[GE3] Version Update 2.50


English Patch Notes for Version Update 2.50 in God Eater 3.

Official Patch Notes for this update can be found here:



Update Overview:

  • New Story
  • New Aragami ‘Balmung Regalia’
  • New BGM added
  • New Class, EX Time Attack & EXTRA Missions
  • New Challenge To Hounds Missions
  • New ‘Crimson Ashland’ Mission type
  • Equipment +55 cap has been raised to +60
  • New Abandoned God Arc skills


NoteMajority of the new content is only available after clearing the story content prior to 2.50

New Additions:

  • New Story Episodes added
    • Unlike previous Traversing The Past episodes, Ein’s story progresses like the normal game’s story missions where you occasionally have to talk to someone with a “…” above their heads and then progress the missions via Amy in the Additional Episodes > Traversing The Past > Ein tab.
  • New GE series BGM selectable in battle and added to the Jukebox
  • New mission type ‘Crimson Ashland Mission’ available to play after clearing Ein’s story
    • In this mission type various buffs, debuffs or phenomena trigger for a 1min duration. After the duration expires, another phenomena triggers and this will continue in a cycle between 2 to 5 phenomena. You can confirm what each phenomena does by reading the mission details beforehand.
    • These missions have a higher chance of dropping +2 Abandoned God Arcs
  • Class Certification Missions #47 to #50 added
  • Time Attack Missions ‘EX Time Attack’ #27 to #30 added
  • 1 New ‘EXTRA Mission’ added.
  • Added 5 more ‘Challenge To Hounds’ high difficulty missions
  • Added 1 Special Mission
  • 2 New Costumes (4 and 5 color variants respectively)
  • 4 New A slot Accessories
    • ‘Oden Sandwich’ unlocked for clearing Free Class Mission #50
    • ‘Anubis Gold’ unlocked for clearing Elite Class Mission #50
    • ‘Silver Tiara’ unlocked for getting all Silver on EX Time Attack #27 to #30
    • ‘Golden Crown’ unlocked for getting all Gold on EX Time Attack #27 to #30
  • 1 New B Slot Accessories
    • ‘Mustache’ unlocked from the beginning

New God Arcs

*Blueprints are obtained from the new Extra mission with Balmung Regalia

Note: With this 2.50 update, every weapon type now has a War Cry plugin with a corresponding O in every element (2 weapons for each weapon type).

  • Added 1 new Short Blade, Boost Hammer and Heavy Moon
    • No new Buster Blades, Long Blades, Charge Spears, Variant Scythe or Biting Edges were added.
  • Added 1 new Assault
    • No new Snipers, Shotguns or Ray Guns were added
  • Added 1 new Buckler
    • No new Shields or Towers were added.
  • New Abandoned God Arc skills were added. As with all the new arc skills, these can only be obtained from the higher difficulty missions (Class, EX TA, Challenge To Hounds, Extra)

Balance & Other Changes:

  • The maximum Abandoned God Arc ‘+’ increase for equipment has been raised from +55 to +60.
    • This feature is unlocked once you clear the new story chapter
  • The Combo Master burst plugin (Increases damage after consecutive combo attacks) has now been adjusted so that it will apply to the following:
    • Long Blade: Light/Heavy Ground Attacks > Zero Stance > Light/Heavy Ground Attacks
    • All Melee Weapons: Air Attacks > Dive> Air Attacks
      • Essentially, this means that the Combo Master ‘counter’ will not be reset with these action sequences, and you can maintain the consecutive damage condition from the plugin like this.

Known Bugs in 2.51:

  • Winged Dyaus Pita still has some problems like not summoning orbs or having very strange delayed hitboxes in 2.51