[GE3] Community JG Montage Video


Be In a GE3 Just Guard Montage Video!

The project has been completed and released on 8 May 2020! Watch it here:

You can also watch a behind the scenes video for the project here:


What follows from here is the rest of the announcement post of the project.

Note: This post has been updated on the 18th of April due to making the submission rules more flexible and to give tips on how to come up with flashy JGs

I will be hosting a ‘God Eater 3 Community Just Guard Montage‘ video! I want God Eater 3 players from around the world to send me cool video clips of themselves doing wild Perfect Guards in GE3, and I will turn them all into a Montage video similar to this one:

Submission Requirements (Updated 18/04/2020):

Rules were updated to make them more flexible and easier to understand. Rule changes are highlighted in blue

  • Each participant can submit any number of clips
    • Depending on the total number of entrants, I may only use 1 of the clips you send.
    • You are allowed to, but please try to not hit me with 20 clips
  • Video clips can be any duration as long as they don’t exceed 35sec
    • This doesn’t mean your JG sequence must be of a certain length. Even if you JG is 1sec long, it helps to have the clip itself be a bit longer so I can edit it alongside other clips comfortably
    • At the very least, your clip has to be 5sec long. Having longer clips is better to work with due to transitions before and after the clip
  • Each clip must be a Perfect Guard scenario or something as cool as a Perfect Guard
  • Each clip resolution and frame rate must at least be 720p at 30fps
  • Also send your Screen Name in text
    • Please do not edit this into the video; I will do it for you
  • You may also add an optional Special Message to your submission where you can advertise your own YouTube channel or any platforms you want people to see (twitter, discord etc)
    • This will appear either in the video description or at the end of the video

I encourage everyone to participate. Even if you aren’t very good at Perfect Guarding but still want to join in on the fun, go ahead and send me whatever GE3 gameplay scene you did that you thought was cool.

No Just Guard clips will be turned away. I will 100% try to include everyone who participates. Depending on how many participants I get, I may even opt to make a second video so please don’t be afraid to participate.

All players and all GE3 platforms welcome. Whether you play on PS4, PC or Switch, go ahead and hit me with your sickest JG clips.

How To Submit Clips to BK Brent:

  • Upload Video Clips to commonly used File Sharing services such as Mega or Google Drive (preferred)
  • You may upload them to YouTube as unlisted and send me the link as well
  • Twitter clips are also out of the question.

Once you have uploaded the video clips to a suitable file sharing service, you will just need to send them to me.

  • Get in touch with me and send me the download links along with your Screen Name and optional Special Message in text.
  • You may also send the DL links in the comments section of this post, the comments section of the corresponding YouTube announcement video or just anywhere I will see it.
  • Please Note: I do not use discord.

Submission Deadline:

  • 30 April 2020

Video Announcement (Rules outdated):

If you want to hear the exact same stuff that you just read, but narrated by my sexy deep voice, you can watch this video and interact in the comments section. I’m ultra active in YT comments:

Tips on Making Fancy JG Sequences

A lot of people seem to be tripped up by the idea of how to go about recording something cool. Most of the time, doing a flashy Just Guard isn’t so much about your JG skill level, but about doing something creative and unexpected. I did a secret stream where I worked out some ideas on how you can go about the whole process.

Potential ways you can come up with stylish JG sequences:
  1. Look at your Burst Arts or weapon moveset and try to think how cool it would be to JG immediately after doing a move
  2. Think carefully about each attack in an Aragami’s moveset and try to think about how you can stop it using JG, Dive JG or Jump JG
  3. Experiment with different positioning such as walls, ledges and unexpected locations in relation to attacks
  4. Maybe try to fight more than 1 Aragami at once and try to JG both of them. It can be difficult, but if you pull of 5sec of JG brilliance, its already a sick clip ready for this community video
  5. Go crazy and try to JG everything. Something good will definitely turn up
  6. Sometimes wild JG can be born from mistakes or accidents

There are many other ways you can go about coming up with cool looking JGs. In essence, JG in itself is cool so there’s a specific standard or level any clip needs to be at. This whole video is basically me asking you to find your own unique brand of coolness however you can.

The End Product:

This is hard to talk about until I start receiving video clips from people. I have a pretty good idea of what I’ll do with the video, but it comes down to how many entries I get and what the clips themselves entail. I am very much aware that prospective people who are considering entering may feel like they wouldn’t be able to record anything good enough to be in a video like this.

That will in turn, affect the amount of people entering and I could be left with a situation where I don’t get many entrants and this whole idea doesn’t turn out well. But I have given it a lot of thought and even though the possibility of that happening  is very real, this is still something I want to do.

I really, really love GE3 and its players and this is my way of giving back to you guys even if its a bit awkward and esoteric.

Of course, since this is a community project, anyone and everyone will have shared ownership of the video. I will post download links to the completed video itself in the video description. Anyone who wants to re-upload the video on their own channel or even outside YouTube can do so without asking for consent. I will also not be monetizing the video (assuming the song I use doesn’t get caught on copyrights).

Future Updates:

I will continue to post updates on the state of this video either on my Twitter using the hashtag #GE3CommunityJG or on my YouTube channel’s Community tab.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions go ahead and ask me in the comments.


Thank you for reading.