BK Brent has a blog?

To start off. I don’t really like blogs… Maybe because every High School person i knew always wanted me to look at their stupid Tumblr (>o<)


So. Why did I decide to make a blog?

…Good question.

I guess the main purpose was to create a place where I can group together all the content I have on the games i play. The posts here will most likely be all the long winded stuff that explains everything in excruciating detail. This is because some games don’t have the community support they deserve. But also because mostly because recent worthwhile game information isn’t really found in writing anymore, but instead in the form of educational videos…

Game educational videos are kinda a good thing, but some things are always nice to have in writing, ya know? So search engines can pick them up and stuff.

Anyway. This blog will just be for whatever. Games, Anime, Music? Maybe. No idea what I will do with it right now.

But Don’t take it too seriously and don’t expect me to post everyday… Just take whatever information is posted on here for what it is and don’t be afraid to tell me if I’m wrong about something. That’s about it.

Oh. And who am I?

That doesn’t really matter, does it (^..^).

You’ll figure out enough about me through the content I intend to post.