Rare Drop & Other Drop Rates


Drop Rates & The Factors influencing them.

First of all, the information found in this post was taken straight from the Strategy Guide. That thing has tons of mistakes so I’ll advise you to not take the Drop Rates listed here as 100% true values. It is also possible that the Drop Rates could have been altered in one of the games many Version Updates. As a result the information here could be both invalid and outdated. Read with caution.

When you defeat a monster, you will always get Yuld & BP. But there is a small chance that you will get Materials and an even smaller chance that you will get a Rare Drop which gives you Weapons or Equipment. When you start farming for Weapons or Equipment, these Drop Rates become a serious pain in the balls.

According to the Strategy Guide, the Standard Drop Rate (drop rates in the Field or in Sudden Quests) for items lowers in Extra Quests and in Online Play. The values that are listed in the Guide for Rare Drops are almost Tainted Crystal levels of rarity so I don’t believe them for a second. I have found that Online has considerably better drop rates (even in Extra Quests). This leads me to believe that the Standard Drop rate is used in all cases of Online Play.

For information on which monsters drop which kinds of material & equipment, consult the DATABASE.

In any case, the purpose of this post is to help shed some light on some potential drop rates as well as ways to increase them.


  1. Mobs Drop Rates
  2. Boss Drop Rates
  3. Increasing Drop Rates
  4. So what does this all mean?






 Yuld Drop  100%  100%
 BP Drop  100%  100%
 Material Drop  10% or 30%  5% or 10%
 RARE DROP  2%  1%

Since these Drop Rates are listed as universal, Material Drops have two values. Presumably because materials that are more rare will have a lower drop rate.





 Yuld Drop  100%  100%
 BP Drop  100%  100%
 Material Drop  50% or 80%  30%
 Equipment/Material Drop  30% or 50% or 80% 5% or 10% or 20%
 RARE DROP  10% 3%

As with the Mob Drop Rates, multiple values listed correspond to the rarity of the respective potential item each boss may drop.

Additionally, when you break a Boss Body Part, you receive a bonus 30% BP.


There are a few ways to increase drop rates outside of just playing in Online or in the Field. But since it is very easy to get confused with the math, please note that these methods do not affect the drop rates directly. They instead affect the chance to get a drop. (The only Exception to this is the Hit Counter method)

If you are having trouble understanding what that means, I have given examples of each increase for every respective Drop Rate increasing method.


In the Strategy Guide it states that the Combo Counter you have at the moment a boss dies, directly affects the Yuld & BP earned as well as the drop rate. It says that an over 20 Combo multiplies the Drop Rates by 1.5 and an over 50 combo multiplies the Drop Rates by 2.

This is indeed true and a real thing. I have spent tons of time testing this by killing bosses with many different values on the Combo Counter. My conclusion is that The Higher The Hit Counter, The Higher The Drop Rate.

The strategy guide doesn’t say anything about the drop rate increasing beyond a multiple of 2. So a lot of readers interpreted this as “OK. So the Hit Counter Drop Rate Increase stops at x2”. But my interpretation was “What if it keeps on increasing based on the hit counter?”. It is hard to verify for sure as it is ultimately luck based, but in my experience I get Rare Drops more often if the Hit Counter is over 100. Even more so if its over 200.

*This Method affects all Drop Rates.


A 30% Drop Rate becomes 60% if you kill a monster with over 50 hits (30% x2).


The two rings “Pinky Ring”[Rare Drop +10%] and “Lucky Rise Ring”[Rare Drop+25%] increase the probability of rare drops.

Pinky Ring is dropped from one of those Imaimashii Beetles and Lucky Rise Ring is dropped from Melancolia.

*These rings only affect Rare Drop rates.


Pinky Ring: A 30% chance Rare Drop would become 33% (10% of 30%).

Lucky Rise Rise:  A 30% chance Rare Drop would become 37.5% (25% of 30%).


A few characters (Strea, Agil, Yellow Radio and some others) get a high level passive skill called “Increase Rare Drop”. Since this Passive was added in an Update, there is no information on the actual increase it gives. But if it is anything like the “Increase Yuld Drop” or “Increase BP Drop” passive skills, it is a 10% increase.

*This method only affects Rare Drop rates.


A 30% chance Rare Drop would become 33% if you had this Passive Skill (10% of 30%).


It is unclear if the game’s difficulty affects the actual drop rates but it does indeed affect the Quality of the drops. For easy farming purposes, I typically play the game in Easy Mode. I usually get crappy weapons if I get any weapons at all. But when I read that Game Difficulty affects drops, I put the game in hard mode and started getting considerably better weapons.

Online Mode is set at a fixed difficulty that is somewhere around (or beyond) Hard Mode. This means that the finest quality weapons can be gotten Online as well as in Hard Mode.



If we want to make the farming process as smooth and as rewarding as possible we should adopt a few good farming habits.

For Materials:

  • Play the game offline (Any Difficulty OK)
  • Equip Lucky Rise Ring to all characters
  • Certain Rank 10 Materials only drop in dungeons which can only be accessed offline (These materials do also drop in Extra Quests, but Boss take longer to kill)
  • Use Wind Cutter to get a high combo counter or kill mobs with AoE magic.

For Weapons (Rare Drop):

  • Play the game online (Hard Mode is an alternative but the Drop Rates are bad).
  • Equip Lucky Rise Ring.
  • Inherit the “Increase Rare Drop” Passive by using the Passive Skills Bug.
  • Use Wind Cutter to get the Combo Counter to 100+ before the Boss dies (If you don’t have Wind Cutter, use Sling Stone or any other Weak Multi-hit move)
  • Never give up.

Hopefully this helps you streamline your farming process and understand how to be as efficient as possible.

Thank you for reading.