Story Mode Guide


Complete Story Mode Walkthrough

This is a nice straightforward Story Mode Guide. It lists all the objectives for each episode as well as both the order and way to complete them. The guide is as spoiler free as it can be while being helpful. This guide will also not cover anything gameplay related. If you are repeatedly getting killed by a certain boss, go level up or put the game into Easy Mode.

If you want to start a New Game Plus, it is highly recommended that you first finish all the Side Episodes and Character Episodes. It is possible to completely miss your chance to get the Special Sword Skills for characters who obtain them through these Character Episodes.

The Gold Handshake Bond is what unlocks these Character Events. This icon appears above the character’s stats in the ASSOCIATE menu in the Maintenance Booth. Take the specific character who has a Sword Skill with “???” as its unlock requirements on 10 or so extremely easy Extra Quests to get that Handshake icon to appear. When this character has this icon, go to the Arena in town for an event to unlock that Sword Skill.

Its also worth noting that items gained from Story Episodes & Side Episodes cannot be duplicated through another New Game Plus run. You cannot have multiple Trinity Luna rings or multiple Light Symbols (Charm that increases Cast Time).

You can however duplicate Challenge, Friend & Extra Quest reward items. This means you are able to get multiple Crests of Yggdrasil as well as the rings that greatly boost HP/MP.


  1. EP.01 – Usual
  2. EP.02 – Encounter
  3. EP.03 – Searching
  4. EP.04 – Misconception
  5. EP.05 – Cooperation
  6. EP.06 – Cohesiveness
  7. EP.07 – Information
  8. EP.08 – Hostage
  9. EP.09 – Conflict
  10. EP.10 – Entrapment
  11. EP.11 – Consideration
  12. EP.12 – Gathering
  13. EP.13 – Marionette
  14. EP.14 – Esperance
  15. EP.15 – Beast
  16. EP.16 – Pilgrim
  17. EP.17 – Duel
  18. Credits

EP.01 – Usual

  1. Finish the tutorial.
  2. Teleported to next EP marker.

EP.02 – Encounter

  1. Fight Black Lotus
  2. Clear field of the small monsters with the help of Black Lotus
  3. Talk to Liz at the teleporter (orange marker on the map) and then teleport to town.
  4. Talk to Agil behind the counter in the Dicey Cafe to start EP.03

EP.03 – Searching

  1. Go to the 1st area.
  2. Go to both of the orange markers in the field:
    • West marker: Talk to the super cute Cait Sith Amelia outside the dungeon. Accept her quest to fight Sigmund. Make your way through to dungeon until you find Strea. Talk to Strea, Fight Sigmund and then leave the dungeon. Talk to the Amelia again outside the dungeon to complete the quest.
    • East marker: Talk to Pina, and find Silica in one of the barrels in front of you (Silica’s barrel is a slightly different color).
  3.  Talk to the Gold Armored dude Santa who is near the teleporter of the 1st area to start EP.04

EP.04 – Misconception

  1. Head east to the AW portal (Purple icon on map).
  2. Explore the AW.
  3. Fight Silver Crow.
  4. Return to the teleporter of the first area.
  5. Head back to town.
  6. Go to Dicey Cafe and and talk to Silver Crow & Metatron to start EP.05.

EP.05 – Cooperation

  1. Fly South and look for any pink fluffy dragon-like monsters.
  2. Once you find them you will have 4 orange marker targets on your map. These are each monsters that have a red aura.
  3. Defeat all 4 of these monsters at the orange markers.
  4. Proceed South again toward the new orange marker on the map.
  5. Fight Ardor Maiden & Sky Raker,
  6. Fight Borr.
  7. Return to to town.
  8. Go to Dicey Cafe & talk to Sky Raker/Ardor Maiden start EP.06.

EP.06 – Cohesiveness

  1. Go to the 1st area.
  2. Fly passed the huge red building in the middle of the map.
  3. Fight Scarlet Rain to obtain the Red Orb.
  4. Head to Temple (the second closest dungeon to your location to the on the map).
  5. Activate the console inside the Temple.
  6. Proceed through the door with the marker to enter the 2nd area.
  7. Follow the orange marker on the map and talk to Kirito near the teleporter of the 2nd area to start EP.07.

EP.07 – Information

  1. Return to town.
  2. Go to the 2nd area.
  3. Touch Ash Roller while flying to make him(her?) join your party. (Using Blood Leopard for this works pretty well)
  4. Now follow the remaining orange marker on the map and talk to Amelia on top of a mountain. She will give you a quest to find her Treasure Hunting Rival.
  5. Three new orange markers will appear. Trigger the events at each of them.
  6. Fight Dolgthasir.
  7. Talk to Amelia again on top of the mountain again to clear the quest.
  8. Return to town.
  9. Go to the arena in town and talk to Yuuki.
  10. Enter the arena teleporter and fight Yuuki.
  11. Go to Dicey Cafe & talk to the Sexy Guild Leader Spriggan, Maria to start EP.08.

EP.08 – Hostage

  1. Go to the 2nd area.
  2. Follow the orange marker on your map and enter the dungeon.
  3. Inside the dungeon, you have to break the correct color crystal in each of the 6 wings. The color of each crystal you need to destroy corresponds to the logo of the respective Legion. If you do not know the colors for each Legion:
    • Bottom-left wing = Green.
    • Middle-left wing = Purple.
    • Top-left wing = White.
    • Top-right wing = Black.
    • Middle right wing = Blue.
    • Bottom-right wing = Red.
  4. Afterwards, head to the the center of the dungeon to find an AW portal.
  5. Enter the AW portal and find Lime Bell directly in front of you (She is easy to miss).
  6. Fight Yellow Radio to obtain the Yellow Orb.
  7. Head to the Temple with an orange marker.
  8. Activate the console inside the Temple.
  9. Proceed through the door with the marker to enter the 3nd area.
  10. Follow the orange marker on the map and talk to Kirito near the teleporter of the 3nd area to start EP.09.

EP.09 – Conflict

  1. In the 3rd area, fly to the Southwest dungeon on the map. The entrance is a redish-purple portal.
  2. Enter the dungeon and make your way through it (takes a while but its linear so just keep moving forward).
  3. Fight Charon at the end of the dungeon & leave through the new purple portal.
  4. Talk to Rain & Brick Writer in front of you.
  5. Press the blue crystal nearby to break the white wall down.
  6. Follow the orange marker on your map and talk to Santa again to start EP.10.

EP.10 – Entrapment

  1. In the 3rd area, 6 new green portals will appear in the field. 5 of them will take you into the remaining rooms of the warehouse where you met Rain & Brick Writer. The middle portal (found in the pictures below) will progress the story and take you to a fight against Aurboda.0203
  2. Defeat Aurboda & enter the purple portal ahead.
  3. Fight Purple Thorn to obtain the Purple Orb.
  4. Talk to Amelia in front of you.
  5. Fly to the island ahead & fight Chrome Disaster.
  6. Talk to Black Lotus in Dicey Cafe to start EP.11.

EP.11 – Consideration

  1. Go to the 1st area.
  2. Fly up to the Temple. This is the nearest dungeon marker from the teleporter.
  3. Enter the Temple and activate the console.
  4. Ride the Windinator 2000 in front of you.
  5. Examine the stone tablet to the right of the huge stone door.
  6. Fly to the water filled island floating just to the North of the huge tree.
  7. Use the “Sit 2” Emote on the Yellow Circle (picture below).04
  8. Fight Bestia.
  9. Enter the huge stone door that has just opened underneath the big tree.
  10. Make your way through the dungeon and fight the Uzai Bat-Moth boss at the end of it.
  11. Enter the AW portal and fight Blue Knight to obtain the Blue Orb.
  12. Go to the 2nd area.
  13. Enter the Temple that is third dungeon from the top on the map.
  14. Activate the console inside the Temple.
  15. Leave the Temple and descend down the down the huge hole that has appeared right in front of you.
  16. Enter the west dungeon inside the hole.
  17. Make your way through the dungeon and exit the purple portal on the other side of it.
  18. Fight Chernobog & Green Grandee to obtain the Green Orb.
  19. Go to the 3rd area.
  20. Enter the Temple located in the center of the map but slightly to the north.
  21. Activate the console to start to start EP.12.

EP.12 – Gathering

  1. Exit the Temple and fly to the crescent moon platform in the sky.
  2. Fight Hati.
  3. Enter the AW portal.
  4. Enter the hospital and fight Black Vise.
  5. Leave through the same AW portal and follow the orange marker on your map.
  6. Fight White Cosmos to obtain the White Orb.
  7. Activate the console in front of you and enter the teleporter to start EP.13.

EP.13 – Marionette

  1. Fly to the orange marker in front of you.
  2. Fight Black Lotus and obtain the Black Orb.
  3. Go to the door of the huge tower ahead of you.
  4. Fight Verdraegnungkifbaibfa and enter then tower.
  5. Go through the Tower dungeon (takes a long while).
  6. Fight Chrome Disaster and obtain the Grey Orb.
  7. Ascend to the final floor of the Tower and touch the orange marker.
  8. Despair for 15 seconds.
  9. Exit the Tower using the Teleporter to the right.
  10. Talk to Kirito in front of you to start EP.14.

EP.14 – Esperance

  1. Go to the 2nd area.
  2. Enter the huge hole in the 2nd area.
  3. Find the hidden entrance in the invisible barrier (west) that leads to the other section of the underground area. (There are two white dots on the map that indicate where this is hidden entrance is).
  4. Fly southeast once you’re on the other side until you find a frozen Amelia in the corner of the Underground Area.
  5. Fight Mimir and Hrymr.
  6. Talk to Amelia.
  7. Fly to Abandoned Ship orange marker in the skies of the 2nd area to start EP.15.

EP.15 – Beast

  1. Find all the 4 object emitting gas and break them (Video above).
  2. Find the 3 Trinity Rings (Also video above).
  3. Fight Raan.
  4. Go to the 4th area.
  5. Equip your party members each with one the 3 Trinity Rings.
  6. Defeat all 3 of the Legendary Beasts.
  7. Return to town.
  8. Follow the orange marker on your map in town and talk to Liz/Rain by the Blacksmith Space.
  9. Talk to Kirito near the Blacksmith space to start EP.16.

EP.16 – Pilgrim

  1. Go to the 4th area.
  2. Follow the orange marker on your map and talk to Strea.
  3. Chase someone up some stairs for an unnecessarily long time.
  4. Defeat The Last Boss.

EP.17 – Duel

  1. Follow the orange marker in town as either Kirito or Silver Crow.
  2. Defeat Kirito/Silver Crow in a duel.



Now you can enjoy the endgame which offers tons of things to do as well as a robust Online Mode. If this is your first time on my site, I have comprised tons of information about this game such as Character OverviewsLeveling Guides, Weapon Building Guides, Boss Guides and hands-on Character Guides for every character in the game. Everything on my site is written with the intention of helping the reader become an exceptionally good player so it would be good if you could take your time reading through all of it. All of this stuff is accessible from the AccelSword Super Guide Main Page.

Special thanks to Rea who helped me with this Story Mode Guide. May your Tyr be twice as strong in memory of the other.