‘Inheriting’ Elemental Resistance

Have you ever wondered why some of your Elemental Defense is 40% and some is 20%?

Rain-chan w/ some 40%s and some 20%s

I will tell you what I know about this…

I have wondered about this for pretty much the whole time I’ve played SAO Lost Song. I found out why it was happening by asking some other players, but didn’t understand what was actually happening.

However, recently I finally understood what was actually happening, and I also figured out how to manipulate it in order to make it happen on purpose!

This is actually the result of a glitch. We all call it  the ‘Inheriting Passive Skills’ glitch.

It’s a glitch that involves the way the online room netcode is set-up. I won’t lie and say that I know exactly why it happens, but I do know the most important part: HOW it happens.


Sometimes. When someone enters a room of +8, the game gets somewhat confused and first displays them as a Lv1000 Seven for about 5 Seconds. Then they immediately turn into a Lv 564 Kirito and stay that way for their entire stay in the room.

Have you ever seen that happen? You can only ever see it if you are standing in the quest tavern. You might’ve seen it but weren’t paying enough attention or you straight up didn’t care.

But what you just saw was the ‘Inheriting Passive Skills’ glitch.

When that happens, The glitch has in fact occurred and you “Inherited” something from the person who just entered the room.


Whether you saw the whole glitch happen or not, there is one sure-fire way to confirm whether you have inherited anything from someone:

Check your status.

The passive skills glitch after it triggered

If you have Extremely low HP & MP even though you are a LV1000 character, that’s how you know that the glitch has happened to you.

I like to wear Ring of Mimir all the time, so that if the glitch happens to me, my HP goes to 1.

It’s worth noting that if you did receive the glitch and your status now has very low HP & MP, you can leave the tavern and come back in. That way it will go back to normal.


The Passive Skills of the character who just entered the room. Since this is a glitch, you won’t be able to see any difference to your Passive Skills, But the effects are definitely there.

To confirm this, equip the Light Crystal Ring.

You should be getting 22 Attack for all Elements, except for the Element that your character majors in.

For major elements, you will get 26.

If you are an Gnome, you definitely don’t major in Wind, but if you have 40% Wind Defense, you will get 26 Wind Attack with the Light Crystal Ring, which is the same as you would get with your character’s true major element, Earth.

This is the result of the ‘Inheriting Passive Skills’ glitch.

So which character’s give which Passive Skills?

Kirito – Increase Attack/Defense.

Klien – Increase Fire Attack/Defense.

Asuna, Sumeragi – Increase Water Attack/Defense.

Strea, Agil – Increase Earth Attack/Defense.

Leafa, Lux, Sakuya – Increase Wind Attack/Defense.

Seven – Increase Holy Attack/Defense.

Yuuki – Increase Dark Attack/Defense.

Phillia, Rain, Liz, Black Lotus – Increase Physical Attack/ Defense? (I’m not so sure about this one)

Sinon, Silica, Alicia Rue, Argo – Absolutely no idea. Its probably the “Increase Familiar Abilities” Passive Skill. Which is completely worthless to anyone who isn’t a Cait Sith.

Note that the glitch can not be triggered by Custom Characters. If a Custom Sylph enters the room and the glitch does trigger, you will get nothing.

UPDATE (2016/08/29):

Its recently been confirmed that you inherit ALL the passive skills from the other character. This includes UNION buffs and even Passive Attack/Defense or HP/MP Increase Skills.

Additionally, this means that if your character has All Elemental Defense at 40%, they would have all the passive skills in the game. (Or at least, all the ones that matter.)

So In this case, Attacking Races(Salamander, Gnome, Leprechaun) will give the Passive HP/DEF/ATK Skills and the Mage Races(Sylph, Pooka, Undine) will give the Passive MP/Magic Skills.

I’m writing this from memory. But if you want to know exactly which Passive Skills are held by which races, you can just look at them on your own characters >.>



  • An Online room of at least +8 people inside it
  • Dedicated friends
  • A character of at least LV 250
  • An undying determination

There are also some compatibility issues. Like one player may be able to receive the glitch from another player ~50% of the time. But the receiving player won’t be able to trigger the glitch for the other player at all.

Honestly, I think having a Bad Internet connection is another thing that helps the glitch trigger.


First you will need to find a room of +8 people.

Once you have found a room, You tell your friend to switch to thier Asuna because you want to try to get Water Passive Skills from her.

Once this is all done, you should stand in the tavern where people enter and exit the room.

When you are ready, your Asuna friend should leave the room and come back immediately. This can be made simple by sending the Asuna player an Invite or by making a PS Party and having them Join Session through it.

When the Asuna joins the room again, there is a small chance that the glitch will occur and you can Inherit Water Passive Skills from her.

To confirm this, check your status. If you have really low HP and MP, you would have inherited Water Passive Skills! If this is true, switch to a different character, or save your game so that you can keep these new Passive Skills forever.

But if everything looks normal,  it didn’t work…

In which case, try it again.


The glitch is triggered by the person who previously left the room.

Meaning that if your Asuna friend leaves and is coming back, but a random Kirito just left the room before the Asuna gets back in, there is a chance you may get Kirito Passive Skills instead of Asuna’s. This is even though your Asuna friend has successfully entered the room.

I also think the age of the room and the number of people standing in the lobby has an effect on the probability of the glitch triggering.

It worked fairly consistently  for me when there was 4+ total people standing in the tavern.

Again. There’s no guarantee that the glitch will work for you and your Asuna friend.

As I said, compatibility between players is a serious issue here.


Its possible to Inherit Passive Skills offline, but this method ONLY works for Custom Characters. The Advantage here, is that it has a 100% success rate.

To do this, go to the place where you make Custom Characters in the tavern.

From there, delete an existing Custom Character.

In the Slot where a Custom Character used to exist, make a new one.

The kind of Passive Skills you want will dictate the choice of character you pick. Use the list below for which characters will give what Passive Skills (Adapted from the list above).

Salamander – Increase Fire Attack/Defense.

Undine– Increase Water Attack/Defense.

Gnome – Increase Earth Attack/Defense.

Sylph– Increase Wind Attack/Defense.

Pooka – Increase Holy Attack/Defense.

Imp – Increase Dark Attack/Defense.

Spriggan, Leprechaun – Increase Physical Attack/ Defense?

Cait Sith – Familiar Skills and things like Stamina Saver

One you have made a new character, exit the game and go to the title screen without saving.

After this, load your game. Your Custom Character in the respective slot will have inherited the Passive Skills of your choice. You can confirm this by seeing a change in their respective Elemental Resistance.

Now, save your game to make sure that the new changes are there for ever and ever.

That’s it.

You can repeat this process any number of times, until all your custom characters have all the Passive Skills you want.


That’s about all I know about this glitch. This glitch is also the reason why some seasoned players log into rooms just to AFK.

The glitch can be triggered if you just decide to stand in a busy room and wait for it to happen…

But it may take so long and chances are you will get skills you already have. For instance. Almost no one has 40% Fire because Klien(worthless character) is so rare online.

If you see people AFK-ing to try and get Passive Skills, maybe link them this article and see if it helps them.

I also find it ironic that the only way to make your character as strong as possible is with the help of other people…