The Passive Skills Bug [Removed]


The Legendary Passive Skills Bug


  1. Preamble
  2. What is The Passives Bug?
  3. How The Passive Bug Works
  4. How To Trigger The Passive Bug
  5. How To Tell If The Passive Bug Happened To You
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
  7. My Opinion on The Passive Bug


This section will describe any new events that may occur around the Passive Bug. The purpose of doing this is to raise awareness and prevent potential stupidity regarding the Passive Skills Bug. I strongly advise English speaking players to read this section and check it momentarily should new updates be added. If you do not know what the Passive Bug is yet, read the rest of the article and then come back to this news section.

Status of the Passive Skills Bug: REMOVED [JP 2.00]

The Passive Bug has been made unusable as of Version 2.00. On top of this, all additional Passives will be stripped from characters and your characters will now only have their own basic Passive Skills.

This post is now useless. More information in the News section below.



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Update (1/06/2017):

Apparently, the details of the Passive Bug have been shared on a certain JP message board. Whenever something is new, shiny, powers up your characters and exploits the game, there will always be a group of idiots who will call it “cheating”. This is because they either fully don’t understand how to do it or they are angry that they have been left behind because their characters have now become weak (Never mind they can go do it themselves).

Since the Passive Bug’s details have been made public there has been a huge outrage from a large group of JP players who are “Anti-Passive Bug”. They are banding together and calling it cheating and trying to say that everyone who does it should be kicked from online rooms and ostracized.

It has even gotten to the point where the developers may have to address it in some way. But not only do I not see why, I don’t see how. Patching the Passive Bug will require a whole rework of the game’s Online Netcode which is not something that you can easily do – especially when the game has multiple worldwide online servers.

But still. This is all so fucking stupid.

Lot’s of players turn into huge babies when they don’t understand how something is done. Some of these JP players who are calling people cheaters join my room and beg me for Passives because I have all 36 and a GDLK trigger rate. It is utterly disgusting.

As the author of the #1 English AccelSword Information site, I will use what ever little control I have over the English player base to urge you to not be stupid like this.

Everyone has access to the Passive Skills Bug. Its not some cheat or hack that sinister people do to make everyone else in the game super weak. The rewards aren’t even THAT great as far as cheating goes.

Just calmly gather up some friends and use the Passive Bug to make your characters strong.

But at the same time, understand that this potential stupidity that’s born from not knowing how to do something is a danger to the player base as a whole. So when some random stranger asks you why you keep exiting/entering the room or how did you get all 36, don’t be a dick about it.

Just tell them “Passive Bug” and then link them this post.

Update (8/6/2017):

So. Today one of us long time Lost Song players got publicly exposed as a “cheater” for using the Passive Bug. He just posted a picture of a weapon on Twitter. But since his character had ALL 36s in the background, someone on 2chan (A JP game info site) decided to make an example out of him by doxing his PSN ID and posting it publicly on a message board with the tag “Trashy Cheater“.

The rest of this thread agreed like “Yep. Lets kick this bastard and others like him”. One of the guys even said “I don’t know how you do that, but I know that its a cheat.”

What the actual fuck.

Normal, upstanding players who are concerned about growing their characters are being demonized and publicly slandered for it? Now that’s something that pisses me off to no end. You may not think its much but being called a cheater when you have put so much hard work into a game is extremely demoralizing.

Especially when its by a group of cunts who just regurgitate whatever the public opinion is at the time without ever even thinking about what they are doing.

This shit could have happened to any of us.

If I was just a little more active Online or on Twitter it could have happened to me. Can you imagine if I was publicly slandered as  a “Cheater” after I just gave up 3 months of my life to compose a high quality guide covering everything in this game?

I can. And the possibility alone demoralizes me.

English speaking players. Let’s not become stupid like these JP players did.

Update (7/7/2017):

Alright. With today’s 2.00 update, all additional Passives on characters that were obtained through the Passive Bug have been removed. It might make sense if I say the characters were “stripped” and reset. Whether this means the Passive Bug is gone or not is something that I will have to test for myself.

But right now, Everyone is just charging into the Mugen Dunegon. Its hard to gather the necessary players for the Passive Bug.

But as soon as I test it and verify whether its there or not, I will update this post.

Update (13/7/2017):

Hmm. Yesterday I was able to confirm that the Passive Bug itself is still in the game. But there’s a bigger problem – It seems like we can’t store our passives.

You can pop the Passive Bug in the same way like before. But once you leave the room, it seems like your characters are completely stripped of the Passives you got in the room.

I’ll try lots of things to try to trick the game into letting us keep passives but that’s going to take quite a while so be patience and keep an eye on this section in case something comes up.

Honestly… its not looking good. I’m starting to think the Passive Bug has been rendered unusable…

Update (19/7/2017):

The Passive Bug has been made unusable. Like I said in the previous update, its still in the game and still works like normal. But now there’s some serious Yellow Tape around it which basically makes it so that we can’t store out Passives.

I’m angry that such a huge component of character building was removed because a bunch of babies complained non-stop. I’m angry that I spent so much time writing this post only to have the whole damn bug removed.

I mean… The guys who complained about the bug aren’t even playing anymore… Now we have to charge into that crazy hard Mugen Dungeon with Passive-less characters..? I wasn’t relying on the Passive Bug but God damnit I must have spent at least 25+ hours getting all the Passives onto all of my characters.

The bug itself still works. So that means there might be another way to trick the game into letting us store our Passives but damn. I don’t have the time to do any more testing than I’ve already done.

You are welcome to try to find a new way to do the Passive Bug in Version 2.00, but remember that if you do find a way, you have to share it with me. That’s the least you could do since I’m the one that taught all English speaking players about the Passive Bug (>.<)




If you have played online a lot, have you ever wondered why some of your elemental resistance is 36 and some is 0? Especially if you have 36 Wind on Strea who majors in Earth. By all means she shouldn’t get Wind so why…?

Well, that’s the Passive Skills Bug.

In this post, I will explain everything I know about this Passive Bug, including What It Does, How To Trigger It as well as some other important information that’s definitely worth knowing. This information will most likely not be found anywhere else on the internet in English (I couldn’t even find anything on it in Japanese). So if someone on Gamefaqs makes a nice post on all this stuff, I’m straight up going to call it plagiarism.

Anyway, I like to think of the The Passive Bug as one of those super cool “System Override” tricks that you see the main character do in an anime or something. Its not nearly as glorious as that, but it allows you to do some pretty amazing things that would never be possible by just playing normally.  Like having a Strea that resists Wind magic.

If you’ve been following this blog since my Lost Song days, I would like to thank you with tears in my eyes you may remember that a year ago, I made a post on The Passive Skills Bug in Lost Song. The Passive Skills Bug in AccelSword is identical to the bug in Lost Song. Both the reward and trigger methods are exactly the same in AccelSword so that old article of mine is still relevant and worth a read. But since Battle Skills no longer exist and Passive Skills have gotten buffed, the Passive Bug in AccelSword is even better than it was in Lost Song.

~What is The Passive Bug?~

The Passive Bug is an online bug where you can inherit ALL the Passive Skills from ANY other character in the game, The example I like to use is of a Strea with 36 Wind Resistance. Strea originally gets NO wind skills or wind resistance, but if you inherit a Sylph like Leafa’s Passive Skills, you can get “Increase Wind Attack” & “Increase Wind Resistance” passives onto your Strea.

But it doesn’t just stop there, I stated that you get ALL the passives from the other character. So in this case, its possible for your Strea to go and inherit “Boss Blocker” & “Increase Rare Drop” passive skills from a Rain or Yellow Radio.

These inherited Passive Skills go far beyond just “making a difference” and completely overhaul your character’s abilities. I’ll gush about how much of a difference it makes in the FAQ section of this post, but for now, you can drool at my Liz who has every single Passive Skill in the game:


These inherited passive skills will stay on your character as permanent as long as you save your game after inheriting them.

~How The Passive Bug Works~

In short: when a new player enters your room, they have a chance to trigger the Passive Bug and give you the passives of the person who left BEFORE the new person joined.

Example: I’m standing in a room lobby with my Strea. A random Klein leaves the room while I’m waiting for you to join. You join as a Leafa and miraculously you do in fact trigger the Passive Bug for me. In this case, I will get Klein’s Passives as opposed to Leafa’s because Klein was the last character who left the room before you joined.

The bug itself doesn’t make a lot of sense and I’m not going to lie and say I know exactly why it happens. Its an online bug and the answer to why lies in the netcode setup. Since this bug is exactly the same as the one in Lost Song, its safe to say that the two games have very similar netcode.  I have many theories about why it happens but I know that you don’t like reading so I won’t waste your time.

I do know the most important thing about this bug and that is How To Trigger it.

~How To Trigger The Passive Bug~

Since the Passive Bug triggers when a new players enters a room, we can force it to trigger by having one or two players constantly enter and exit the room. This greatly increases the probability of inheriting the passives from a character of your choice.  The players inside the room are on the receiving end while the players entering and exiting the room are giving passives to those inside the room (In case this wasn’t clear). Since the giving players get nothing out of giving, everyone involved should switch between giving and receiving momentarily to keep everyone happy.

*The Host of the room is unable to inherit Passive Skills. 

But its not as easy as just entering and leaving a room. There are a hell of a lot of parameters involved if you want to perform the passive bug efficiently. These are as follows:

  • Bad Internet Connection.
  • An Online Room of 8+ players.
  • A High Level Characters
  • Dedicated & Cooperative Friends
Bad Internet Connection

This is definitely the most important factor involved. Your internet connection directly affects your Passive Bug Trigger Rate. In this case, having shitty internet is great for both giving and receiving. But its not only about how bad your net is, it may also be about where you live, your line stability, whether you are using wi-fi or even time of day. For the best results, you will need to be as creative in your attempts to try to make your internet connection as bad as possible.

But even then, sometimes people just cannot Trigger Passive Skills for others. That’s the one thing that makes this whole Passive Bug annoying (>.<)

But if you want to make your internet bad, here’s a list of things you can try:

  • Try Connecting your ps4 to the net with wi-fi.
  • Try being in a PS Party(Voice Chat) while attempting passives.
  • Try Downloading or Streaming tons of files to try to put a strain on your line.
  • Try using your smartphone as a wi-fi hotspot and connect your ps4 to it.

Personally, I haven’t tried any of these because I live in a country with unbelievably bad internet so I already have a Giving God Trigger Rate (Almost 100% in a room of 6+). But this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you can come up with. I’ve had someone wrap his internet modem in Aluminum Foil just to try to give me Passives. He wasn’t able to give me any Passives but he did become able to give some other people Passives in the room that he couldn’t give to before.

Number of People in the Room

This is also one of the most important factors involved in the process. Generally speaking, the more people in the room, the better. Regardless of your trigger rate, the Passive Bug will never trigger for anyone when the room has less than 5 or 6 total people in it (Unless your Trigger Rate is that of a Giving God)

Try to gather lot’s of people together and attempt to inherit Passive Skills in a nice orderly fashion where everyone gets a chance.

High Level Characters

The players entering and exiting the room can use characters of any level, but the players inside the room who are inheriting the Passive Skills must do so with their High Level Characters. This because you can only successfully inherit a Passive Skill if you are at the required level to obtain it.

Example, a Level 500 Strea will not be able to inherit 36 Wind Resistance because her level is not high enough to receive the “Increase Wind Resistance+” Passive Skill. Instead she will simply just inherit 20 Wind Resistance. This applies to all Passive Skills inherited through the Passive Bug.

Dedicated & Cooperative Friends

This helps a lot. If you don’t have friends you can arrange to do the Passive Bug with, the only other way to receive passive is to just AFK in a lobby for days and days on end. In this case, you may never ever get Holy Passive Skills because not many people use White Cosmos.

Since the bug ultimately requires the help of other people, it makes sense to help and receive help from other players in your quest to obtain Passive Skills. But don’t make friends with people purely for the sake of sucking Passives from them. I didn’t raise you to be a Leeching Bastard (T_T)

~How To Tell If The Passive Bug Happened To You~

So we have people entering and exiting the room to try to give you Passive Skills, but how do we know when it’s successful? The answer is simple: Check Your Status.

A Yuuki who just received Wind

If you had 0 Elemental Resistance in Wind and it just became 36 when a Sakuya entered the room and triggered the bug, it will be easy to see a difference. But what if we are trying to inherit “Boss Blocker” from Rain who has no elements? How will we know if we have received anything?

When another player triggers the Passive Bug for you, your HP & MP will become 1 & 0 respectively. This is the only way to tell if the Passive Bug has indeed happened to you.

There are also a few weird things that can happen when triggering Passives. Sometimes your Attack will  appear as ridiculously high or low, or a Kirito will enter a room with the Haruyuki BP+ Enhanced Armament on his shoulder, or even a player might straight up enter the room as a character that they aren’t even using and stay like that for a full 20 seconds before the game corrects this.

Luckily, none of these weird things are permanent and only the actual Passive Skills stay on your character when you save your game. (I’m kinda salty the 1HP 0MP isn’t permanent though. Can you imagine how awesome that’d be? X_X)

Unfortunately, we can’t actually go and view the list of additional Passive Skills we have inherited on our characters but they are indeed there. If you have inherited Boss Blocker you will in fact take less damage from Bosses. The difference are as clear as night & day.

~Frequently Asked Questions~

In this section, I will answer any potential questions you may have regarding the Passive Skills bug. If a question is asked a lot I will update this section.

Hmm. So how much of a difference DOES this Passive Bug make?

Good Question. Picture a Leprechaun or Pooka with Elemental Damage. Imagine A Yuuki with Fast Cast. What about an Asuna with HP+30% and Boss Blocker?

The difference that the Passive Bug makes is staggering.

Let’s talk about my Liz some more:


For those of you who don’t know what to look at, the Leprechaun race gets no Elemental Resistances. That’s the most obvious difference aside from the Increases in MP & HP. But other than that, her damage output and defensive abilities have shockingly increased.

Before when I had no bonus Passive skills I used to get one-shot killed by a Lv1250 Abaddon’s driving attack. Now that I have Dark Resistances, Increase Defense+ and Boss Blocker, I survive with 60% HP.

That’s just how Good The Passive Bug is.

EDIT(17/05/2017): With today’s update, Liz got Boss Blocker as a 1100 Passive Skill orz.

I can’t do it. I tried for days to give my friend Earth and it just doesn’t work.

Trust me, I know how frustrating this is. I gave a whole long list of Japanese players everything and I haven’t gotten shit out of it. Even though they tried for days and days to give me stuff in return, I wasn’t able to receive anything. The main issue here is compatibility. If it just straight up isn’t working with one person, it doesn’t mean that the bug doesn’t exist, it means that your network compatibility with a person is just too good to trigger the Passive Bug.

Try making your internet connection bad or try doing it with another player.

Okay BK. Now how do I know which Characters have which Passives Skills?

I already translated all the Passive Skills for all characters in the Character Guides section of my AccelSword Super Guide. Simply click on a chara and go to their Passives to see what they have. It took me like 6 weeks to translate all of that so I hope that you can make a lot of use out of it.

Use it like a shopping list and pick out which ever Passive Skills you want.

What the hell? I’m doing Passive Skills with my friends and these Leeching Bastards keep popping up just to suck Passives from us…

I know right. (@_@)

If you can organize enough people, Password Protected Rooms are a good look.

Damn! What if this Passive Bug gets patched out of the game in the next Update!?!?

This seems unlikely. It would require them to update the whole netcode of the game which is rather… large scale. I mean, it survived all the way through Lost Songs life. Personally I don’t think it will be patched out but we can never be too sure. So I would actually advise you to do it now if you can.

If it ever does get patched out, I will update this post saying its not possible anymore.

This seems sketchy. I don’t think I want to do this. It feels like we are defacing the uniqueness of the characters the developers worked so hard to create.

I kind of understand what you mean. But I feel like certain characters got seriously short-changed in their original Passive Skills. But if you don’t want to use this bug, you lose the right to complain about your characters being weak.

“Sounds like a bag of lies. I don’t believe this crap.”

Why would I lie? I literally translated a whole game AND its Strategy Guide. Why would I go and write an intricate article just for the sake of tricking you?

Well. You’re welcome to think the Passive Bug is a lie until I join your room with every character “ALL 36” and you wet your pants in awe. (T_T)

This is cheating. I’m kicking people who I see with all 36.

Are you stupid? Do you have such a huge inferiority complex that you have to call people cheaters because they are doing something you are too lazy to do?

Well then. With that logic, me maxing all 3 of Liz’s Weapon Proficiency and every Sword Skill and buff makes me a cheater too because you are too lazy to do that, right?

Everyone has access to the Passive Bug. Even you. It just requires hard work and dedication to do to the point where you get all 36. But outside of this, its so easy to do that it can even happen by accident.

Because I have a near 100% rate of triggering the Passive Bug, are you telling me that you are going to exit your game to lose progress if I just happen to enter a room and give you Ice? Even if you have been doing a 4 hour leveling session? That’s what I thought so shut the fuck up (^..^)

You’ll probably take your anger out on me because you are stupid but even then, that’s not something I have control over.

The fact remains that you could just as easily go get Passive Skills like those all 36 people you are kicking.

“If this bug was in Lost Song and it is so good, why don’t I know about it? I frequent all the game information sites and I’ve never heard about anything like this.”

Assuming you know everything about a game is the first step to denying any more personal growth in that game.

And by “Game Information” sites you mean gamefaqs? Well funny enough, back in Lost Song days there was a certain knowledgeable player who tried to tell gamefaqs about the Passive Bug. He used Liz and as example but he got shot down repeatedly by one of gamefaqs’ typical belligerent assholes who just kept saying “OK but Strea is better” without even listening to what he was saying. So English speaking players, you actually have someone to blame for not knowing about this.

Damn dude. How did you figure this out?

I figured out how it works in Lost Song and then just applied my knowledge here. The bug is pretty much exactly the same so it wasn’t that hard to figure it out.

So BK. You say you’re a Giving God right? How about you let me suck every Passive Skill from you.

Hell no. I refuse to do Passive Skills with strangers. When I finish all Passives on all characters I’m never doing Passive Bug again (T_T)

What happens if you inherit Passives with AW characters while they have their Enhanced Armaments that lower Elemental Resistance?

Apparently, Math in this game is hard…

アクセル・ワールド VS ソードアート・オンライン 千年の黄昏_20170512191557.jpg

Haha. Imagine the crazy guy that is able to get All Passives onto All Characters. That’d be amazing.”

A certain YouTuber who I respect did it for Lost Song. By the time you read this, BK Brent would have done it in AccelSword.

~My Opinion on The Passive Bug~

I don’t know man. I feel like… This is such a huge aspect of character building that it has to be known by all players. But at the same time its not nice when just everyone knows high level techniques because that makes them un-high level, you know?

I had tons of bad experiences with the Passive Bug. Nothing game related, but more like people only acting friendly towards me for the sake of Passives with no intention of giving me anything back. There was a point where I couldn’t even join a random room without some jackass asking me for Passive Skills (T_T)

I have mixed feelings towards the Passive Bug because I love the amount of complexity it brings to the game but deep down I really loathe how it makes the players act. So i kinda didn’t want to write this article and now that I’ve written it I still wana keep it hidden so I wont put it on the main page of the AccelSword Super Guide.

Simply because it makes people crazy. That and the fact that its always nice when things have some novelty to them.

On second thought, I think I will post it on the main page. The reason why the Passive Bug was demonized by majority of JP players was because they were angry with jealousy. They didn’t know how to do it and when they found out how, they were so far behind that it was easier to say it is a Cheat as opposed to putting in the work to do it themselves.

So if I keep this information hidden I might make that same disaster happen again. Since I wrote all this information with the intention of making AccelSword have a high quality player base, I have to do my part in making sure this information is properly shared. It would be nice you, the reader, could do the same.

Thank you for reading.