[GE3] Version Update 1.20


English Patch Notes for Version Update 1.20

Official Patch Notes for this update can be found here:

Japanese: https://blog.godeater.jp/?p=868

English: https://www.bandainamcoent.com/news/god-eater-3-12-update-notes


  • Release Date: 15/03/2019
  • Size: ~640Mb
  • Previous Version: 1.11

Update Overview:

  • Added ‘Certification Mission’
  • Added new Accessories & Hairstyles
  • Adjusted Havakiri’s AI
  • Balance changes



New Additions:
  • Added the new ‘Certification Mission’ mission type
  • Added new ‘Snack Missions’  (Collect a new type of consumable item)
  • Added new Ash Aragami ‘Amen Ra’
  • Added new Hairstyles & Accessories
  • Added the costumes of NPCs such as Claire, Hugo, Lulu etc
  • Added the function to change skin tone
  • Added passwords to Assault Missions so you can play with friends
  • Added a new Rank 7 weapon to each weapon type’s ‘Ammit’ tree
  • Added new Burst Control Units.
Balance Changes:

Aragami Changes:

  • Adjusted Havakiri’s AI and attack patterns
  • The HP of Nemian’s breakable parts has been reduced
  • The frequency that Ash Aragami do their Devour attacks has been lowered.

Player Action Changes:

  • The animations for all player Devour actions have had a speed increase.
  • Shield Deployment speed has been increased for all shields
  • When guarding an attack, the knockback distance has been reduced for both Normal Guard & Perfect Guard.
  • You can now change Guard direction during an Aerial guard

Weapon Additions/Changes:

  • Added ‘Advanced Step’ & ‘Advanced Jump’ (Cancel attack into movement) to Short Blade
  • Added ‘Advanced Guard'(Cancel attack into Guard) to Buster Blade
  • Long Blade’s Impulse Edge can now be canceled earlier during recovery time
  • Long Blade’s Zero Stance activation time has been increased
  • Reduced the Charge Spear’s charge time.
  • Widened the activation window for Variant Scythe’s ‘Heaven or Hell’ Burst Art
  • Biting Edge has had its attack power increased

Other Changes:

  • The activation conditions of some Accel Triggers has been adjusted
  • Link Burst Rounds will no longer dissipate when they hit a solid surface
  • Healing type modules for Custom Bullets will no longer dissipate when they hit a solid surface
  • Increased the speed of the ‘Staring to Run’ and ‘Starting to Walk’ animations
  • The +1 Rebuilding bug has been removed.