How To Fight Black Lotus

How to not get bodied by Black Lotus.?

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The answer is simple: BLOCK.

You can press R1+Circle to guard attacks. All of Black Lotus’ attacks can be blocked. All you need to do is keep moving and guarding. Only attack when you see an opening.

Remember to use all of your buffs/ debuffs at the beginning of the quest.

Depending on your weapon class, some sword skills can prove to be very useful.


Knuckle, Dual Wield, Axe, Spear, 2Hand Sword can abuse the ‘countering’ sword skill they have. All of Black Lotus’ attacks can be countered with the exception of her Beam (Starburst Stream). All you need to do is move in close and time the Counter Skill accordingly.

Since you will be in Black Lotus’ face and you are being very disrespectful, chances are high that you will gather a lot of Hate. This means that Black Lotus will constantly target you, so you will have to be careful about Healing or throwing Mana Crystals.

Once the UNION/RUSH gauge is filled, DOWN her and pile on the damage until she dies.



Bow, Axe, Spear, Rapier, Katana, Dagger can make use of their respective ranged skills. The idea here is to stay as far as possible while throwing your projectile. Completely the opposite of what was mentioned above.

If you stay far away, Black Lotus is more likely to use her 3 Ranged Attacks: The One Arm Quick Laser, Burst Link and her Starburst Stream Beam. The first two of the 3 are blockable whereas the last one isn’t. This makes it more favorable to evade instead of guard if you are attacking from afar.

Additionally, The use of projectiles will yield less Hate than someone fighting in Black Lotus’ face. This means that if you use this strategy, its unlikely that Black Lotus will focus on you, giving you time to throw Mana Crystals and Heal your teammates.

Once the UNION/RUSH gauge is filled, DOWN her and pile on the damage until she dies.



Some weapons like 1Hand Sword, Mace & Dagger don’t have reliable counters or projectiles… WHAT DO WE DO!?!?!?!?!

Well. Its recommended that you play it safe. When you see an opening, attack with a quick Sword Skill and go back to evading or guarding while waiting for the next opening.

DO NOT throw long and powerful Sword Skills (Eclipse, Roshomon, Nova Ascension, Mother’s Rosario) at her if she isn’t Bound or DOWN. 

There’s a 100.99% chance it will end badly if you use those skills recklessly.

(As a side note, Binding will only work twice, after that, the Bind only lasts long enough to interrupt her current skill.)

Once the UNION/RUSH gauge is filled, DOWN her and pile on the damage until she dies. DO NOT USE SWITCH.

Note: Black Lotus always activates her Rage mode at half life. This gives you one free chance to hit her hard or throw a Mana Crystal.




Healing in this quest can be quite risky given how fast Black Lotus can close in on you. Throwing a Dew or Mana Crystal is probably the most dangerous thing you can do in this quest. (Next to being stupid and throwing Eclipse at her all the time)

When someone dies or you need Mana, I recommend flying to the altitude limit to Heal or use an item. It will take about 8-10 seconds for her to catch up to you, giving you enough time to do a lot of healing and stuff. Vice versa, if you are fighting her at the altitude limit, you can disengage your wings and fall down to the floor to Heal. You can even use items while falling to be extra stylish.

In the videos above, I instead use an advanced Technique called Super Jumping to buy some time to heal. I made a video tutorial on the subject of Super Jumping which can be found HERE.