How To Level Weapon Proficiency

Leveling Weapon Proficiency doesn’t have to be painstakingly tedious and un-fun.

Sword Art Online_ Lost Song_20160818165426.jpg
Phillia (Best Character In The Game) w/ All 1000s

It’s possible to do absolutely nothing and get your characters to look like this…!

Did I make this sound like one of those crazy unbelievable weight-loss schemes? Ya know. “Where this vibrating belt that will make you lose 20Kg in 5 minutes!!”

Forgive me. Poor attempt at a Click-Bait >.<… But I’m not wrong..!

It’s possible to “AFK Farm” in this game. There’s an extremely well made and informative video on YouTube about this subject…

The video explains everything from the place where the AFK is most effective to the types of equipment loadout you should use.

The only things not mentioned in the video are as follows:

  1. Crest of Yggdrasil can be found as a rare drop on the Mimics (Red Treasure Chest Monsters) on floor 4 of Defiled Shrine.
  2. Its wise to equip yourself with High HP and High DEF in order to not die and potentially fail the quest.
  3. Make sure your Controller/Vita will not turn off during the AFK and pause the game.

It’s worth noting that this AFK can be adapted to leveling Sword Skills as well. To do this, use the same principle of rank 1 weapons But remove all of their Sword Skills, except for the one who want to level. (Skills beyond Lv950 Take extremely long to AFK.)



Well. Now knowing the way of the AFK, don’t my “All 1000 Characters” look dull and unimpressive?.. Maybe if I told you I did Rain, Phillia, Sakuya, Silica, Salamander-kun & Strea the old fashioned way, I would be able to salvage some respect for coming up with this extremely lazy way of doing things… >o<

The old… fashioned.. way.

PTSD from mashing square on Siegfried… and Then a Lv1500 Loki. I even started canceling recovery time from the square combo by unequipping my weapon to make it go but a fraction faster! :__:

Those were dark days…


What are you waiting for? The path to All 1000 charas is now open.