How To Be Good At Lost Song?

What makes a player good? What makes a player bad? 

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What do you think?

For starters, I don’t care about PvP. Since I am a Fighting Game player, PvP doesn’t interest me at all. I won’t waste your time by complaining and listing what I don’t like about it. So when I say something about what makes an SAO player good, its all in relation to quests and co-op behavior.

So. What makes a player good at SAO Lost Song?

Is it how many 1000 characters you have? How many Lost Song base crystals you can hit with one Sword Skill? How many Max ATK weapons you have? How fast you can run Lost Song? The level of your buffs? The amount of time you’ve played? The amount of quests you done? Knowing all the words to Cynthia no Hikari (The theme song)? The amount of time you spent watching Sakuya-san’s oppai jiggle on a double jump?

Do you want to know what I think makes a player good at SAO Lost Song?

Well. You shouldn’t care what I think >.<

But I when I play and see someone using their character properly, using Pure Mana Crystals instead of the selfish Mana Fragment and DOWNing monsters instead of using Switch, I think “Alright. This player knows what they’re doing.”

Vice versa. If I play and see someone not using their character properly, using Mana Fragment and Switching? I just kinda shake my head and think “God help us all.”


Mana Fragment & Switch are disrespectful.

Switch is just….. bad. DON’T USE IT. DOWN enemies instead.

Mana Fragment is basically you showing everyone that you’re selfish and are trying to play alone in a group of 4 other people. There are obviously times when it can be justified, but try to imagine this:

If everyone used Pure Mana Crystals, the entire world would be full of Mana at all times. Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful world..?

The subject of using your character ‘properly’ is not as complicated as it sounds. For this, you should just play the character how they were intended to be played. Which is another way of saying “Just use your skills.”

If you’re a Spriggan like Kirito or Phillia, use Quick and your Debuffs.

If you’re an Imp like Yuuki, use Dark and your Debuffs.

If you’re a Leprechaun like Rain or Liz, use all your Buffs and be a damage dealer

If you’re a Pooka like Seven, heal people and use your song buffs, they’re very very good.

If you’re a Sylph like Leafa, Sakuya or Lux, use Quick, Wind and Heal your friends.

If you’re an Undine like Asuna or Sumeragi, use Ice, Magia and Heal your friends.

If you’re a Gnome like Strea or Agil, use Earth, Defense Up and be a damage dealer.

If you’re a Salamander like Klien, debuff, buff and be a damage dealer.

If you’re a Cait Sith like Silica, Sinon, Alicia Rue or Argo, use Quick and Attack down and stuff.

If you’re a Black Lotus, GO AND PLAY A REAL CHARACTER. 

Since the buffs and debuffs are extremely good in SAO Lost Song (It’s not an exaggeration to say that the game is basically ALL about buffs) Its actually kind of stupid not to use them.

What? You want proof that they’re useful? What if I said you could potentially do at least double damage with all the buffs, music buffs and debuffs on at the same time.

Whoever said that the buffs are useless in this game needs to be beaten down with a Heidrun tentacle until they can’t talk anymore.

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SO what else do I think makes a player good at SAO Lost Song?

I think the only thing remaining is a willingness to learn. If you’re willing to learn, from other trustworthy players or trustworthy internet sources, you will see serious improvement in your gameplay. On top of that, If you’re willing to learn boss’ elemental weaknesses and boss attack patterns + how to beat them, you will likely become an SAO God.

Don’t be afraid to ask people things. If you see someone do something you thought was cool, like killing two base crystals at the same time with an Axe, message them and ask them how they did it. Just don’t be pushy and unfriendly. Most SAO players are quite nice people, so they will more than likely respond to you.

That’s about it.

If you made it this far without getting bored, Thank you for reading >.<