[GE3] Version Update 2.00


English Patch Notes for Version Update 2.00 in God Eater 3.

Official Patch Notes for this update can be found here:



  • Release Date: 19/09/2019
  • Size: ~2.5Gb
  • Previous Version: 1.45

Update Overview:

  • New Story
  • New Aragami ‘Barbarius Ira’
  • New Costume & Accessories
  • New Weapons
  • New Class Certification & Time Attack missions
  • New ‘Extra Mission’
  • Equipment +30 cap has been raised to +35
  • +2 Abandoned God Arcs now appear
  • New Abandoned God Arc skills


Note: Majority of the new content is only available after clearing the 1.40 story chapter ‘Another Devil’

New Additions:

  • New Story Episode added
    • Added new functionality ‘SYNC RATE’. The Sync Rate increases as you do missions with a specific partner (Claire in this case). The new Episode missions will unlock as you increase your Sync Rate
    • Sync Rate can be viewed in the Personal Abilities screen in the terminal, or when you talk to the character before a mission.
    • Claire’s missions unlock at 10%, 40% and then as a sequence from 80%.
  • Class certification Missions #31 to #34 added
  • Time Attack Missions ‘EX Time Attack’ #04 to #10 added
  • 1 New ‘EXTRA Mission’ added.
  • 1 New Costume (4 color variants)
  • 3 New Accessories
    • One for clearing all new Class Missions
    • One for earning Silver on all EX Time Attack missions
    • One for earning Gold on all EX Time Attack missions

New God Arcs

*Blueprints are obtained from the new Extra mission with Barbarius Ira

  • Added 2 new Short Blades, Long Blades, Boost Hammers
    • No new Buster Blades, Charge Spears, Variant Scythes, Biting Edges or Heavy Moons were added.
  • Added a new Shotgun
    • No new Assault Guns, Snipers or Ray Guns were added.
  • Added a new Shield
    • No new Buckler or Tower shields were added.
  • New Abandoned God Arc skills were added.

Balance & Other Changes:

  • The maximum Abandoned God Arc increase for equipment has been raised from +30 to +35.
    • This feature is unlocked once you clear the new story.
  • +2 Abandoned God Arcs will now appear.
  • The burst gauge display has been changed. It now has a halfway mark on it. This is so that you have a visual confirmation for use in conjunction with version 2.00’s new weapon Burst plugins.
  • Quadriga’s Tower Shield Burst Plugin has been changed
  • Dromi’s Devour attack has been tweaked. If you Perfect Guard the attack at close range, he now stops immediately.

Confirmation of a new bug that appeared in 2.00:

This bug was fixed in version 2.01