[GE3] Version Update 1.22


Translated Patch Notes for Version Update 1.22

Official Patch Notes for this update can be found here:

https://blog.godeater.jp/?p=969 (Link contains information for update 1.30)


  • Release Date: 10/04/2019
  • Size: ~640Mb
  • Previous Version: 1.20



Bullet Editor:

  • Adjusted how the “Radial – Follow” module interacts when coupled with other bullet type and automated targeting type modules.
  • During Online Multiplayer, “Healing Radial – Follow” will now follow the module “Orb – Rotate” for other players.

*This update makes the Bullet Editor related changes return to how they functioned in ver1.11, since ver1.20 unintentionally altered how they worked.

Controller Input Lag (PS4 Only):

  • Reduced input lag by 1 Frame from button press. This means the input delay from the time you press a command to the moment the move comes out on screen will be made faster.