story and side events and how they affect your relationships with other characters. Second is all the collectibles and how to obtain them. Aside from that, I can sprinkle in some combat related guides or other aspects of the game to make the guide more robust.

Given that the game does not have a western release date yet, I could have a really long head-start and put something together that is very detailed by the time the game releases in English. The only drawback is that the game is really big and I would need to have a serious attention to detail to be able to put a kind of guide like this together.

The potential guides listed below might not make sense if you haven’t played the game before, but I am still listing them in detail to give you an idea of the potential workload of this guide.

Potential Guides

  • FAQ
  • Bulk: Main Story Mode Guide
    • It would make sense to break this up into chapters that each have their own pages so that I can give proper detail to the tasks and decisions
    • Each decision will have a table that shows how it affects your relationships with characters in the story. This can be confirmed via trail and error which can take up a lot of time.
  • Bulk: Side Story Guide
    • Similar to Story Mode Guide, but it would include when the events pop up.
    • It would actually make a lot of sense to put these in the Main Story chapter pages and detail them in conjunction with story progress
  • Bulk: Bromide Collection Guide
    • Total list of Bromides (Collectible CG) along with where you can find them.
    • Since these collectibles spawn at different times during a chapter, it would actually also make sense to put them into the Main Story mode pages
  • Tutorial type guides: Battle systems, Affection systems, how2play
  • Koi Koi Taisen Guide. This is the Hanafuda Minigame
  • Character information? Not really the kind of thing I cover on this site, but I could link each Main character and sub character to their corresponding events in the story.
  • Rough trophy roadmap/guide

Obviously, one of the biggest obstacles would be that the decisions and stuff in the game would be documented here in Japanese and then I would eventually need to replay the game again in English just to get the correct localized text for the decisions.

There’s also dangers like the Hanafuda minigame potentially being changed in the western version because Hanafuda isn’t exactly common world knowledge.

Overall, writing a guide for Sakura Taisen seems very straightforward to me. Its just that the game is really, really huge so I might have to throw the idea of covering every single event out the window and only focus on what really matters. It also means that I would need to double dip and purchase the English version myself so that I can get unrestricted access to English localized text to make the guide more accurate.

I am leaning towards going through with this guide while this game is still fresh in my mind. But I have new GE3 guides and future GE3 updates to worry about for now, so I don’t know when exactly I will get to it. But the possibilities of me making a guide for this game are very high at this moment in time.

~Other Potential Projects~

Beyond new GE3 and Sakura Taisen guides, there are a few games of interest in 2020 that may be prospective candidates for making guides on this website. I’ll wrap up this post by telling you how interested I am in making guides or videos for them and why.

Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris

I’ve been asked by a lot of people to make content for this game. I’ve made a name for myself as a guide boi in SAO circles and many have been expecting me to cover this game as well.

I really hate to disappoint people, but I’m not going to do anything for this game. No guides, no videos, no content, nothing. I might not even play it.

The reason why, is that the game is marketing itself solely on the coattails of the recent anime and not showing any promising signs of, you know, being an actual decent game. The other thing is that this game looks A LOT like and Hollow Realization and thinking about making a guide for HR with the amount of times everything changed in updates already makes me feel lightheaded.

I know that I sometimes say I’m not doing something then go back on my word, but I’m pretty serious about not doing content for this game. It simply does not look fun to me or even look like anything that I want to play, so I’m not gonna go ahead and Fatal Bullet myself again. Wake me up when we got AccelSword 2.

Granblue Fantasy Relink

Boy oh boy, Cygames are a bunch of bandits breaking into my chest cavity attempting to steal my heart away this year. If you don’t know, I’m very deep into 2D anime fighting games like BlazBlue and the new Arc System Works developed Granblue Fantasy Versus fighting game has me foaming at the mouth for when it releases in February this year.

But that’s not all. Cygames is also working on another Granblue action game called Granblue Fantasy Relink and it looks nothing short of fucking fantastic!

What can I say man. Sometimes you gaze upon some footage of an upcoming game and just mumble to yourself while watching “That’s looks sick as hell”.

I may not go ahead and try to put guides together on this website for this game, but Granblue Fantasy Relink has a very high possibility of being the next game I dedicate myself to on YouTube. Unlike that SAO game, this looks ultra fun and like something that is worth my time.

~YouTube Plans~

Lol, what do you want to know? On my main YouTube Channel its gonna be God Eater 3 forever until a more interesting game comes out. That’s what I’m having fun doing and that’s what why I’m going to keep doing it til I get tired of it.

I do have plans for certain GE3 videos like the Aragami guides I talked about in the GE3 part of this post. I am also gonna try to aim to generally make the standard of content on my channel more enjoyable by more people, because not everyone like good ol’ Perfect Clears. but we will see how it goes.

The other thing is that I am going to try to work more on my Fighting Game YouTube Channel. I started it a very long time ago, but somehow, in 2019 I didn’t play a lot of fighters and no new interesting Fighting Games came out. I regret not starting the Channel before BBTAG released in 2018.

I still want to do more Million Arthur Arcana Blood combo tutorials and I still want to do more BlazBlue Central Fiction Izanami stuff. Fortunately, there’s also three new fighting games coming out this year that I’m interested in – Granblue Fantasy Versus, the new Under Night and Guilty Gear Strive.

I’m still thinking about what to do, but I do need to breathe some life into this channel in 2020.



When I put everything down like this, it really seems like there’s just not enough time to get everything done. Last year I was going through a lot irl, so the pace I was working at was crippled. But I’m feeling pretty motivated this year so I’m gonna try to do as much as I can!

Thank you for reading.