[GE3] Version Update 1.10


Translated Patch Notes for Version Update 1.10

Official Patch Notes for this update can be found here:



  • Release Date: 23/12/2018
  • Size: ~160Mb
  • Previous Version: 1.01

Update Overview:

  • Added new Accessories
  • Adjusted the attack properties of certain weapons
  • Removed the Max Bullet Cost break glitch



New Accessories:

  • Accessory A:
    • Hair Extension 5
    • Hair Extension 6
    • Hair Extension 7
    • Hair Extension 8
    • Hair Extension 9
    • Hair Extension 10
    • Hair Extension 11
    • Headphones
    • Army Baret
    • Meka Mimi (Mech Ears)
  • Accessory B:
    • Sunglasses
    • Headgear
    • Mask
    • Face Mask
    • Night Vision Goggles

Adjustments & More Information:

  • Increased the normal Attack Speed and Burst Arts Attack Speed of all weapons in order to match the attack speed of the previous games during Burst Mode.
  • Biting Edge & Heavy Moon have had their respective attack speeds increased to maintain the overall balance among all weapons.
  • Buster Blade’s Charge Crush charging time has been reduced.
  • *With the use of Accel Triggers and Burst Plugins, its possible to have the fastest attack speed in the series ever (Excluding Blood Rage in GE2RB)
  • In addition to increasing the overall attack speed of weapons, the attack power of  the following Biting Edge’s Burst Arts have been increased:
    • 「ファントムペイン」
    • 「スラスティングロード」
    • 「カオティックドライブ」
    • 「コズミックボルト」
    • 「ハイアーザンスカイ」
  • The attack power of other weapons has remained untouched in this update.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where players could exceed the maximum Cost of the Custom Bullets they could carry.