Update Version 1.10


AccelSword: Millennium Twilight Update Version 1.10 Notes


  • Release: 31/03/2017
  • Size: ~700Mb
  • Previous Version: 1.01
  • 2 New Extra Quests Added
  • 2 New Sudden Quests Added
  • Level Cap Increased
  • Bug fixes


[討伐] 糌望の笑声 (9 Star Difficulty)

  • Boss quest versus Deathx2 [Lv. 1100]

[対決] アクセルアサルト (9 Star Difficulty)

  • VS quest versus Silver Crow, Black Lotus, Lime Bell & Cyan Pile. [All Lv. 1000]
  • Once the above has been beaten, Chiyuri Bell & Kuroyuki Lotus appear [Lv. 1100]

*These extra quests are only playable once you have beaten ep16.


The Purgatory Stage (Hospital) & Abandoned City Stage have had new Sudden Quests added to them.

Hospital: Turtle Boss

Abandonned City: Moth Boss



  • The level cap has been raised from Lv.1000 to Lv1050.
  • You can now arbitrarily select how many levels you want your character to gain in the BP Shop
  • Fixed a bug in Woglinde where you were not able to descend
  • Fall time from sky has been hastened
  • Camera has been adjusted. Two new options for Up-Down & Center Camera Correction have been added (My OPTIONS screen translations have been updated to accomodate this)
  • Load time on vita is faster
  • Save data updated to allow exclusive compatibility with 1.10 (Cross saves from older versions won’t work)


For some reason, you receive 3 Dungeon Exit & 3 Go-To-Town Crystals as a present for the update.

These are sold in the shop…

Maybe they want you to hurry to the quest board and fight Death?