How To Do Lost Song (Properly)

How To Do Lost Song Properly.?

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The Song of Wills & Ways

Well that’s easy. You just need a diverse team of strong characters all doing their roles properly. Given the player base, that’s easy said than done though >.<

For the most optimized team, the following characters are recommended:

Elemental Attacker: Strea/Agil, Sumeragi, Yuuki

-Casts Respective Element Enhance
-Handles base crystals

Buffer: Liz(with Axe) or Rain

-Casts Sharpness(Attack Up), Protection(Defense Up), Resist Dark (Optional)
-Handles base crystals

Debuffer: Kirito(with 2Hand Sword)

-Casts Quick, Magia(Optional), Resist Dark, Exhaust(Attack Down), Weakness(Defense Down)
-Doesn’t interact with base crystals, instead supplies Mana Crystals in the beginning phase

Music Buffs: Seven/Custom Pooka

-All Music Buffs + Heal & Magia (Optional)
-Destroys first crystal only.
-Doesn’t attack face, instead supplies the others with Mana Crystals

Since The Song of Wills & Ways is the most popular quest in the game and gives you the best weapons, It makes sense to build one, if not all, of these characters mentioned above.

Note: The Reason Why Strea/Agil, Sumeragi, Yuuki are recommended over other characters as an Elemental Attacker is because Lost Song is weak to Ice, Earth & Dark.
Its also worth noting that Lost Song Resists Fire, Wind & Holy.

PHASE 1 -Base Crystals-

During This phase, all characters must cast their respective buffs/skills. The Elemental Attacker and Buffer handle the base crystals while the Pooka and Debuffer provide healing in the form of Heal or Pure Mana Crystals

This video displays the most efficient way to destroy base crystals with all the various weapons in the game:

PHASE 2 -Wing Crystals-

Once all base crystals are down, each player should split up and destroy one Wing crystal each.
*Note that it is a good idea for the Pooka to use Song of Battle once more before all the base crystals are destroyed, to ensure that the other 3 attackers can destroy a wing crystal in one hit.

PHASE 3 -Killing The Face-

During this phase, Its important that someone DOWNs Lost Song.


Once this is done, The Elemental Attacker, Buffer and Debuffer attack Lost Song’s face with their respectively strongest Sword Skills. The Pooka reapplies Song of Battle and other Music Buffs while throwing Pure Mana Crystals for the other 3 attacking characters.

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With this formula, Any level team of characters with +10 weapons and buffs/skills at considerable levels should be able to blitz through Lost Song in about 2-3 minutes.

For the best results however, All characters, skills, sword skills and weapons the various characters use should ideally be max level, or of a just below ideal level.




Why mustn’t you use Switch? Because Switch resets Lost Song’s attack pattern. This means that it will start a new attack right after the switch, regardless of what it was doing. Since Lost Song is unfair, It LOVES to do the Blue Lightning Blots, The Purple Mist or The Legacy Mouth Beam if its attack pattern is reset. (Probable considering that all it’s other attacks target the character with the most Hate and Switch resets the Hate levels of everyone…)

Instead, you can ‘DOWN’ enemies while in Union/Rush mode. To do so, make sure you’re in Union/Rush/Kaioken and fly at an enemy (Lock On helps) Use the R1+X Super Fly and then when you are close to an enemy, attack them by pressing square twice.
If done correctly, you will get a zoomed in camera angle and all the characters saying it’s time to pile on the damage.

The goal for doing this is because the Stun on DOWNing an enemy is exceptionally long, and comparatively, using Switch is sloppy and usually makes seasoned players like myself frown. Especially if you use Switch on an already DOWNed enemy, since it cancels the ~12Second DOWN stun and instead, yields a 2Second Switch stun.